Directors Report 2011 of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited

It is a broadly described directors report of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited in the year of 2011. During the year 2011, the Bank contributed Taka 3,154.6 million to national exchequer as against Taka 2,353.0 million in the previous year. DBBL’s contribution to Social cause programs was Taka 270.6 million in 2011 compared to Taka 107.5 million in 2010. During the year 2011, profit before taxes of the Bank increased by Taka 808.7 million or 21.6% to Taka 4,547.7 million from the previous year’s amount of Taka 3,739.1 million. The net profit after taxation grew by Taka 152.6 million from Taka 2,002.3 million (7.6%) to Taka 2,154.9 million of the preceding year. During the year 2011, the net interest income of the Bank rose by Taka 1,233.2 million or 33.1% to Taka 4,960.0 million from Taka 3,726.8 million of the previous year. The share of net interest income to the total income of the Bank increased to 54.6% in 2011 compared to 52.1% of the previous year. During the year 2011, the investment income of the Bank declined by Taka 109.4 million (-8.6%) to Taka 1,169.4 million from Taka 1,278.8 million of the previous year.

The boards of directors recommend cash dividend for 2011 is 40%. Taka. 4 per share of Taka 10 each payable to General Public Shareholders and Foreign Sponsors / Shareholders. The Local Sponsors will not receive any dividend.

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