Internship Report on Marketing Strategies of the Premier Bank Limited


The main objective of the study is to make an overview of the marketing strategies of” Premier Genius Account of Premier Bank Ltd’. However the specific objectives are as follows:

  • Ø To analyze the marketing strategy of The Premier Bank Ltd of Bangladesh.
  • Ø To provide recommendations for increasing Marketing effort on Premier Genius Account.
  • Ø To suggest how “Premier Genius Account ” can remain in a position of Competitive advantage among other saving Account in the banking sector.
  • Ø To analyze the level of Satisfaction of Premier Genius Account Holders
  • Ø To analyze the perception of Premier Genius Account Holders.
  • Ø To know or calculate or imagine the prospect of ‘Premier Genius Account’.

Methodology of the study:


Type of research:

The task of business research is to generate accurate information for use in decision making. Business research is defined as the systematic and objective process of gathering, recording, and analyzing data for aid in making business decisions. There are two types of research.

Exploratory research is a type of research conducted because a problem has not been clearly defined. Exploratory research helps determine the best research design, data collection method and selection of subjects. Given its fundamental nature, exploratory research often concludes that a perceived problem does not actually exist.

Exploratory research often relies on secondary research such as reviewing available literature and/or data, or qualitative approaches such as informal discussions with consumers, employees, management or competitors, and more formal approaches through in-depth interviews, focus groups, projective methods, case studies or pilot studies.

 Descriptive statistics is the field that tries to describe the characteristics of the population or the subject under study. It inquires into aspects that try to Describe the phenomenon for example it tries to answer questions like who, what, where, when and how of the research. It does not just state the facts, it also tries to establish the relationship between the various elements of the study and the cause behind the phenomenon. The purpose of this type of research is to find out the cause behind the events under study.

Generally the descriptive research begins with a problem statement, identifies the information needed to solve the problem and establish the procedures how to carry out the research. After the research has been done, data analysis is done and generalizations or predictions are made.

There are also another two types of researches:

Basic research is intended to expand the boundaries of knowledge itself or verify the acceptability of a given theory.

Applied research is conducted when a decision must be made about a specific real life problem. Applied research encompasses those studies undertaken to answer questions about specific problems or to make decisions about a particular course of action or policy.

This research type is basic research as we are trying to expand our boundaries of knowledge of the level of customer satisfaction Premier Genius Account users.

Nature of research

When a researcher has a limited amount of experience with or knowledge about a research issue, exploratory research is a useful preliminary step that helps ensure that a more rigorous, more conclusive future study will not begin with an inadequate understanding of the nature of the management problem. The purpose of an exploratory research is intertwined with the need for a clear and precise statement of the recognized problem. Exploratory research has two interrelated purposes, to diagnose a situation and discover new ideas. Much, but certainly not all, exploratory research provides qualitative data.

This research is a qualitative exploratory research, as it is an initial research conducted to clarify and define the nature of a problem. It is qualitative as the results of this research focuses on words and observations, instead of numbers and mathematical analysis.(Merriam-webstar online dictionary)

Scope of the Research:

  • This research s manly conducted in Barisal city
  • And it was done in between July 2009 to September 2009


 Type of data

This research will not be focusing on any secondary data, as no such preview research has been conducted in context of Premier Genius Account. This research will work with only primary data.

Data collection procedure

There are three types of method, survey, observation and experiment. Data is collected through survey method. For the survey method, the researcher will use unstructured personal interview. A questionnaire is kept in hand of the interviewer to aid the interview process. A personal interview is a form of direct communication in which an interviewer asks respondents questions in a face-to-face situation. There are several advantages of personal interviews.

  • • Probing complex answers.
  • • The opportunity for feedback.
  • • High participation.
  • • Item non-response – the technical term for an unanswered question on an otherwise complete questionnaire.


The sampling technique is a cross-sectional study as the data is collected at a single point in time.

Target population

The user of Premier Genius Account

Sampling Frame

  • • List of Premier Genius Account holders. This will be provided from Premier Bank Barisal Branch.

