Annual Report 2016 of Jamuna Oil Company Limited

It is a broadly described annual report of Jamuna Oil Company Limited in the year of 2016. In the year 2015-2016 an amount of Taka. 10199.68 Lakh has been paid to the government exchequer as Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax and others. It was Taka. 7865.09 Lakh in 2014-2015 Le in this year an amount of Taka. 2,334.59 Lakh more than that of the preceding year. In this financial year, 2015-2016 gross income from the sale of petroleum products of the company was Taka. 8,719.96 Lakh which is less than that of last year. But during this financial year, other operating income and income from other sources increased by Taka. 837.49 Lakh and Taka. 4175.66 Lakh respectively as against last year as result of efficient management. Net profit before income tax arrived at Taka. 26,013.57 Lakh during the year under review which is lower by Taka. 3978.69 Lakh (13.27%) compared to the year 2014-2015. Net profit after tax achieved at Taka. 19,590.21 Lakh which is less by Taka. 2,941.67 Lakh (13.06%) compared to 2014-2015. Operating profit in the year 2015-2016 achieved at Taka. 3,303.07 Lakh as against last year’s figure of Taka. 11,666.82 Lakh i.e. rate of decrease is 71.69% from previous year.

The Board of Directors is pleased to recommend 100% cash dividend i.e. @ Taka. 10.00 per share from the profit of 2015-2016 Financial Year keeping in view of the interest of respected shareholders, the performance of the current year, future projections and capital outlays.

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