Annual Report 2013 of Bank Asia Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of Bank Asia Limited in the year of 2013. During 2013, The Bank paid Tk. 4,247 million as income tax, VAT and Excise Duty from Bank’s earnings, employee’s earnings and collected at source. Bank Asia’s total capital reached Tk. 15. 57 billion in 2013 which is 11.77% higher than 2012. During the financial year, The Bank’s operating and net profit stood at Tk. 5,415.76 million and Tk. 1,459.82 million with a growth of 7.20% and 60.77% respectively. The total revenue receipts as the percentage of GDP rose to 13.5% in FY13 compared to 12.5% in FY12. Improved external balances are reflected in the accumulation of international reserves reached at 15.32 billion in FY13 which is sufficient to cover 5.5 months projected import payments. This was 47.8% higher than 10.36 billion in FY12. At the end of December 2013 stood at USD 18.07 billion.

Bank Asia achieved Certificate of Merit for Best Presented Annual Reports 2012 in the Private Sector Banks and in the SAARC Anniversary Award for Corporate Governance by Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB). These financial statements are presented in Bangladesh Taka (Taka/Tk/BDT) which is the company’s functional currency. All financial information presented in Taka has been rounded off to the nearest Taka.

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