Annual Report 2014 of RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Limited in the year of 2014. During the year 2014, RAK Ceramics (Bangladesh) Ltd. had contributed to National Exchequer total of Taka. 2,058.59 million, by way of Corporate Income tax of Tk. 421.41 million, withholding tax and vat from suppliers and service providers of Tk. 232.79 million, the VAT of Tk. 820.54 million, the supplementary duty of Tk. 456.70 million and other duties/taxes of Tk. 127.15 million. Revenues increased by 6.57 percent to Taka. 5,508.64 million in 2014 from Taka. 5,169.22 million in 2013. Gross profit increased by 7.50 percent to Taka. 2,253.37 million in 2014 from Taka. 2,096.22 million in 2013. EBITDA decreased by 8.72 percent to Taka. 1,336.63 million in 2014 from Taka. 1,464.27 million in 2013. Profit after tax (PAT) decreased by 17.53 percent to Tk. 562.80 million in 2014 from Tk. 682.42 million in 2013. EPS decreased by 17.73 percent to Tk. 1.67 per share in 2014 from Tk. 2.03 per share in 2013.

The Board of Directors of the Company is pleased to recommend the dividend @ 25 percent in cash of paid-up capital of the Company for the year 2014. The Company paid dividend @ 15 percent in cash and @ 10 percent in stock of paid-up capital of the Company for the year 2013. These financial statements are presented in Bangladesh Taka (Taka/Tk/BDT) which is the company’s functional currency. All financial information presented in Taka has been rounded off to the nearest Taka.

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