HR Benefits and Services of Robi Axiata Limited

HR Benefits and Services of Robi Axiata Limited

The report starts with a general introduction “Robi Axiata Limited” as well as its purpose, scope and limitation. Robi Axiata Limited is a dynamic and leading countrywide GSM communication solution provider. It is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berhad, Malaysia and NTT DOCOMO INC, Japan. Robi Axiata Limited, formally known as Telecom Malaysia International (Bangladesh), commenced its operation its operation in 1997 under the brand name AKTEL among the pioneer GSM Mobile telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh.

Later, on 28th March 2010 the company started its new journey with the brand name Robi. This report has been presented based on my observation and experience gathered from the company. The organization has many divisions and departments but my focus is given more on the employee benefits in People & Corporate Division as I only got the opportunity to work in this division.

The report mentions about the facilities and benefits Robi Axiata Limited provides to their employees. A research is conducted to draw a conclusion on the effects of these facilities and benefits. The result that is conducted, draw a conclusion about the effects of these benefits. The feedback that is found quite considerable. However Robi Axiata Limited should work a lot to convince and sustain their existing employees. The report also consists employee feedback and conclusion according to my point of view.

Organization overview

Company Background:

Robi is the most dynamic and rapidly growing telecommunications operator in Bangladesh. The third largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh with more than 20 million subscribers It is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berhad of Malaysia and NTT DoCoMo Inc. of Japan. It commenced operation in 1997 as Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh) with the brand name ‘Aktel’. In 2010 the company was rebranded to ‘Robi’ and the company changed its name to Robi Axiata Limited.

The company has the widest International Roaming coverage in Bangladesh connecting 600 operators across more than 200 countries. Robi’s customer centric solution includes value added services (VAS), quality customer care, digital network security and flexible tariffs. It is the first operator in the country to introduce GPRS.

As a customer-focused information communications company, Robi believes in providing superior service that leads to good business and good development in the society. They believe that quality is continuous and never ending journey. Hence, every step Robi takes is continuously upgraded and expands their network for better and more efficient services to subscribers. Robi is a truly people-oriented brand in Bangladesh. They stand as the people’s champion and are there for the people of Bangladesh, where they want and how they want. With local tradition at its core, Robi marches ahead with innovation and creativity.

As a subsidiary of Axiata Berhad Malaysia , Robi draws on leading edge technology to provide its service in Bangladesh, covering almost 100% of the population, Robi is committed to provide best data and voice quality and will continue to ensure that its customers are able to enjoy the best experience through leading edge technology and innovative products and services.

Department Overview

 People & Corporate Division

I got chance to complete my internship under HR division. From July the name of “HR Division” has changed and now this division is called “People & Corporate Division” I can provide a slight view of the operation.

The People & Corporate (HR) Division within the Academy of Management is dedicated to a better understanding of how work organizations can perform more effectively by better management of their human resources. That is, we are interested in understanding, identifying, and improving the effectiveness of HR practices in the various functions and activities carried out as part of HR, and determining the optimal fit between these practices and organizational strategies, cultures, and performance. Major topics include acquisition, allocation, development, utilization, maintenance, and evaluation of humans as resources in work organizations. The emphasis is on the study of the employment relationship at the individual, group, organizational, societal, and cross-cultural levels of analysis, and the impact of this relationship on outcomes critical to the organization and its applicants, both present and past employees, and their representatives.


  1. Transportation
  2. Meal Allowance
  3. Leave Fare Assistance (LFA)
  4. Child Education Allowance
  5. Shift Duty Allowance
  6. Holiday Allowance
  7. Transfer Allowance
  8. Burial & Funeral
  9. Festival Bonus
  10. Employee Phone
  11. Long Service Award
  12. Contributory Provident Fund (CPF)
  13. Gratuity

14 Group Life Insurance

  1. Overtime
  2. Medical Insurance Policy


Compensation is what an employee receives in exchange for his/her physical and intellectual works, and contribution to the Company. Compensation does not represent only salary but a wide range of benefits and services are part of the total compensation package. Robi Axiata wishes to pay competitive salaries to attract, retain and motivate competent and skilled employees at all levels of the Company.

