Investment Schemes of Islami Bank

The salient features of the Investment Schemes of IBBL, are to invest on the basis of profit and loss sharing system in accordance with the tenets and principles of Islamic Shariah. Profit earning is not the only motive and objective of the bank’s investment policy rather emphasis is given in attaining social good and in creation employment opportunities.

In fact, the bank since its inception has been working for the uplifted and emancipation of the unprivileged, downtrodden, and neglected section of the people and has taken up various schemes for their well being. The objectives of these schemes are to raise the standard of living of low-income group, development of human resources, and creation of awareness for self employment. Investment Scheme of IBBL, Branch are described in bellows-

Household Durable Scheme (HDS)

In a developing country like Bangladesh people of middle and lower class especially service holders with limited income find it difficult to purchase articles like refrigerator, television, cot, almirah, wardrobe, sofa-set, pressure cooker, sewing machine etc. which are part of modern and decent living. They cannot enhance the standard and quality of life to the desired level due to the constrain of their limited income. Therefore, IBBL, Branch invested Household Durable Scheme (HDS) for middle and lower class that has already created great enthusiasm among the people and received tremendous response from them.

Period of Investment: Maximum two years.
Mode of Investment: Bai-Muajjal.
Rate of Return: 15%.

Housing Investment Schemes (HIS)

One of the basic human needs is to have a house to live in. A house is an abode of peace and happiness. Housing has now become an acute problem in the country, especially in the towns, cities and metropolis. With their limited income, it has become almost impossible on the part of the lower middle class, middle class and sometimes, even for upper middle class to solve their housing problem. To meet this basic human need, IBBL, Mirpur-10 Branch is committed to contribute to this end to provide a peaceful and happy living. The Bank has introduced ‘Housing Investment Scheme’ with the objective to ease and minimize the housing problem and assist service holders and professionals with limited income in materializing their dream of becoming owner of houses.

Rate of Return: 13%
Mode of Investment: Hire Purchase Under Shirkatul Melk (HPSM)
Period of Investment: Maximum period of investment 15 years.

Real Estate Investment Program (REIP)

Professionals, Service-holders, Businessmen, Real Estate Developer and other categories of people who are not entitled for availing investment facilities under Housing Investment Schemes, shall be eligible under this programmed. Investment is to be extended to build new houses and for extension/ completion of the house already constructed, commercial building, shopping complex, flat/apartment etc.

Rate of Return: 13%
Mode of Investment: HPSM
Investment Limit: No specific limit
Duration: 10 years

Transport Investment Schemes (TIS)

The role of modern communication is most vital for the socio-economic growth and uplift of a developing country like Bangladesh. Moreover, the use of modern transports has increased keeping pace with the rise of the standard of living of the professionals. Considering these facts, IBBL Branch invested in ‘Transport Investment Scheme’. Under this scheme investment on easy terms is being extended to the existing successful businessmen in road and water transports and potential entrepreneurs in this sector for different types of road and water transports. Besides, Multinational companies, established business houses and well to do officials and professionals can become owner of various kinds of transports through Hire Purchase under this scheme.

Mode of Transports

• Road Transports
 Private car, microbus, jeep, pick-up van.
 Bus, truck, minibus.
 Auto-rickshaw, tempo.
 Ambulance.

• Water Transports
 Cargo vessel of maximum 500 ton capacity.
 Ocean going vessel of maximum 800 ton capacity.

Rate of Return: 15%
Mode of Investment: Hire-Purchase Shirkatul Meelk(HPSM).
Period of Investment: Maximum 3 years from the date of delivery of the vehicle.

Car Investment Schemes (CIS)

Car is considered as an essential mode of transport in the modern society, particularly by a section of the officials, business houses and business executives and established professionals for movement in discharging their duties and responsibilities punctually and efficiently. Many of these categories of people cannot purchase a car on payment of entire purchase value at a time out of their own sources. To meet this need IBBL Mirpur-10 Branch introduced the ‘Car Investment Scheme’ for the mid and high ranking officials of government and semi-government organizations, corporations, executives and directors of big business houses and companies and also for persons of different professional groups on easy payment terms and conditions.


Permanent senior officers/executives of the following organizations:
• Government Organizations.
• Semi-Government Organizations/Autonomous Bodies/Corporations.
• Banks.
• Commissioned Officer of Armed Forces, BDR, Police and Ansars.
• Teachers of the Universities, Government Colleges.
• Executives/Directors of big companies and business houses of repute.

Rate of Return: 15%

Period of Investment

Period of investment is maximum 4 (four) years from the date of disbursement or delivery of the vehicle to the client, whichever is earlier.
Mode of Investment: Hire Purchase Shirkatul Meelk

Investment Schemes for Doctors (ISD)

IBBL Mirpur-10 Branch has taken the initiative an introduced the “Doctors Investment Scheme” to ensure modern treatment and medical facilities available to the people through extension of Bank’s investment facilities for self-employment of newly graduated doctors and at the same time extending investment facilities to the established medical practitioners to procure modern and sophisticated medical equipment.
Rate of Return: 14%

Investment Ceiling and Period:

Category Maximum Ceiling Maximum Period
1. Self employed doctors settled Tk. 5.00 lacs 5 years in district town
2. Self employed doctors settled Tk. 5.00 lacs 5 years  in Thana towns
3. Specialists/Consultant physicians Tk. 10.00 lacs 5 years for modern and sophisticated medical equipment
4. Newly graduate unemployed Doctors Tk. 5 lacs to every doctor and 5 years
Group for establishment of clinics, maximum Tk. 25 lacs to a group
Purchase of machinery, equipment, of 5 doctors accessories and other goods.

Mode of Investment

a. Hire Purchase Shirkatul Melk : For purchase/procurement of medical equipment and appliances, motor cycle and other items.
b. Bai-Muajjal : For establishment of Chambers, Clinics and purchase of medicines etc.

Small Business Investment Schemes (SBIS)

IBBL, Mirpur-10 Branch as welfare oriented financial institution, is committed to generate employment and bring about an overall improvement in the socio-economic condition of the people and the quality of their life. The Bank, to make effective contribution in this respect, has taken-up a special programme and introduced ‘Small Business Investment Scheme’ to make the small traders, entrepreneurs and neglected unemployed youths of urban and rural areas self-reliant by providing them required financial support.
Rate of Return: 14%

Mode of Investment
A. Hire Purchase Shirkatul Meelk : For all kinds of machineries i.e. equipments &  transport sector.
B. Bai-muajjal-TR : For trading shop keeping, agro-processing and  raw materials for manufacturing purposes.

Period of Investment
• In case of HPSM : Maximum 24 months.
• In case of Bai-muajjal-TR : Maximum 12 months.