Product and Performance Evaluation of Insurance Companies

The major objective of this term paper is to analysis Product and Performance Evaluation, here focus on Pragati Life and Pioneer Insurance Company Limited. Other observation are to make product analysis by discussing both companies insurance policies and performance analysis by discussing financial report. Here also discuss on the current product, upcoming product, financial condition of both companies.


Insurance is a nothing but a system of spreading the risk of one onto the shoulders of many. In the present world Insurance is a famous & most popular sector for business world. Because it removes hindrances of business, we called it Risk. Now, insurances companies are sectioned in two basic types- Life & Non-life.

In this term paper we have to analyze the product & performance of both types of insurance. On behalf of Life & Non-life insurance company we choose Pragati Life Insurance Limited & Pioneer Insurance Company Limited.

We will analyze both these companies on their product & performance. Just because they are two different types of companies their product & performance should be different. In case of Life Insurance Company it’s all about life assurance & no other insurance will exist. But in case of general insurance company, which we called Non-life, it’s about rest other insurance except life. So definitely when we analyze the outcome of both companies it will make difference.

We will make product analysis by discussing both companies’ insurance policies & performance analysis by discussing financial report.

Insurance is a method or process which distributes the burden of the loss on a number of persons within the group formed for this particular purpose. Though from theoretical background we know that marine insurance comes first but now life assurance gets more preference then any other insurance. Here, in this report we will evaluate both life & non-life insurances’ product & performance result.

Objective of this term paper-

Objective is to evaluate these two chosen companies named Pragati Life Insurance Limited & Pioneer Insurance Company Limited. At the end of the assignment we will found-

  • The current product, upcoming product, financial condition of both companies
  • We will make a comparison of both companies on the basis of financial condition.


To collect this term paper’s information properly we use Pragati Life Insurance & Pioneer Insurance Companies’ Annual report- 2007 & 2008. We also collect the brochures, leaflet, scheme papers & other necessary papers of the both companies.



Product & performance evaluation report

We will take each company individually & then come to a comparison. At first we analyze Pragati Life Insurance & after that we will analyze Pioneer Insurance Company.


Pragati Life Insurance

Company profile-

Pragati Life Insurance Limited is a public limited company registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Company and licensed by the Controller of Insurance, Govt. of Bangladesh to transact life insurance business in Bangladesh. The Board of Directors of Pragati Life is comprised of a group of dedicated and renowned business entrepreneurs of the country and has already proven their commitment and services in General Insurance through Pragati Insurance Limited. Now, they are committed to do the same with Life Insurance through Pragati Life Insurance Limited. Here you will get professional and expert services with full commitment. You will also be pleased to know that we have Managing Director who is an actuary. With all these resources in hand we are able to provide you efficient service and tailor-made product to meet your needs. Our attention is always focused on the individual client and his special needs. Furthermore, we are continuously developing IT aids and expert systems to carry on our life insurance business efficiently. We are available to deal with all your questions concerning these new products. And as we have entered into a new millennium, we will keep you informed about new trends and developments in the life insurance industry worldwide.

Company’s products-

Pragati Life Insurance Company offers six basic policies. Named-

  • Individual Product Line
  • Islami jibon Bima
  • Pragati Bima
  • Pragati Islami Bima
  • Islami deposit pension scheme
  • Group life & health

Among all these products Individual product line & Pragati Bima include some specific plans. That’s are-

Individual Product Line

 Plan 01 – JIBON SATHI (with Bonus)
Plan 02 – JIBON PROTTASHA (with Bonus)
Plan 03 – JIBON TORI (with Profit)
Plan 04 – JIBON SOMAHAR ( with Profit)
Plan 05 – JIBON ALO (with Bonus)
Plan 06 – JIBON BONDHU (with Bonus)
Plan 07 – JIBON ABOKASH (Pension)
Plan 08 – JIBON BIKASH (Child Education)
Plan 10 – JIBON UTTORON (Joint Life)
Plan 11 – JIBON PARASH (Health Insurance)
Plan 12 – JIBON SHONCHOI (Single Premium)
Plan 13 – Jibon Purnota (Hajj Bima)
Islami Insurance
Plan 14 – Jibon Bondhon
Islami Insurance

