Investment Operations of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

As a part of evaluating the course, here need to work on a Internship report, “A Study on the Investment Operations of  Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. Here is few questions in this regard. It takes 10 to 15 minutes. Your kind cooperation by answering question will assist to prepare a quality project work.


Name: ……………………………………………………………



Q1.  Do you have any account at IBBL?


A. Yes             Œ         B. No              Œ

[If ‘no’, thank you very much for cooperation, no further question to you]


2. What type of account that you have maintained in IBBL?

  1. Al Wadiah Current A/C                Œ         BMudaraba Savings A/C     Œ
  2. Mudaraba Schemes A/C               Œ         D. Others A/C             Œ


3. What is the motivation to maintain account at IBBL?


4. Is the present investment mode of IBBL effective?


A) Yes                               Œ                     B) No                          Œ



5. Bank should develop more investment-oriented campaign.


A)    Agree                                      Œ                     B) Disagree                Œ

C) No comment                Œ


6. Bank should cover clients without considering race (Hindus, Christian)


A) Agree                            Œ                     B) Disagree                 Œ

C) No comment                  Œ


7. Do you think that sales team is essential for investment operation of IBBL?

A) Yes                               Œ                     B) No              Œ


8. Does the client receive the goods from the seller directly? 


A) Yes                               Œ                     B) No              Œ


9. Is Bai-Murabaha permissible under Islamic Shariah?        


A) Yes                                Œ                     B) No              Œ


10. Whether the equity is being obtained in HPSM from the client and credited to the investment account


A) Yes                                     Œ                     B) No              Œ


11. Whether acknowledgement of asset is being obtained from the client


A) Yes                                    Œ                     B) No                          Œ


12. Conversion of investment under Bai-Murabaha & Bai Muajjal into Hire purchase) SM) is not made.


A) Yes                                     Œ                     B) No              Œ


13. Is the profit receivable voucher not being passed before making delivery of goods?


A) Yes                                    Œ                     B) No                           Œ


14. Type of service that you are securing from IBBL?

A. Excellent                Œ                     B. Good                      Œ

C. Fair                         Œ                     D. Satisfactory                        Œ

E. Not Satisfactory     Œ


15. What is your confidence level on the IBBL due to its Shariah based banking?

A. Very high               Œ                     B. High                       Œ

C. Average                  Œ                     D. Less                        Œ

E. Very less                 Œ


16. What is your view about the different service charges taken by IBBL?

A. Very excessive       Œ                     B. Excessive                Œ

C. Justified                  Œ                     D. Less                        Œ

E. Very less                 Œ