Organizational Overview and HR Process of Syngenta Bangladesh Limited

Organizational Overview and HR Process of Syngenta Bangladesh Limited

Syngenta is a world-leading agribusiness, formed in November 2000 by the merger of Novartis Agribusiness and Zeneca Agrochemicals, committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. The company is a leader in crop protection and ranks third in the high-value commercial seeds market. Syngenta employs about 19,000 people in over 90 countries, and the company is listed on the Swiss stock exchange (SYNN), London (SYA), New York (SYT) and Stockholm (SYN).

In Bangladesh, by an order of the Honourable Supreme Court of Bangladesh has approved the reconstruction and bifurcation proposal of Novartis (Bangladesh) Limited, all assets, liabilities, business and undertakings pertaining to its Crop Protection Sector being vested in to Novartis Crop Protection (Bangladesh) Limited.

And in the office of the Register of Companies under companies Act 1994, under the provision of section II, sub-section (7), the name of Novartis Crop Protection (Bangladesh) Limited has been changed to Syngenta Bangladesh Limited, as on 13th day of June 2001 , and duly incorporated as a company in Joint stock Companies of Bangladesh, under the provision of this Act.

The Articles of Association of the Company shall provide for a Board of Directors nominated by Syngenta and Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation, on behalf of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and the Chairman ofBCIC shall be the Chairman of the Board.



Syngenta believe in delivering better food for a better world through outstanding crop solutions and we take pride in meeting our commitments to our stakeholders.

They are the leading global provider of innovative solutions and brands to growers and the food and feed chain.

Business Principles

  • Syngenta is forward looking and they shape the market
  • Syngenta is bold and deliver innovative solutions
  • Syngenta focus on external stakeholders and work in partnership
  • Syngenta grow through challenging and rewarding work
  • Syngenta strive for outstanding performance and deliver our commitments

Corporate responsibility

Syngenta is committed to sustainable agriculture th rough innovative research and technology. With products in crop protection and seeds, Syngenta helps growers around the world increase their productivity and address the world’s growing demand for food and fuel. It focuses on seve ral key aspects of corporate responsibility for Syngenta:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Products and stewardship
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Employees and communities

The organ gram of Company Management Team

Managing director is the head of the management team. The actually relationship is one to many hierarchy. Syngenta has a total of five directors holding the responsibility of Marketing, Supply chain, Finance, Information services and Human resources. In Finance department there are five employees; who responsible to the Head of Finance. Human resources department there are four efficient employees working under Head of Human Resources and managing Syngenta’s over all HR Process very successfully. Under the head of Information services there are three employees. In marketing department there are working sixty employees; who are related to all marketing operation. Under the head of Supply chain there are forty-eight responsible employees.

Distribution Channel

Syngenta has a strong distribution channel. They distribute their product through different region of Bangladesh like Dhaka, Comilla, Bogra, Jessore and Chittagong


Syngenta divide their sales organization into two parts; west region and east region. In west region they have sales centre in Rangpur, Bogra, Faridpur and Jessore. In east region they have sa les centre in Dhaka, Mymensingh, Com ilia, Sylhet and Chittagong.

Sales Turnover

For high quality product supply they are able to attract customer attention. Their better service and quality product offering increase their sales turnover. From following figure it is visible that their sales turnover is growing than previous years.

Specific responsibility of the job

I have conducted survey for Syngenta’s research work on employee turnover. As they are concern about their employee they want to compare their employee turnover rate with the present market scenario. The main job was to visit a few selected organizations and to find out the causes of employee turnover with its ultimate result and effect in the organization. To conduct research on employee turnover I had took interview of high official and staff at different organization. I have studied on Syngenta’s HR Process to acquire knowledge about their HR activities, policies and procedure, recruiting process as well as selection process.

Data Survey on Employee Turnover

The main job was to visit a few selected organizations and to find out the causes of employee turnover with its ultimate result and effect in the organization. To conduct research on employee turnover I had took interview of high official and staff at different organizations.

To do my job first of all I had to take appointments with the Human Resources Directors at different organization according to their schedule. I took interview of top level , mid level and entry level employees at selected organization to figure out the causes of employee turnover. More over I tried to convince the people to provide the appropriate answer of the questionnaire during the period of survey. Many negative approaches have been turn into positive. I have inspired the executives to restraint from giving any vague information.