Pragati Bima

  • Plan A – Shonchoi 3-in-1 Policy
  • Plan B – Shonchoi 3 payments Policy
  • Plan C – Shonchoi 4 payments Policy
  • Plan D – Sonchoi somahar policy
  • Plan E – Education Endowment Policy
  • Plan F – DPS (Pension Policy)
  • Plan G – Jibon Sanchay

Individual product line & Pragati bima schemes are more popular scheme of Pragati Life Insurance Company.

Comparative statement of new business & business in force- Business in force



YearSum-insuredNo. of policiesFirst year premium Sum-insuredNo. of policies
Individual product line20071123.901326185.104668.0547985
Pragati Bima2007659.262605744.991786.3973901

Now, we will briefly explain some of these schemes regarding their required brochures-


Plan 1 – JIBON SATHI (with Bonus)

Policy Term 11- 14 years. After expiry of 5 years of the policy term, the policyholder will receive10 % of sum assurance every year before maturity. At maturity, the rest of the sum Assurance will be paid with accrued bonus.

Example: If you buy a 12-Year term policy with Tk. 1,00,000 Sum Assurance, you will receive Tk. 10,000 at the end of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th year, in total of Tk. 60,000. The rest Of the sum assurance, Tk. 40,000 (with bonus) will be payable after the 12th year at maturity.

In unfortunate death of policyholder during the term, the nominee will receive full sum Assurance with accrued bonus even 0 though the policyholder receives any payment earlier.


Plan 2 – JIBON PROTTASHA (with Bonus)

Policy Term 12, 15, 18, 21, 27, 30 years.  Special Features: 10 % guaranteed profit on the deposited premiums at the end of 1/3 (one-third) of the term. Another 10 % guaranteed profit on the deposited premiums at the end of 2/3 (two-third) of the term. At maturity the full face amount will be paid with bonus. In case of death during the policy term, full face amount with accrued bonus will be payable to the beneficiary even if guaranteed profit is paid earlier.

Plan 3 – JIBON TORI (with Profit)

Policy Term 12- 25 years. Single Premium Policy. On unfortunate death of the policyholder, the beneficiary will receive the full face amount.

If survive to the end of the term, policyholder will receive
Double of the Premium under Plan A

Two and half times of the premium under Plan B

Three times of the premium under Plan

Advantage in Single Premium policy is that there is no hassle for renewal payment. Policyholder also receives huge tax relief on the Premium.

These are some popular schemes of Pragati Life Insurance company.


Product development:

Pragati life has been continuously developing its products depending on the market trend, changes in the financial market & social demand. Pragati Life is the only company in the country to start operation in all aspects of life insurance business simultaneously- Individual life, group life, rural & health insurance.

As a part of the endeavor the companies have developed the following product during the year-

  • Jibon dhara for IPL & takaful

   Features- single premium plan where profit will be payable at the end of each year up to maturity.

Single premiumTerm of the policySum riskPayable at the end of each policy year up to maturityPayable at maturity
Policy holder will determine5 years150% of S. P. 6.5% of S. P.Single premium +

Profit accrued at the maturity


7 years175% of S. P.7.5% of S. P.
10 years200% of S. P.9.0%  of S. P.


  • Single premium plan for IDPS

  Features- same as jibon dhara

  • Jibon surovi for IPL & Takaful


PremiumTerm of the policy in yearsPayable within the term (before maturity)Payable at death before maturityPayable at maturity
Policy holder will choose from the premium chart15, 18 & 21
  • At the end completion of 1/3rd of the term 15% of SA will be paid.
  • At the end completion of 2/3rd of the term 25% of SA will be paid.
Full sum assured will be paid to the nominee60% of SA + Accrued profit


  • DPS- 3 payments under ‘IDPS’

  Features- same as jibon surovi

Company’s performances-

Analysis of financial condition of Pragati Life insurance company can be possible if we compare some important financial information by year to year wise to find out whether the company is performing more efficiently or not.