  1. Transportation

Company provides pick up and drop service to the Managers and below employees by Robi Axiata transport facility.

Company provides pick up and drop service to manager to assistant employees through Robi Axiata transport facility. For CXOs to General Manager, the company will provide a transport reimbursement.

An individual can claim the reimbursement for current month and previous month only For CXOs to General Manager, the transportation policy is as below:

General Managers, Vice Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents:

General Managers, Vice Presidents and Executive Vice Presidentsare eligible to claim up 56% of their salary per month related to any expense for maintaining his/her own vehicle/s.

Company will not arrange any vehicle for General Managers, Vice Presidents and Executive

Vice Presidentsfor the purpose of official pick-up and drop service as well as for any other transportation facility.

Mode of Payment:

General Managers, Vice Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents will have to claim the actual expense every month on transportation in the prescribed format. Reimbursement will be made up-to the highest limit 56% of their salary fixed for General Managers, Vice Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents. The expenses that can be claimed are as follows:

  • Bank installment of any car/s or personal loan used for purchase of vehicle/s
  • Expenses related to rented vehicle/s
  • Compensation & Benefits of the driver/s
  • Any kind of fuel expense for owned vehicle/s or leased/rented vehicle/s under the employee’s name
  • Any kind of expense related to repair & maintenance
  • Any parking, ferry, terminal & toll charge
  • Any expense related to vehicle tax ( except personal advance income tax ) fitness Certification etc.
  • Any other expenses related to vehicle maintenance but not listed above

All the claims will have to be submitted with supporting documents. Any claim without supporting document will not be entertained.

Official Car/Pool Car Usage for General Manager and above

Employees from General Manager and above can use pool car if the situation demands. In this case respective departmental head/divisional head will approve the usage.

Meal Allowance

Providing lunch is one of the effective tools for building employee morale and increasing level of employee satisfaction. Robi Axiata Limited has offices in the different parts of the city and the country. It is very difficult to provide & ensure lunch for all the employees. Considering this, Robi Axiata offers attendance based lunch allowance to employees of all job bands. Employees of all job bands will receive meal allowance per day on attendance basis.

Leave Fare Assistance (LFA)

Robi Axiata encourages employees to develop leave plan and enjoy leave from their annual entitlement, as enjoying leave is an effective way of recreation and avoiding fatigue & boredom. Keeping this purpose in mind, Robi Axiata offers an attractive financial benefit named as Leave Fare Assistance for the employees so that they may enjoy their leaves in a better way. Band wise LFA is given.

Child Education Allowance

Robi Axiata offers financial support to the employees for their children’s education. Allowance will be given for maximum two (2) children of the eligible employees. From CXOs to Assistant all job band wise employees get this facility.

Employee’s children must be undergoing education and their age should be within 25 years to get the allowance. Employees should produce necessary documents of admission of the children. Child Education Allowance will be paid monthly with the salary.

Job band wise Child Education Allowance is mentioned below and for this benefit employees of all band get same amount for their children education.

Shift Duty Allowance

Employees on shift shall observe the shift duty roster as determined by the Company from time to time and the shift duty roster shall be put up one month prior thereto.

Holiday Allowance

General Managers are entitled for Holiday Allowance if they work minimum 3 hours in any holiday.

Transfer Allowance

The Company shall pay a transfer allowance for the inconvenience caused by transfer from one station to another at management discretion and company’s interest where the transfer is effective on the directive of the Company to a station beyond a radius of 33 km. For giving this allowance company policy divide into two category employee; married and single employee.

Burial & Funeral

According to the policy Robi Axiata will provide a fixed amount to employee’s family in case of Burial & Funeral of the employee to share the expense.