Sample unit

Sampling unit consist of the respondents. For that reason we divided the total population in to some group.

  • • The knowledgeable respondents.
    • Ø User of Premier Genius Account
    • Ø Nonuser of premier Genius Account

Sampling technique

The sampling will be non-probability convenience sampling. In quota sampling, the researcher tries to classify population by pertinent properties, determining desired proportion of sample from each class.

Sample size

We are considering the knowledgeable respondents basically who make the using decision of Premier Genius Account in Barisal city. For that reason we have divided the total population in to some group.

  • Ø User of Premier Genius Account(8)
  • Ø Nonuser of premier Genius Account(16)



Age: 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 31-35

Occupation: Student

Social Class: Upper class, upper middle class


User status: Regular user, first time users

Loyalty status: Medium, strong

Readiness stage Aware, informed, interested,

PRE-TESTS/Filed Work

Pre-tests are trial runs with a group of respondents for the purpose of detecting problems in questionnaire instruction or design. Pre-testing was done with 2 University Students 2 Honor’s Level Collage Student and the questionnaire re modified. The re-modified questionnaire was asked for approval from Premier Bank. Premier Bank approved the re-modified questionnaires.

Work Schedule:

The whole research needed 90 days to complete.


Weeks of the work

Identification of  problem
Literature review
Questioner Design
Collection of Data
Editing and Coding
Report Writing
Submission of the report

Limitations of the study:

Some of the Limitations of the study can be mentioned below:

The study was done only in the Barisal city.

The study did not include the all other clients.

The study did not consider the different groups of people such as politicians, teachers, police, member of armed forces, social workers etc.

As competitors of “” Premier Genius Account” the survey considered only “Dutch Bangla Bank Student Account”, it did not consider other Banks or Premier Bank other products.

Organizational Overview:


The Premier Bank Limited is incorporated in Bangladesh as banking company on June 10, 1999 under Companies Act.1994. Bangladesh Bank, the central bank of Bangladesh, issued banking license on June 17, 1999 under Banking Companies Act.1991. The Head Office of The Premier Bank Limited is located at Banani, one of the fast growing commercial and business areas of Dhaka city.

It was 1999,The world was approaching Y2K.the stage was set for anew millennium heralding an age of global governance with advance mechanism.the immediacy of global change was felt across the broder.Such perception in our local background Paved the way for the formation of third generation bank incorporated as ,The Premier Bank Limited” under Bank Companies Act 1991.The Bank Started Its Journey from October 26,1999 with a clear vision of corporate ex cellence together with a popular motto of ‘Service first’ under the auspices of 13 succesful entrepreneurs,well-known at their respective fields of business and industry.form the very beginning the bank set forth a dream to create a financial institution that would stand out the crowd and meet the demand of 21 century.

Premier Bank launched its first Branch at Gulshan in October,1999,it started its first Islamic banking Branch at Mohakahali in October 2003.Early in the year the bank introducefirst VISA credit card among the local banks in the country .the bank go listed with both Stock Exchange in the country in may 2007

Corporate Information:

Authorised Capital : BDT 6000.00 Million

Paid up Capital : BDT 2242.30 Million

Vision of the Bank:

The Bank has clear vision towards its ultimate destiny – to be the best amongst the top financial institutions.

Missions of the Bank:

To be the most caring and customer friendly provider of financial services, creating opportunities for more people in more places.

To ensure stability and sound growth whilst enhancing the value of shareholders investments.

To aggressively adopt technology at all levels of operations to improve efficiency and reduce cost per transaction.

To ensure a high level of transparency and ethical standards in all business transacted by the Bank.

To provide congenial atmosphere which will attract competent work force who will be proud and eager to work for the Bank.

To be socially responsible and strive to uplift the quality of life by making effective contribution to national development.