Financial highlights

5 years’ key operating & financial data                

(Tk in ‘000’)

First year premium2010082612531582218659077621
Renewal premium26889122252113514510030566315
Group insurance premium6105044350329693222932783
Health insurance premium3741130702222021655610629
Gross premium568359558827348537235680187348
% increase over the previous year1.7160.3347.8925.8046.87
Overall conservation ratio (%)55.5875.8572.3169.6970.39
Investment income113534362072413081174365
Investment yield (income realize to mean life fund)18.659.1610.905.576.01
Management expenses- actual31767426938217995711992899896
Assets (excluding excess IPO deposit money)956969746296458053256516178924
% increase over the previous year28.1863.1178.5643.3765.78
Life land794664536141290392176505101819
% increase over the previous year48.2284.6364.5273.35112.58
Ratio of—     
Expenses of management to premium income (%)55.8948.2051.6350.8953.32
Claim to premium17.9413.3122.1319.2717.08

From this financial statement we can find some significant change of this company. That’s are-

  • Gross premium in value & rate of increasing:

The gross profit is in an increasing value from 2003 to 2007. In 2007, it shows the highest gross premium than last four years. But the rate of increasing is too low in 2007 which is 1.71%.  The highest increasing rate was in 2006, which is 60.33%.

  • Conservation ratio:

This is clear from the statement that the conservation or maintenance ratio goes down. So the company can have used more capital than previous year.

  • Investment income:

The highest investment is in 2007. The amount of investment income was Tk.113534 (in thousand). They conserve less so that the investment becomes higher.

  • Claim:

Though the number of claim is higher in 2007 than last 4 years, it does not mean the number of claim is so much higher. The company invests more money & day to day it becomes larger. So, claim amount is under a limit for current business position.

  • Management Expenses:

Because of growing the Company the expenses becomes larger. Expenses are basically used for capturing fixed costs.

  • Assets in value & ratio:

To bring a Company in a stronger position, company should increase its assets. The amount of assets is in top in the year 2007. That means, the company’s a huge part of expenses has been done for Assets. But the ratio of increasing assets was higher in 2005.

  • Claim to premium:

Though claim to premium rate is grater than 2006 but lower then 2005. the company pays highest amount in 2005 than any other year.

So, by analyzing financial statement we can find these major changes in amount & ratio. & we can find that day by day the company has been increased its profit as well as their capital. More or less the company is pointing a positive trend in the market.

Now we will focus some other information of the Pragati Life Insurance Company of the year 2007 & 2006-

ParticularsYear 2007Year 2006
First year premium (sub total)201008039261252948
Net premium563776063552685025
Total income1214305341879904037
Total capital & liabilities = total property & assets959350453749077374
Cash & cash equivalents at the end of the year373886763445565487
Life insurance fund (only for current year-2007)794664430

This is clear, though this company’s first year premium & cash & cash equivalents at the end of the year is less than previous year, the company is working more effectively & efficiently because all other particulars except these two are in a increasing rate than previous year.


Some financial information with graphical explanation-

Analysis of utilization of Income

Premium income

In the year 2007, the proportionate income of all product lines is shown below:

ProductsGross premiumProportionate income (%)
Individual product line (IPL)235.2241.39
Pragatibima & pragati islamibima division (PB & PIBD)160.1628.18
Group life & health insurance (GL & H)98.4617.32
Islami deposit pension scheme (IDPS)40.117.06
Islami jibon bima (IJB) takaful34.406.05

Life fund

Year2003Growth rate respect to 2002 (%)2004Growth rate respect to 2003 (%)2005Growth rate respect to 2004 (%)2006Growth rate respect to 2005 (%)2007Growth rate respect to 2006 (%)
Life fund101.82112.61176.5173.35290.3964.52536.1484.63794.6648.22
Gross premium187.3446.86235.6925.80348.5447.88558.8360.33568.361.70

If we consider all these graphical explanation, an increasing trend has been shown here. So, the Pragati Life Insurance Company is in a developing mood. & the company has been awarded Credit rating A+ by credit rating information & service limited (CRISL) for its High Claims Paying Ability.