Festival Bonus

Employees are entitled for receiving two festival bonuses for each year. One bonus is equivalent to one month’s basic salary. Employees who are Muslims get two Bonuses before Eidul Fitar & Eidul Azha. Employees who are Hindus receive their two bonuses before Durga Puja & Saraswati Puja. Bonuses are arranged for the Christian employees before Easter Sunday & Christmas and Buddhist employees receive their bonuses before Buddho Purnima &Ashwini Purnima. Eligibility will be as below:

All Permanent employees.

Employees on probation will be entitled for festival bonus on a pro-rata basis from the date of their joining up to end of the year.

Employees joining or leaving the Company, festival bonus will be paid or deducted on a prorate basis.


Employee Phone

Eligibility and Entitlement

All permanent employees will be entitled and provided with handset facilities (i.e. mobile phone and SIM card), upon joining Robi Axiata. According to the policy Band wise employees get Ceiling for total bill per month (Taka) and Price limit of handset (Taka).

Employees are eligible for one handset claim for a period of 2 years. The Company will not entertain claim for new handset/accessories in case of lost, technical default or other reasons within the two years.

Ceiling for total bill per month is inclusive of outgoing/incoming airtime only (personal/official). The bill is excluding monthly charge/line rent, all taxes, surcharges and VAT.

If monthly bill amount exceeds ceiling, employee has to bear the additional amount with VAT/surcharges.

Special Approval for Handset & SIM cards will be accorded by the line supervisors/Managers for contractual employees, having less than one year of contract. Line supervisor/Manager will be responsible for custody and monitoring of such sets and SIM cards.

Application Procedure

  • For new employee, handset claim will be disbursed to employee salary account upon submission of claim through system with necessary documents
  • For existing employees, he/she is eligible to claim handset allowance two years from date of joining irrespective of time of previous claim.
  • Employee will have to produce receipt of buying new mobile.
  • Employee will get the actual amount of handset price as per the money receipt or the entitled amount as per his/her entitlement, whichever is lower.
  • The payment record will be maintained in System.

Staff International Roaming (IR) Facility

Staff IR facility may be given on a need basis on the recommendation of Line Manager. This will be duly approved by Division Head. Notification of approval will be sent to Credit Management for necessary monitoring purpose. Positions of General Manager and above will be entitled to default IR facility. To avail any IR facility all employees have to follow all stipulated company and government regulations when applicable.

In non-footprint countries, international roaming of voice call and data usage will be barred. Only SMS roaming will available. Employees are advised to use Wi-Fi where available or purchase a local SIM.

It is the responsibility of staffs to monitor and control roaming bill within their respective ceiling.

Ceiling exceeded bill will be deducted from the salary.

Waiver excess of ceiling may be considered if it is for company purpose. A prescribed form has to be filled in and approved within twenty one (21) days of bill generation for such waiver.

Staff data SIM:

  • Data SIM card may be provided to staffs based on need and for smooth business operation. To avail a data SIM, employee has to fill in a form duly recommended by Department head and HR Services Manager. This will be approved by respective Division Head. Notification of approval will be sent to Credit Management for necessary monitoring purpose
  • Concerned person must ensure bonafide use of the data SIM and not for telephony, SMS, etc
  • All usage bill (in addition to bonafide use of data SIM) will be deducted from the salary of the employee.

Employee mobile Phone:

Ceiling for using mobile phone is prefixed in accordance with Band of employment. Technology Division will generate detail bill for ceiling exceeded employees and pass on to Pay roll for necessary deduction.

If any employee exceeds his/her limit for any purpose (official / assignment / personal / any other reason), the excess amount over entitlement will be automatically deducted from his/her salary.

Such deduction will be clearly stated in his/her pay slip.

Employees are not allowed to seek any special approval for ceiling exceeded bills.

All employees will be able to transfer 25% of their airtime entitlement to their family members.