Board of Directors:

The Board consist of 16 (Sixteen) Directors. The members of the Board of Directors of the Bank hold very respectable positions in the society. They are from highly successful group of Business and Industries in Bangladesh. Out of 16 members one is from Taiwan. Each member of the Board of Directors plays a significant role in the socio-economic domain of the country. A list of the Directors and their shareholding along with associated business is given below:

Yearly Performance at a glance:

(Tk. in million)
Particulars 200320042005200620072008
Authorised Capital1000.002000.002000.002000.002000.002000.00
Paid-up Capital408.91557.55681.45845.001689.991689.99
Reserve Fund130.00301.08403.85543.76649.79870.22
Foreign Trade Business20934.3033937.3833571.0038797.2043222.2059546.70
Foreign Remittance364.501408.001427.40940.101620.602786.40
Operating Profit400.73930.93899.03942.07998.11 1272.94
Fixed Assets107.90149.57165.48163.93219.79   298.85
Total Assets11096.3020100.2522767.8427170.4532573.1938723.49
BookValuepershare(Taka)168.12207.69203.31192.44145.88 184.39
Earning per share67.0284.4032.4543.634.6638.51
Dividend36.35%36.84%24%10%7% stock24.00%
Loan as % of total Deposits80.71%85.44%88.87%85.45%87.18%94.57%
Non-PerformingLoan asPercentage of total Loan0.36%0.43%3.86%4.91%5.96%   4.55%
CapitalAdequacy Ratio11.76%10.69%8.24%10.66%  12.66%  12.71%
Number of Branches172121262730
No of Foreign Correspondents238297345350397430
Number of Employees435554605677731834

Balance Sheet at 31 December, 2008

Particulars2008 Taka2007 Taka2006 Taka
Balance with Bangladesh Bank & Sonali Bank (including Foreign Currency)2,699,389,1111,661,937,5701,893,274,635
Balance with other Banks & Fin Institution129,698,7641,212,315,104454,808,945
Money at Call & Short Notice230,000,0001,565,000,000740,000,000
Investment at cost4,292,146,2863,463,453,0712,394,007,70
Loans & Advances30,319,527,31223,637,609,41920,677,680,180
Loans, cash credit and overdraft29,279,443,14623,024,692,04919,816,891,201
Bills discounted and purchased1,040,084,166612,917,370860,788,979
Land, Building, Furniture and Fixtures etc.298,846,419219,791,580163,926,337
Other Assets432,943,764520,172,973553,110,564
Non-banking Assets
TOTAL ASSETS38,723,491,47732,573,186,55727,170,445,933
Borrowing:other Banks, Fin.Inst.and Agents104,100,16692,481,50067,106,000
Deposits & Other accounts:32,059,617,66527,114,465,60624,199,009,928
Current and other Accounts7,478,926,3496,657,094,8706,080,562,656
Savings Deposits2,065,441,7811,744,090,4051,472,076,233
Fixed Deposits22,046,738,81118,184,279,18116,411,045,329
Bills Payable468,510,724529,001,150235,325,710
Other Liabilities3,443,666,9682,900,878,2411,278,220,052
Total Liabilities 35,607,384,79930,107,825,34725,544,335,980
Statutory Reserve870,219,371649,792,084543,761,148
Other Reserve93,891,372
Proposed Cash Dividend
Retained Earnings555,892,595125,574,414237,349,093
Total Shareholders’ Equity3,116,106,6782,465,361,2101,626,109,953
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL38,723,491,47732,573,186,55727,170,445,933

Half-Yearly Position as on 30th June 2009

Particulars2008 Taka2007 Taka2006 Taka
Balance with Bangladesh Bank & Sonali Bank (including Foreign Currency)2,699,389,1111,661,937,5701,893,274,635
Balance with other Banks & Fin. Institution129,698,7641,212,315,104454,808,945
Money at Call & Short Notice230,000,0001,565,000,000740,000,000
Investment at cost4,292,146,2863,463,453,0712,394,007,70
Loans & Advances30,319,527,31223,637,609,41920,677,680,180
Loans, cash credit and overdraft29,279,443,14623,024,692,04919,816,891,201
Bills discounted and purchased1,040,084,166612,917,370860,788,979
Land, Building, Furniture and Fixtures etc.298,846,419219,791,580163,926,337
Other Assets432,943,764520,172,973553,110,564
Non-banking Assets
TOTAL ASSETS38,723,491,47732,573,186,55727,170,445,933
Borrowing:other Banks, Fin. Inst.and Agents104,100,16692,481,50067,106,000
Deposits & Other accounts:32,059,617,66527,114,465,60624,199,009,928
Current and other Accounts7,478,926,3496,657,094,8706,080,562,656
Savings Deposits2,065,441,7811,744,090,4051,472,076,233
Fixed Deposits22,046,738,81118,184,279,18116,411,045,329
Bills Payable468,510,724529,001,150235,325,710
Other Liabilities3,443,666,9682,900,878,2411,278,220,052
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL38,723,491,47732,573,186,55727,170,445,933