Pioneer Insurance Company Limited

Company profile-

Pioneer Insurance Company Limited sponsored & founded in 1996 by a group of entrepreneurs of Bangladesh who had earlier established themselves as leading industrialists and business magnates of the country. Pioneer Insurance Company Limited is a publicly traded company by shares and enlisted with Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. The Company is financially sound and has been declaring dividend since inception. The Company has been assigned “AA2” rated General Insurance Company. “AA2” rating stands for high claim paying ability, good protection factors and an exception of variability in risk over time due to economic and/or underwriting conditions. Pioneer now hold 13,64,281 ordinary shares of Mutual Trust Bank Ltd of Tk.100 each including the approved bonus share for the year 2008. Accordingly the investment in the MTBL stood at Tk.170.75 million including premium of Tk.10.00 million paid at pre-IPO placement. The shares are currently quoted at about Tk.324 per share showing about 159% capital gains. Pioneer also hold 1 (one) share at Tk.1.00 million of Central Depository Bangladesh Ltd which has been formed under the Central Depository Act,1999.

Company’s products-

The Company Underwrites following types of General Insurance Business Such as:   

  • Fire
  • Marine
  • Motor
  • Engineering
  • Miscellaneous insurance
  • Aviation insurance

All these policies included some more schemes. That’s are-


  • Fire and Allied Perils Insurance.
  • Consequential Loss Due to Fire Insurance.
  • Household Insurance
  • Hotel Owners All Risks Insurance
  • Industrial All Risks Insurance


  • Cargo Insurance
  • Hull Insurance


  • Comprehensive Insurance Act Only Liability
  • Insurance Increased Liability Insurance


  • Contractors All Risks Insurance (CAR)
  • Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance (CPM)
  • Erection All Risks Insurance (EAR)
  • Machinery Insurance (MB)
  • Machinery Loss of profit Insurance (BI MB)
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance (EEI)
  • Deterioration of Stock Insurance (DOS)
  • Energy Risks Insurance (Offshore & Onshore)
  • Power Plant Insurance
  • Boiler and pressure Vessels Insurance
  • Lift, Escalator and Hoisting Equipment Insurance

Miscellaneous Insurance-

  • All Risks Insurance
  • Cash / Property in Premises
  • Money / cash in Transit Insurance
  • General/ Public Liability Insurance
  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance
  • Products Liability Insurance.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Peoples Personal Accident Insurance
  • Overseas Mediclaim Insurance
  • Cellular Mobile Phone Insurance
  • Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
  • Hole in One Golf Tournament Insurance
  • Neon Sign Insurance.
  • Plate Glass Insurance
  • Rubber Plantation Insurance
  • Lockers Insurance

Aviation Insurance

  • Hull Insurance Liability Insurance Deductible Insurance
  • WAR Insurance

Fire insurance is the more popular policy of Pioneer Insurance Company. Then chronologically- Marine, Motor & Miscellaneous insurances policies.

Now, we will briefly explain some of these schemes regarding their required brochures-


Consequential Loss Due to Fire:

[A fire might do very little damage to the buildings or the contents, yet the interruption of business might be very significant. Consequential Loss Policy indemnifies the insured for loss of net profit, standing charges and increase in cost of working expenses resulting from an accident identifiable under fire and allied perils insurance policy].


M A R I N E.

