Annual Report of BSRM of 2013

BSRM is the market leader in the steel industry. Net sales for 2013 were 601,935 MT with value in Taka 3,622.90 crore. BSRM Steels Limited is a high-grade steel manufacturing company and the only producer of EMF tested ductile rod in Bangladesh. EMF (Elongation at Maximum Force) is the parameter of measuring of ductility of steel which has taken the country’s construction sector to a new era.

The Company completed 2013 with 38.23% growth in profit after tax amounting to Tk. 119.61 crore. During the year annual Revenue is Tk. 3,622.90 crore which was Tk. 3,825.35 crore in 2012. Net Asset Value (NAV) per share is Tk. 18.78 against Tk. 17.02 in the last year. The Company also invested Tk. 31.42 crore in plant and Machinery and for other Capital assets which actually helped us to maintain the optimum efficiency of the plant and increased production capacity to 600,000 MT per year from that of 375,000 MT in 2009.

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