Global Human Resource Management

The global Human Resource Management is that the organization carries a local appeal in the host country despite maintaining an international feel.

The strategic role of Human resources Management in such a scenario is to ensure that HRM policies are in tandem with and in support of the firm’s strategy, structure and controls. Specifically, when we talk of structures and controls the following become worth mentioning in the context of Global HRM.

  • Decision Making: There is a certain degree of centralization of operating decision making. Compare this to the International strategy, the core competencies are centralized and the rest are decentralized.
  • Co-ordination: A high degree of coordination is required in wake of the cross cultural sensitivities. There is in addition also a high need for cultural control.
  • Integrating Mechanisms: Many integrating mechanisms operate simultaneously.

Global HRM therefore is a very challenging front in HRM. If one is able to strike the right chord in designing structures and controls, the job is half done.

global human resource management