Marketing Strategies of The Premier Bank Ltd: strategy means combination of 4p or the marketing mix. So here the marketing mix of the Premier Genius Account is

Product:  there are various product ands services offered by the Premier Bank Ltd such as

Premier SMS:

Premier Bank Limited has formally launched Premier SMS – SMS Banking Services from 30 January, 2006; which is designed to dispel the differences between time and place in carrying out transactions with the Bank. In this connection a launching ceremony was held at Surma Hall, Sonargaon Hotel; where the Chief Guest Dr. Salehuddin Ahmed, Governor of Bangladesh Bank switched on the service by making transactions through mobile network of Premier SMS.

Online any Branch Banking:

We have set up Wide Area Network using Radio, Fibre-Optics & other available communication systems to provide any branch banking to our customers.

Customer of one branch is now able to deposit and withdraw money at any of our branches. All Branches are included in our Wide Area Network.

No TT/DD or cash carrying will be necessary.

 Islamic Banking Operation:

In order to serve those Customers who neither Receive or Pay Interest, we have decided to open separate branches based on SHARIAH PRINCIPLES. The activities & book keeping will be kept separate from the Conventional Branch Operations.

Islamic Banking service is now available at MOHAKHALI BRANCH and SYLHET BRANCH. These two branches are run under Islamic Shariah Principles. Chairman of Islami Bank Limited, former secretary of Government of Bangladesh and former Deputy Governor of Bangladesh Bank – Mr. Shah Abdul Hannan is also the chairman of Islamic Shariah Council of Premier Bank. The council also consists of renowned Islamic scholars like Dr. A.R.M. Ali Haider, Professor of Department of Islamic Studies, University of Dhaka, Moulana Ruhul Amin Khan, Executive Director of the Daily Inqilab and others who determine the guiding principles for operation of our Islamic Branches.

Our investment and deposit figure for these two Islamic branches in the year 2003 was Tk. 3,09,87,403/- and tk. 14,03,91,549/-

Locker Service:

For safekeeping of customers’ valuables like important documents and goods like jewelries and gold ornaments, Premier Locker Service is available in most of the Branches in urban areas.Nature of Service    Nature of Charges    Rate of Charges

Custody of Locker / Safe  Rent         a) Yearly TK.1,500/= for small size locker

b) Yearly TK.2,500/= for medium size locker

c) Yearly TK.3,000/= for big size locker

*Condition apply TK.2500/= for Security Money(Refundable)

Evening Banking Services

“Evening Banking”, a unique service of The Premier Bank, only for receiving Cash and Documents beyond transaction hours till 8 o’clock in the evening, is available at Premier Bank. The service is attractive for those, like shopkeepers, who accumulate cash as sales proceeds in the afternoon when counters of Bank branches usually remain closed.

Online Branch Banking Service

ONLINE BRANCH BANKING SERVICE is designed to serve its valued clients. Under this system, you shall be able to do the following type of transactions:

Cash withdrawal from your account at any branch of the Bank.

Deposit in your account at any Branch of the Bank.

Transfer of money from your account to any other account with any Branch of the Bank.

Transaction Limit

Unlimited transaction.

Online Transaction Membership Fee

No Membership fee is required.

Charges for Online Transaction

No charges for online transaction except inter zonal transactions.