Marine Cargo Insurance:

[Marine Cargo insurance protects all goods while in transit depending upon the needs of the client. For sea and air transits, the “Institute” Clauses, drafted by the Technical and Clauses Committee of the Institute of London Underwriters are adopted for use in Bangladesh. Three broad types of cover are available for sea transit i.e. Institute Cargo Clauses “A”, “B” & “C” and two types of cover are available for air transit i.e. Institute Cargo Clauses, Air &, Air All Risks . On the other hand Transit by rail and road are covered either by Rail/Lorry/Truck only or Rail/Lorry/Truck All Risks Clauses drafted by Central Rating Committee of Bangladesh].



Comprehensive Insurance:

[Covers loss or damage to the motor vehicle and or its accessories whilst thereon by fire, explosion, self ignition, lighting, burglary, housebreaking, theft, riot & strike, malicious damage, terrorism, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, accidental external means and whilst in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.

Also cover Act. Liabilities viz, death/bodily injury and damage to properties as per Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 1991].



Contractors All Risks Insurance (CAR):

[The basic concept is to offer comprehensive and adequate protection against loss or damage in respect of the contract works, construction plant and equipment and/or construction machinery, as well as against third party claims in respect of property damage and/or bodily injury arising in connection with the execution of a construction project].




All Risks Insurance:

[This policy provides all risks coverage to property pertaining to industries against loss and/or damage due to any accident or misfortune].


Pioneer is capable to offer this insurance in three broad sections;

Loss or damage to aircraft i.e. Hull insurance

Liabilities insurance

Hull War and related perils.

[Under hull insurance, the insured is indemnified for loss of or damage to insured aircraft. Liabilities include third party, passengers, cargo and mail. Hull War and related perils include coverage against hi-jacking, extortion and political risks also].

Here, some of schemes have been described from each of the sector of Pioneer Insurance Company.

Company’s performances-

Analysis of financial condition of Pioneer Life insurance company can be possible if we compare some important financial information by year to year wise to find out whether the company is performing more efficiently or not.

The Pioneer Company’s operating performances under the title “Pioneer at a Glance” is summarized below:
Pioneer at a glance (Tk in million)
2008 2007 2006 2005 2004

Gross premium 665.50 385.20 301.16 245.41 178.34

Net premium 323.08 195.37 144.95 106.16 83.64

Commission earned 84.10 50.28 42.08 32.17 34.21

Underwriting profit 45.88 24.66 17.44 18.74 14.58

Investment income 56.49 55.74 46.87 38.78 29.76

Pre tax profit 88.98 70.50 56.40 50.26 37.29

Tax provision 26.00 21.00 20.80 16.21 9.64

Fixed deposit 270.65 259.47 231.37 233.47 215.52

Fixed assets 38.24 27.34 21.43 17.76 15.98

Total assets 690.67 677.03 575.77 505.96 438.15

From this financial statement we can find some significant change of this company. That’s are-

Gross premium:

Gross premium shows an increasing trend from last four years. In 2008, the changeable amount of Gross premium makes a huge difference than previous years.
The rate of Gross premium changing is-

(665.50 – 385.20) / 385.20 = 72.77%

Investment Income:

Investment Income is made up ass under-

Interest on FDR3254580422129853
Interest on STD19015081478385
Interest on NIB736705765000
Stock dividend2119967219519500
Cash dividend1064094738
Profit on sale of share11838534

So, Investment income consists of these several elements. The ratio of increasing Investment Income than last year is- (56490098 – 55736010) / 55736010 = 1.35%

Total assets:

Total assets also are an increasing rate. The ratio of increasing total assets is-

(690677232 – 677030867)/677030867 = 2.02%

From this information we can see the company developed in last 5 years. But the rate of increase is in low rate compare to last year.

Here we again consider two years financial data for analyzing company’s efficiency. For this company we choose 2008 as current year & 2007 as previous year. Some financial information which are necessary for analysis are given –

ParticularsYear 2008


Year 2007


Capital & liabilities = property & assets690677232677030867
Profit & loss account for the year ended December 31, 200810292425480461096
Profit & loss appropriation account for the year ended December 31, 20089246202570820319
Consolidated revenue account for the year ended December 31, 2008487183561303768859
Fire insurance revenue account for the year ended December 31, 200813891786987325585
Marine insurance revenue account for the year ended December 31, 2008154699505100370966
Miscellaneous insurance revenue account for the year ended December 31, 2008193566187116072308
Cash flow statement for the year ended December 31, 2008310494804297515140


Some other information with graphical presentation-

 Class wise annual premium income-

Gross premium income-

Gross premium income of the company was substantially increased in 2008. The company earned gross premium of TK.665.50 million, which was Tk.385.20 million in 2007, registering a growth of 73% over the last year.

