Annual Report 2011 of Metro Spinning Limited

This is an annual report on Metro Spinning Limited in the year of 2011. Consolidated Sales amounted to Tk. 1,088,085,260.00 consolidated Gross Profit stood at Tk. 197,781,795.00 and consolidated Net Profit summed to Tk. 86,919,868.00 for the Year Ended on 30 June 2011.

The Principal Activity of the company in the year under review was that of production and sales of high quality 100% Cotton Yarn through export. The Company’s installed Production Capacity during the Year 2010-2011 remained same as previous Year, which is 34,872 Spindles. The production during the Year for Unit-1 & Unit-2 was 4,208 Tons which is 1031 Tons (32.45%) higher than the previous Year. During the Year under review, the Company was able to make Sales of Tk. 108.80 Crore, which is Tk. 45.41 Crore (71.63%) higher than the Previous Year. Net Profit before Tax of Tk. 9.83 Crore which is Tk. 4.65 Crore lower than the previous Year.

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