Provision of Pool phone and Maintenance:

If any Division/Department can justify their requirement to make excessive official phone calls, a pool phone may be provided with a maximum limit. Recommendation for such pool phone must be endorsed by Chief Financial Officer and approved by Managing Director. A log will be kept for all calls and will be verified against the detail bill.

  • Ceiling for pool phone is Tk. 5,000.00 (Taka five thousand) only, unless special approval is taken for a higher limit endorsed and approved by Chief Financial Officer.
  • Pool phone will be issued against someone responsible and nominated by the Divisional Head and the nominated employee will be responsible for proper maintenance of pool phone.
  • Workable old handsets will be issued for pool phone operation(s).
  • In case of unavailability of workable old hand sets in stock, new handsets will be issued as pool phone. The price range for the set will not exceed than claimed price (excluding tax).
  • In case any pool phone is lost, the nominated employee will be responsible for such loss.
  • If a new hand set is lost, the procedure will be same as employee own’s handset and deduction will be made from the nominated employee’s salary.
  • If any old handset is lost (used as pool phone), 25% (twenty five percent) of the handset price will be deducted from the nominated employee’s salary.

Handset for Testing Purpose

  • If approved by Management, handsets will be issued to divisions on testing purpose like IR, VAS, launching new product package etc.
  • Testing phones will be issued against someone responsible and nominated by the Divisional Heads and he/she will be responsible for proper maintenance of handsets.
  • Workable old handsets will be issued for Test purpose.
  • In case of unavailability of workable old hand sets in stock, new handsets will be issued as pool phone. The price range for the set will not exceed than claimed price (excluding tax).
  • If for any testing high ended sets are required (GPRS or any other VA Supply Chain Management department will purchase the sets within 15 days.
  • In case any test phone is lost, the nominated employee will be responsible for the loss.
  • If a new hand set is lost, the procedure will be same as mentioned in employee own’s handset and deduction will be made from the nominated employee’s salary.
  • If any old handset is lost (used as pool phone), 25% (twenty five percent) of the handset price will be deducted from the nominated employee’s salary.


If any employee leaves the Company before completion of one year of use of the handset, he/she will be charged for it at the following percentage:

Within 6 months of use: 50% (fifty percent) of the handset price will be charged on him/her at the time of final Settlement.

More than 6 months of use: 30% (thirty percent) of the handset price will be adjusted from his/her final settlement with the company.

If any employee uses the handset for one year and leaves the Company, he/she does not require to handover the handset to the Company. Inventory unit will confirm the date of issue of the handset.

Government Tax for the Connection

Company will pay applicable Government Tax against new connections for employees.

Usage Guideline for Employee Phone

The use of Employee Phone is prohibited in the following communication:

  • Sending SMS or call for participating in any mobile answer based competition.
  • Replying via SMS or call to any unwanted message or call from where some promotion or objectionable message are coming.
  • Communicating coercive kind of words to threat someone.
  • Using the phone for any money or award earning purpose.
  • Use of the phone regarding any conversation goes against the interest of the company, nation and the country as a whole.
  • Lending phone to others for using

Usage Guideline for Pool Phone

The use of Pool Phone is prohibited in the following communication:

  • Personal communication, either call or SMS.
  • Balance transfer to any other mobile, either official or personal.
  • Giving the phone to other for their official or personal use.
  • Sending SMS or call for participating in any mobile answer based competition.
  • Replying via SMS or call to any unwanted message or call from where some objectionable message are coming.
  • Communicating coercive kind of words to threat someone.
  • Using the phone for any money or award earning purpose.
  • Use of the phone regarding any conversation goes against the interest of the company, nation and the country as a whole.

Long Service Award

As a part of Robi Axiata comprehensive benefit package, Robi Axiata offers long service award to encourage the employees to continue their service with the Company for long to contribute more with their experience to achieve company goal.

