Annual Report 2014-2015 of Reliance Industries Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of Reliance Industries Limited in the year of 2014-2015. During the year, Reliance contributed Rs. 761 Crore towards CSR activities, accounting for 3.35% of profit after tax. Reliance achieved a turnover of Rs. 3,88,494 Crore ($ 62.2 billion) for the year ended 31st March 2015, a decrease of 13.0%, as compared to Rs. 4,46,339 Crore in the previous year. Operating profit before other income and depreciation increased by 7.3% on a y-o-y basis from Rs. 34,799 Crore to Rs. 37,364 Crore ($ 6.0 billion). Other income was lower at Rs. 8,495 Crore ($ 1.4 billion) as against Rs. 8,911 Crore in the previous year, primarily on account of lower average investments. Other income includes interest income of Rs. 4,513 Crore and investment income of Rs. 3,516 Crore. Profit after tax for the year was at Rs. 23,566 Crore ($ 3.8 billion), an increase of 4.8% over Rs. 22,493 Crore in the previous year. The basic and diluted EPS for the year was Rs. 80.1 per share as compared to Rs. 76.5 per share in FY 2013-14, registering 4.7 % growth. Reliance’s fixed assets stood at Rs. 3,18,523 Crore ($ 51.0 billion) as on 31st March 2015.

The Board of Directors has recommended a dividend of Rs. 10/- (i.e. 100%) per equity share (last year Rs. 9.50 per equity share) for the financial year ended 31st March 2015, amounting to Rs. 3,559 Crore (inclusive of tax of Rs. 615 Crore), one of the highest payout by any private sector company in India.

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