Hiring Strategies

The hiring strategies followed by organizations take on prominence in the competitive business environment of the 21st century. Hiring can take place in many ways and at many levels.

The strategic imperatives that underpin hiring depend on the ability of the organization to effectively leverage its reputation, flexibility in the roles that are available, availability of skilled resources and finally, the package that the organization is willing to offer.

Most debates in organizations on the hiring process hinge on the length of time it takes to hire a person for a particular role and the package that the organization is willing to offer. The term “fitment” is often used as HR jargon which is all about whether a particular person is suitable for the role that is being filled and how well he or she “fits” the job profile. One of the reasons for attrition in organizations is the fact that many employees join them with a set of assumptions about their role only to have their hopes dashed in reality. Hence, in recent times, industry experts have focused on this aspect of ensuring that people are hired only if they are of the right fit.

It can be for entry level positions or “lateral” hiring where people with experience are taken on board. Further, hiring people can be based on competitive exams (entry level) and the personal approach favored by HR managers for senior level positions. In recent times, hiring for the entry level has taken on an entirely new dimension with the campus recruitment procedures that rely on getting the best talent available from the campuses for companies wishing to hire for entry level positions.Even experienced managers can have challenges with human resources issues like hiring and developing employees. Too many managers rely on their experience or intuition to make essential decisions. When it comes to your employees, though, a wrong decision can cost you an incredible amount of time, money, and lost opportunities.

In conclusion, hiring people is a key component of a company’s internal strategy and hence something that needs detailed attention and focus.

Hiring Strategies