Under this policy employee who completes service of 5 and 10 years with Robi Axiata, are entitled to be awarded with a monetary benefits as follows:

  • After completion of 1st 5 years employees get this allowance.
  • Amount of allowance will be increased after completion of 1st 10 years

Contributory Provident Fund (CPF)

The permanent employees of the company are eligible to become members of the Provident Fund. Employee contributes 10% of their basic to the provident fund and the Company makes equal contribution to the fund.

From the date of confirmation, employees will be automatically member of the fund and an auto deduction will be made from the employees’ salary.

Employees, who do not want to become members of the fund, should inform Chief Human Resources Officer in writing immediately after being permanent.

The employee will be eligible to receive full company contribution in the provident fund after completion of 5 years of the membership of the fund.

A Provident Fund Trustee, with separate rules, is formed for managing the provident fund.


Gratuity is considered as long-term financial benefit for employee payable at the time of leaving the company upon completion of at least 5 years of service.

Group Life Insurance

Company will give coverage of Life Insurance under Group Life Insurance. The amount will be 36 months Gross Salary or as per the rule of the Insurance Company. For accidental death, sum insured will be double the normal amount. Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) and Permanent Total Disability (PTD) will also be covered under this policy.


Company provides overtime allowance for work performed beyond the normal working hours. However, in times of need employees shall perform overtime with the Prior consent of supervisor.

An employee is eligible to claim OT once he/she is permanent. Any employee under any training program (graduate /management program) or on probation (permanent employee not yet confirmed officially) will not be eligible for OT.

During festival holidays, employee is eligible to claim one compensatory leave along with Overtime which is two times of regular salary per hour.


  • Those who will work more than the normal working hours in a working day shall be entitled for overtime allowance for excess hours of work. Overtime will only applicable for official work if it exceed minimum 1 hour in a day, any overstay for personal affairs will not be counted as overtime.
  • Those who will have to work on festival holiday and weekly holiday shall be entitled for overtime allowance as per company law.
  • Prior permission of supervisor is required for overtime in any given day. If the Supervisor is in the job band E (Manager), then next level Supervisor’s approval is also required to establish control. All Department/Unit leads will be required to submit OT Pre Approval to HR Business Partners within the 7th working day of the particular given month.
  • Pay- roll section of HR division will calculate and disburse the payment to respective accounts on monthly basis.

Medical Insurance


Implementation of Group Medical Insurance Scheme whereby all full time and permanent employees along with their dependent family members (spouse & 2 children) are to be insured under the terms and covenants and conditions hereinafter appearing at respective Annexure for Table of Benefits as stated therein.

Ancillary Services include about room services, post-operative care facility, intensive care facility, oxygen therapy, blood transfusions, ambulance services, dressing while in Confinement, tests other than the routine investigations.

The Consultantwho is registered with the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council or as per Government rules of other countries and who is qualified to treat the type of injury or illness requiring hospitalization.

Maternity Benefitfor any condition related to pregnancy or child birth and any complications during the period of pregnancy which starts from the date of conception till final delivery of the child. This benefit shall be effective from day one of membership under the plan. Member shall mean regular and permanent Employees of Robi who have been accepted to be entitled to or prospectively entitled to benefits under this Contract.


No benefits shall be paid under this Contract for expenses or losses resulting from or incurred in connection with or in consequence of the followings:

  1. Congenital infirmity
  2. Any medical expenses which are not reasonable and customary to the general level of charges in Bangladesh and the locality where it is incurred
  3. Self-inflicted injury while sane or insane
  4. Treatment for Chronic alcoholism, drug addiction, desensitization and allergen tests or nervous or mental disorders Psychiatric disorder, Un-lawful activity, Attempted suicide,
  5. Injury or illness resulting from insurrection or war, declared or undeclared, or as a result of a riot, strike or civil commotion
  6. Rest cures, sanitaria or custodial care or periods of quarantine or isolation
  7. Cosmetic or plastic surgery including related medicines and products unless medical treatment necessitated by an accidental injury occurring while the Insured is covered under Hospitalization Insurance Plan
  8. Supply of hearing aids; general health check-up; examinations for check-up purposes not incident to; or necessary to, diagnosis of a sickness or accidental bodily injury.
  9. Durable medical appliances (e.g., nebulizer, inhalers etc.)
  10. Anorexia, obesity, baldness
  11. Cosmetic Treatment (except required for injury or burn sustained during contract period),
  12. Sleep disorders i.e., treatment for insomnia, sleep apnoea, snoring, or any other sleep related breathing problem
  13. Contraceptive measures, infertility
  14. Ovulation induction, invitro-fertilization (IVF)
  15. Treatment for Family Planning purpose (including Sterility, D&C), rest, convalescence, rejuvenation cure, slimming beautification,
  16. Food supplements (e.g., vitamins)
  17. Preventive treatment immunization and vaccinations, circumcision, acupuncture, Alternative Medical Care (AMC) etc.
  18. Health Toiletries (e.g., anti-lice shampoo)
  19. Drinks (e.g., energy builders)
  20. Supplementary Drugs, Herbal Medicines etc.- which are not Medically Necessary- even if prescribed by a physician
  21. Transportation other than local licensed ambulance service
  22. Any disability which originated prior to the effective date of the Insured’s coverage hereunder. This exclusion will cease to apply, however, after 90 days of continuous coverage under the said Medical Plan without medical expenses having been incurred for that disability
  23. AIDS or AIDS related disabilities
  24. Dental treatment. However, reconstructive dental surgery is covered for accidental injury.
  25. Any Optical treatment
  26. Additional Food item & energy builders –e.g. Milk, Food supplements – e.g. Vitamins (except for treatment of deficiency states during confinement as per advice of consultant), Non medicine item like sanitary pad etc. Extra corporeal durable medical appliances – e.g., Hot water bag, BP Machine, Telephonic bill, expenses not incurred for patient, any nonspecific (miscellaneous) expense.



(i) All claims to be submitted through employer

(ii) All questions of the Claim Form to be answered

(iii) All necessary claim documents are to be submitted within 90 (ninety) days from the incurred date



Original money receipt showing the attending physician’s details charges along with his/her signature. Where the money receipt not available for attending physician, the fees shall be mentioned on the prescription and duly certified by the organization’s authorized person (HR personnel).

Original itemized pharmacy bill showing date of purchase, name of patient, quantity and name of drugs along with photocopy of physician’s prescription.

Original receipt showing charge for each of the Lab test, X-ray Films, and other examinations done and supported by the respective physician’s request to undergo examinations and copies of the results of examinations undertaken.


Use of Designated Hospitals:

When an insured member is admitted in a hospital/clinic with whom the company has direct payment agreement, the company shall pay all eligible expense incurred for hospitalization treatment within his/her benefit limit, directly to the hospital/clinic. On submission of employee’s complete request to avail the facility. Indirect payment facility, insured member will fill up an information form provided by insurance and submit via People & Corporate Division of the company before two working days of admission in the hospital. In case of emergency hospitalization, member will inform within 12 working hours to the HR service manager of the organization. Any expenses not mentioned in the benefit schedule or in excess of the benefit limit should be borne by the member himself/ herself. The organization shall be responsible for recovery of such amount form the concerned member.


Use of Non Designated Hospitals

Otherwise, the Member shall submit claim through ‘Claim Form’ to the organization within 60 (sixty) days after discharge from the Hospital/Clinic for reimbursement of expenses The Organization shall claim expenses by submitting the prescribed Claim Form duly filled & signed by member of the Company together with supporting documents as stated under this agreement (duly attested by competent authority) including the followings:

(a) Consultant’s recommendation for hospitalization (attested photocopy)

(b) Discharge certificate (attested photocopy)

(c) A copy of the patient’s file while hospitalized (if required)

(d) Money Receipt or Bill of Consultants (Physician/Surgeon) fee

(e) Bill relating to room charges, investigations and other services where applicable

(f) Bill of medicines/drugs

(g) Bill relating to Surgical Operation charges (operation theatre, surgical team, delivery charge, anesthesia & other charges), where applicable

(h) Bill relating to ancillary charges (e. g. ambulance service, oxygen therapy, blood transfusions etc.)