Premier Bank Limited is one of the first few Bangladeshi Banks who have become member of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication) in 2002.  SWIFT is members owned co-operative, which provides a fast and accurate communication network for financial transactions such as Letters of Credit, Fund transfer etc. By becoming a member of SWIFT, the bank has opened up possibilities for uninterrupted connectivity with over 5,700 user institutions in 150 countries around the world.


Travellers Cheque


Savings Account

 Current Account

 Corporate Account

 Short Term Deposit Account

 Fixed Deposit

 Double Benefit Scheme

 Monthly Income Scheme

 Monthly Savings Scheme

 Education Savings Scheme

Savings Account:

We have added a special feature to our Savings Deposit Accounts. We pay interest (5.00% p.a.) on daily balances on Savings Accounts. Most of the Banks in Bangladesh pay interest on monthly minimum balance. So, if you are maintaining say Tk. 10.00 Lac in your Savings Account with your present Banker for 29 days and your deposit balance drops below Tk. 1000 even for a single day, you are not getting any interest on that amount. There are also several restrictions on withdrawal from the Account to qualify for interest.

In Premier Bank, however, you will get interest on any amount that you keep in the account. There is no restriction for withdrawal from the account and we are paying interest @ 5.00 % p.a. on daily balance. We hope that you will take full advantage of this offer and place your deposits with our Bank to earn more.

Current Account:

This is a non interest bearing deposit account.

Corporate Account:

We are also paying interest @6.50% p.a. on daily balance for Corporate customers. It is a savings account that operates like a virtual current account. There is no restrictions on withdrawal.

Short Term Deposit (STD) Account:

We pay interest @4.00% p.a. on daily closing balance but a notice period of 7 days is mandatory for withdrawal of money, otherwise the interest will be forfeited

Fixed Deposit

Term(For any Amount)

Interest          (%) P.a.

1 Month          5.00

3 Month           8.00

6 Month           8.25

12 Months       8.50

Double Benefit Scheme:

Under this scheme, any deposit becomes almost double after only 7 years 7 months! The accepts deposits in multiple of Tk.10,000.00.

Specially designed instrument shall be issued for the deposit under under the scheme in the same manner as issued in case of FDR. The instrument is not transferable and renewable. In case of premature encahsment after 3 months, benefits may be allowed on the deposit amount at ruling savings rate.

Loan facility may be allowed up to 80% of deposit against lien/pledge on such instrument at bank’s prescribed rates and rules.Terms   Initial Deposit  Payable at Maturity

7 Years 7 months     Tk.50,000/-     Tk.1,00,000/-

Deposit Amount: Tk.50,000/- or its multiple(s).

Monthly Income Scheme

Your saving is precious! Let your inventment generate a regular monthly income for you through this scheme.

The account holder shall get benefit of Tk. 750.00 every month against deposit of Tk. 1,00,000.00 for 5 years.

 Terms           Initial Deposit  Tk.     Monthly benefit

 5 – Years           Tk. 100,000/-                  Tk. 750/-

Monthly Savings Scheme:

A regular savings pay off when you really need it. Save small amount in your account each month and let your savings grow with time through this Monthly Savings Scheme.

Education Savings Scheme:

The scheme has been designed to make future educational expenses of your children easier. Save small amount in your account each month and let your savings grow with time through this Education Savings Scheme.

3.Loan Products :

 Project Loan

 Working Capital Loan

 Trade Finance (Domestic & International)

 HouseBuilding Finance (Commercial & Residential)

 Contractors Financing

 Receivable Financing

 Cash Credit

 Over Draft

 Packing Credit

 Trust Receipt


 Letters Of Credit

Premier Bank Special Credit Schemes :

 Lease Finance

 Consumer Credit Scheme

 Doctors Loan Scheme

 Small & Medium Business Loan Scheme

 Student Credit Scheme

 Rural Credit Scheme – Poverty Alleviation

 Agro Processing Loan Scheme

Lease Finance never been so easy……

Premier Bank, a fast growing Private Commercial Bank has introduced Lease Finance to facilitate your funding requirement for the procurement of assets in order to grow your business.

Premier Bank Corporate Culture:

“We believe in promotion of trust, team work and professionalism which benefits our customers, employees, shareholders and our society”.

