Organized sources of assistance for the development of in Bangladesh

Entrepreneurial qualities consist of vision, inspiration, creativity, risk-taking and achievement orientation. An entrepreneur is a visionary individual who takes risks by starting a new venture through assembling and coordinating various resources for the sake of uncertain rewards.

Here a brief explanation of the entrepreneurial assistance or help available in Bangladesh today for small enterprises. There are various entrepreneurial assistances available in Bangladesh. These are shown below:

Bangladesh small and cottage industries corporation (BSCIC): There is a training institute under BSCIC for the training of the entrepreneurs which is popularly known as “Small and cottage industries training institute (SCITI)”. It is situated in Dhaka.

Youth development training centre: Youth development training centre give training to the educated and less-educated young persons. Those young people also become entrepreneurs in future.

Directorate of women: Directorate of women is an institute under the Ministry of women and children. They provide various entrepreneurial assistance to unemployed women.

Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BARD): Bangladesh Rural development Board (BARD) provides entrepreneurial assistance to the people who live in the village.

NOTRAMS: NOTRAMS is an institute under the Ministry of education who provides computer-related training to the young uneducated people. As a result, an unemployed young person can take the initiative to start a new enterprise through the help of computer knowledge.

Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM): Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) provides management related knowledge to the probable entrepreneurs.

Bangladesh industrial technical assistant centre (BITAC): Bangladesh industrial technical assistant centre (BITAC) provides industrial training and assistance to the entrepreneurs.

BRAC: BRAC is a non-government institution who provides training to the landless and poor people. They also provide credit facilities to them.

Government incentives an. concessions: Our Government also provides various encouraging incentives and concessions to the new entrepreneurs for starting a new enterprise or industry.

So, these are the various entrepreneurial assistance available in Bangladesh.