Fire insurance:

Fire insurance premium earned in 2008 was Tk.265.18 million as against Tk.129.50 million in 2007, registering a growth of 105% over the last year.

Marine insurance:

Marine insurance premium earned was Tk.217.48 million as against Tk.138.87 million in 2007 registering a growth of 56% over the last year.

Motor insurance:

Considering the profitability we extended our major efforts to increase our motor business. As a result motor insurance premium earned in 2008 was Tk.139.52 million as against Tk.86.97 million in 2007, registering a record growth of 60% over the last year.

Miscellaneous insurance:

The miscellaneous insurance premium earned in 2008 was Tk.43.32 million as against Tk.29.86 million in 2007, registering a growth of 45% over the last year.

So, this is clear that with the contribution of each sector of insurance & their developing growth rate, the gross premium rate is increasing simultaneously.


Company earned a net profit before tax Tk.88.98 million in 2008 as against Tk.70.50 million in 2007, which is 26% increase over the last year.

Appropriation of profit-

The board of directors have proposed & recommended for appropriation as follows:

(Tk in million)

  • The un-appropriated profit from previous year 48
  • Net profit for the year 2008 98
  • Total fund available for appropriation                         46

(I) Reserve for exceptional losses                         32.17

(II) Provision for taxes                                           26.00

(III) Proposed Dividend                                         30.00

(IV) Net un-appropriated profit                              4.29

By analyzing the financial statement of current & last 4 years we can see that since the company has been started it was playing in an increasing term. After 2007, suddenly the company’s efficiency is higher than previous year. & if we look into the statement, we can find, in the year 2008 there was a rapid change. Each & every particular of the company are rising more than previous growth rate which is more beneficially for the company.


Pragati Life Insurance vs. Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd.

Pragati life insurance is a life insurance company & Pioneer life Insurance company is a non-life insurance company. Both these companies are different from each other. But if we want compare both these firms then there are some components on which we can make a comparison-

TopicPragati life insurance ltd.Pioneer insurance company ltd.
ProductsLifeExcept life rest other insurable subjects. Like- fire, marine etc.
SchemesBecause of being life insurance the schemes are only basis of life & there are six types of basic life insurance have been offered by this company.All insurance schemes without life would come. Here are also six types of basic schemes. But each & every schemes have included many more details policies than life insurance.
No. of policiesThis company is also for life insurance that is why the number of policies of Pragati is less than Pioneer.Pioneer company holds all sector of insurance without life. So, definitely the number of policies should be grater of Pioneer than Pragati.
Product developmentPragati offer some more schemes for developing their productPioneer internally developed their policies & they take it as their product development.
Assurance or insuranceLife insurance is act like life assuranceThese policies are act like real insurance
IndemnityLife insurance cannot be indemnifiedExcept life & personal accident insurance, all insurance contracts are contracts of indemnity
Gross premiumHere gross premium is lowerGross premium is higher than Pragati.
Investment incomeInvestment income is greater in this companyInvestment income is lower than Pragati Life Insurance Company.
Grading‘A+’ rated for Pragati‘AA2’ rated for Pioneer.
FindingsBoth these companies in a developing position.



For Pragati Life Insurance Company-

This company’s first year premium & cash & cash equivalents should be increased. Some more schemes should be included in Pragati Life Insurance Company. Previous & current schemes would be more developed.

For Pioneer Insurance Company Ltd.-

They should introduce some more new schemes which will be able to make more profit. The efficiency rate should be maintained by the company.