Annual Report 2010 of BSRM

BSRM is one of the leading steel Re-Rolling mills in Bangladesh. It is a broadly described Annual report in 2010 of this company. The year 2010 was unparalleled in BSRM’s 58-year history with record sales of its popular Xtreme500W brand reinforcing bar. Xtreme 500W became the steel of choice among the country’s countless small home builders.

In 2010 the company earned the Net profit after tax of Tk. 964,885,985. Last year the amount was Tk. 574,084,231. Net Profit increased by 68.07%. Sales in 2010 were TK. 22,007,682,247 which was also 38 91% (In Tk) higher than the last year. EPS for 2010 is Tk 53.12 which was Tk. 34.43 in 2009. During the year 2010, our subsidiary company BSRM Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. (BISCO) earned the Net profit of TR. 109,928,802. Consolidated Net Profit after tax is Tk. 1,068,228,190 for the year 2010.

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