Premier Bank offers Lease Finance facility for:

a) Capital Machinery.

b) Medical Equipment.

c) Office Equipment.

d) Heavy Construction Equipment.

e) Lifts, Elevators, Generators, Air conditioners.

f) Machinery for Agro based Industry.

g) CNG Filling Station.

h) Automobiles like Bus, Mini Bus, Truck, Car, Pick up etc.

i) Other Costly consumer’s durable.

j) Other items for potential emerging sector which is considerable to Head Office Management / Leasing Division.

Benefits of availing Lease Finance:

i) Simple Security Arrangements.

ii) Prompt service, simplicity and convenient.

iii) Financial need meet up without out flowing own fund: Little cash

required. You can acquire the Lease Assets keeping your Capital intact.Thus leasing helps to build up your fund raising capacity.

iv) Tax incentives:Because lease rentals are treated as revenue expenditure and are entirely deductible for lease purpose.

v) Extension of credit sources: Leasing does not impair the ability of the Lessee to obtain credit in traditional ways since it does not make any change in the financial structure of the Lessee.

vi) Off Balance Sheet item; does not appear in the Lessee’s Balance Sheet and improves financial Ratios.

vii) Financial Flexibility: Through leasing capital will not be tied up with the acquisition of assets. You can invest your costly capital elsewhere for more profitable venture.

viii) Sales Aid Device: If you are a Manufacturer / Dealer, you may utilize Leasing as a sales promotion tool for achieving Sales Target.

Lease Term:

i) In case of Machinery / Equipment (Maximum) up to 5 Years.

ii) In case of Vehicle (Maximum) up to 4 Years.

Premier Bank’s Participation:

We may finance 100% of the Acquisition cost of the Lease Item.

Competitive Rate & Charges:

Interest Rate, Service Charge and Risk Fund all are competitive and affordable .


Following collateral securities may be accepted:

a) Leased item itself.

b) Immovable properties such as Land, Building, etc.

c) Encashabel securities like FDR, BSP, Share Certificates of listed companies, ICB unit Certificate, Bank / Insurance Guarantees etc.

d) Corporate Guarantees.

e) Personal Guarantee of a person acceptable to the Bank.

f) Any other Assets acceptable to the bank as security.

Lease Rental:

The Lessee will pay monthly Lease Rentals through post-dated cheque containing the amount of Rental in each cheque. The Rentals offered by The Premier Bank Limited are modest and more competitive than other Banks or financial Institutions.

Lease Deposit:

Lessee shall have to deposit 3 months’ Rentals as Lease Deposit (non-interest bearing Lease Deposit) which shall be refunded /adjusted at expiry of the lease term.

Grace Period:

In case of Capital Machinery and Equipment, maximum grace period of 6 (six) months may be allowed.

Insurance Coverage:

The Vehicle / Equipment / Lease Asset(s) shall have to be covered by a Comprehensive Insurance policy throughout the lease term at Lessee’s own cost in the name of The Premier Bank Limited. The premium shall be on account of the Lessee.

Repair and Maintenance:

The Lessee is obliged to maintain the Lease Asset(s) in good working order and is solely responsible for any loss or damage as long as it is in his / her possession. Repair or maintenance cost for taking care of normal wear and tear and keeping the Lease Asset in good running condition during the lease period shall be the responsibility of the Lessee.

Transfer of Ownership:

On final adjustment of the Lease Finance, the Lessee may have an option to purchase the Equipment at the prescribed rate. Besides the above option, the Lessee may renew the lease on year-to-year basis or return the Equipment to the Bank.

Consumer Credit Scheme :


– To extend credit facility to the limited income group.

– To develop standard of living of middle and upper middle class people.

– To participate in the socio economic development of the country.


 Home appliances


 Mobile phones



 Water pump etc.

Doctors’ Loan Scheme :

Doctors in Bangladesh : Case Study

Every year in Bangladesh, many medical students are graduating as Doctors and a significant portion of them remain unemployed for long time due to scarcity of job. Moreover, the experienced and specialist Doctors have been rendering their services to the people with the limited medical equipments and facilities. As a result, they are losing patients who are going abroad for better medical facilities.