(i) The Company shall settle the claim submitted within 7-14 working days from the date of receipt of all relevant documents. No advance or piecemeal payment shall be made.

(j) The claim shall be settled through crediting their respective bank account of the Employee preferably with the following banks: SCB, HSBC, and EBL.

(k) The Company shall, where it deems necessary, seek opinion of it’s medical expert to satisfy itself that the Member has been provided with the reasonable medical treatment and services.

(l) The Company can obtain any information from any source, in respect of the claim, which the Company deems necessary.

(m) If it is proven that an insured has manipulated the hospital bills or is trying to manipulate the hospital bills by any means, the Company shall have the right to decline the claim and to lodge complain to the Organization.


Any Misuse of this medical benefit will be dealt with Robi Disciplinary Policy.


As Robi Axiata Limited is a well-established company, therefore, it is very tough to recommend on any aspect of the company. However, I have come up with few recommendations, after conducting the research. They are as follows:

  • Robi Axiata Limited can provide holiday allowance to all the employees rather than General Manager. So that all employees will become more motivated
  • Robi could work more on making Burial & Funeral they provide to employee’s family. If Robi increase this facility then employees will become more secured.
  • Some employees suggested that Robi could increase Long Service Award to encourage the employees to continue their service with the Company for long to contribute more with their experience to achieve company goal.
  • Employees suggested to increase the Contributory Provident Fund (CPF).
  • Some employees suggested that Robi could decrease the time period 5 years for Gratuity as benefit.
  • Some employees think, Wedding Loan is needed which is not provided now but before this benefit is provided.

 Personal Observation:

Robi Axiata Limited is a great place to work in which I can say from my personal experience of 3 months period internship. However, to sustain their existing good performers Robi could offer a bit more facilities like the above mentioned points. So that it will bring the level of employee satisfaction in an impressive level. Robi needs to be more organized at some stage in providing benefits because from my personal experience both I and employees face problem while providing Insurance card because there have no ID no and picture also. So, It was really hard to find. So, they have to more concern about this and need to be more organized for giving benefits. Robi does not maintain same ratio or percentage while providing benefits for all stages employees while giving allowance. So, I think it will be more motivated when they follow same percentage based on salary. However, Robi should provide more facilities to the temporary employees because temporary employees are the part of the organization.


People & Corporate Division (HR) of Robi is working all the time to sustain and satisfy its employees. According to my own experience the working environment of the organization is very inspiring. However, the organization needs to be clarified about the demands of the employees especially of the seniors to satisfy them. Robi is always keen to implement new rules and actions for improvement.

For fresher, the process of Employee Involvement Programs may improve individual motivation and morale. Involvement programs may also help to capture the creativity, energy and ideas many people have. They also allow departments and individuals to work cross functionally and create an environment of learning and constant renewal. Exchanging ideas always improves communication and the knowledge that top management is open and willing to act on the ideas improves trust.

Recognition is a very lucrative part to motivate an employee and it can be achieved by employees having the reward given at a gathering of employees and by recognizing the award in corporate communications, such as the corporate newsletter or internet site.

According to the result of the research and my practical observation the employees seem quite satisfied and fulfilled working in the organization. Still it is very difficult to work towards perfection. Therefore the organization is all the time moving towards making the work environment the ‘employee choice’. The outcome of the research can be coinciding with the practical situation of the organization. Hopefully the standards and effects of employee satisfaction will be even successively better in the near future.