A change is required:

Every one believes that a rapid change is required in the Medical Sector of our country to overcome the above unacceptable situation. In Premier Bank, we do not end our thinking in just believing in change. Rather, we go beyond to find the path of solution & try to implement it to solve the problems.

That is why we have introduced “Doctors Loan Scheme”.

What is Doctors’ Loan ?

We, at Premier Bank, found that many Doctors are very much interested to be self-employed but for financial reasons most of them are unable to do the same. Similarly, Experienced Doctors, Specialists and Clinics are also not equipped with the up-to-date Medical tools & equipment for the same financial reason.

Premier Bank has introduced easy to afford financial assistance program “Doctors’ Loan” to financially assist these qualified Doctors & Medical Practitioners as follows:

Up to 100% Lease Finance for Medical Equipment.

Up to 100% Lease Finance for Motor Vehicles / Ambulance

Loan for Rental Advance, Office decoration, Furnishing etc.

Some of the great features that our Doctors’ Loans offers are:

Quick & easy loan processing.

Lower interest rate.

Lower charges.

Rebate for timely repayment.

Longer term of repayment.

Early repayment without any penalty.


Registered Doctors & Medical Practitioners, Eye Specialists, Heart Specialists, Child Specialists, Surgeons, Dentists. Also Hospitals, Clinics and Diagnostic Centres owned & operated by the registered Doctors.

Security/Collateral & Terms & Conditions:

Flexible Terms & Conditions.

Collateral is not mandatory.

Three (3) advance Lease/Loan installments.

Personal Guarantees.

Machineries/Equipments will be purchased under Hire purchase/Lease Fiance/Consumer Credit Scheme and the ownership will remain in the name of Bank (Hypothecated) duly insured until the borrower repays his debt in full.

More Good News to share!

Apartment Loan/Loan for Medical Chamber

You will be happy to know that we are not only focusing to improve your professional career but also giving high priority to uplift your living standard by providing Personal Loans.

Now you can also avail personal loan for the following purposes:

Apartment Finance for purchase of residential flat/Chamber up to 50% of value. Repayment can be made in 10 years!

Consumer Credit Scheme for purchase of Car, TV, Air Conditioner, Freeze, Computer, Washing Machine etc.

How to apply ?

Just call or visit any of our Branches. Our officers will be glad to be your financial advisor and provide you the application form and all information in details.

Rural Credit Scheme :


– Alleviation of poverty so as to make people self reliant.

– Mobilisation of rural savings.

Purpose of loan :


 Rice husking

 Beef & goat fattening

 Purchase of sewing machine

 Purchase of milking cow

Pricing: In case of Pricing Approach they use the competition based Pricing Approach

The pricing schedule is given in below

Special Note:

1. There is no Annual / Renewal fee for PBL Confirmed employee. PBL employee will get VISA Gold Card only. However issuance for International ViSA Credit Card restricted to the TPBL employee. Only from the grade of Officer to Managing Director will get the VISA  International Credit Card.

2. There is no Annual/ Renewal fee for issuance of VISA Debit Card to TPBL employee.

3. Interest Charge will be @2.00% (per month) for TPBL employee Card and @2.50% interest will be charged for other than TPBL employee.

4. The Officials of Telecommunication Sector, Multinational and Financial Institutions will enjoy the VISA Credit Card of TPBL with 50% off from the regular Annual/Renewal fee.

5. If any Card holder makes 15 transactions in a year (between Card issuance date and expiry date then the Annual/Renewal fee will be fully waived for that period.

6. The Premier Bank Ltd offers first supplementary Card absolutely free of Charge, Supplementary Card Annual/ Renewal fee will be imposed from issuance of Second Supplementary Card.

7.  Debit Card replacement fee during the year 2009 will be free.

Premier Bank Limited

Some are parts:

Internship Report on Marketing Strategies of the Premier Bank Limited(Part 1)

Internship Report on Marketing Strategies of the Premier Bank Limited(part 2)