Study on Syngenta HR Process

HR activities

People are the biggest assets of a Company. It is they who will give strategic advantage to an Organization.

Syngenta’s employment philosophy is to encourage long-term employment. The employment commitment sets out the goals of the Syngenta leadership for building the relationship between the company and its employees.

Syngenta would seize the unique opportunity of their formation to define how they want to work together to meet their commitments to stakeholders and to each other. Syngenta offer their pay and benefits with the aim to retain employees and attract new employees to Syngenta Bangladesh Limited, and as an organization, they are open, transparent and ethically responsible in the way they do business. They develop and enforce diversity policies that provide fair treatment for all employees .

Policies and procedure

Classification of Employees:

The employees of Syngenta Bangladesh Limited have been classified as:


An employee, who has been employed and confirmed as a regular staff member of Syngenta Bangladesh Limited after having satisfactorily completed hi s/her probationary period .


An employee who has been employed to fill a regular post vacancy but who has not completed his or her probationary period.

Temporary (Contract):

An employee who has been engaged for work which is essentially of a temporary nature or for a contractual service which is likely to finish within a specific limited period of time.

Normally, the period will be maximum twelve months. However, in exceptional situation, the contract period may be extended upon the approval of Managing Director. Temporary employees may be hired on need basis, subject to the departmental budget provision.

Temporary employees are appointed on contract for a specified length of service to perform a specific task, which falls outside of Syngenta’s pay range. Such individuals are entitled to receive benefits that are specially stipulated in their contract.

All contracts are subject to budget consideration, and such employed must have the prior approval of concern Departmental Heads and Managing Director.

Any new contract will be prepared and process by Human Resources Department by consultation with respective department.

Contract staff salaries and other benefits will be fixed with respect to the nature of job and responsibilities by HRM with prior approval of Managing Director.


Casual employee may be hired on a daily basis subject to budget provision. The employment should normally be for one month or less and may be extended for exceptional situation.

At the end of day’ s, week, or month ‘s work, the casual employee shall be paid their wages, as fixed before assigning the job.

No written appointment is to be issued to casual employees, but respective department should preserve a letter of understanding outlining the individual ‘s responsibility.

Casual employees are not to be entrusted with position that requires dealing with company strategy, cash or cheque privileges.


A learner who is paid an allowance during the period of training.

All apprenticeship contracts will be prepared by HRD. The contract will specify terms and conditions including the period of apprenticeship, remuneration, working hours etc.

The minimum age limit for enrolment as an apprenticeship shall be 16 years and the maximum 24 years, which may be relaxed at the discretion of Managing Director.

The apprentice shall carry out lawful orders of the employer relating to apprenticeship and shall fulfill his/her obligations under the contract of apprenticeship.

In case the apprentice fails to carry out the terms of contract of apprenticeship, he/she may be considered for separation. The duration of apprenticeship shall be specified in the contract. The duration will normally be for four months up to one year, however, the period may be extended upon the approval of HRD and budget provision of concerned Department. The working hour, leave and holidays for the apprentice shall be the same as it applies in case of other employees.


Organization Principle:

Syngenta Bangladesh Limited is as strong as the many diverse individuals who make up their staff. At all stages of recruitment, hiring and promotion Syngenta Bangladesh Limited seeks individuals with the best match of skill to the need, the highest standard of personal integrity and a willingness to face challenges to develop themselves within this learning organization.

For any new pos ition, the regional concern department head must approve the position. As approval process of a new position, the concerned departmental head or his/her designate should prepare the following and pass it to HRD. Justify the need of the position and present the proposed organ gram, recommended job grade, Job description including job title, responsibilities and task, spec ial skills required and working conditions.

Job specification including required education, experience, training, skills, etc HRD will review the staffing plan with the level of position and grade and forwarded to Managing Director for approval.

Managing Director wi ll forward the proposal with comments for regional approval, and upon that approval; HRD will initiate the recruitment process in consultation with concerned department.


Vacancies may occur when a new position are created or when the incumbent of any existing position separates from company or transfer to another position or by sudden death of an employee.

Vacancies may be filled by trainees, or on an “acting” basis for a maximum of six months.

During this time, effort shall be made to permanently fill the position. If the incumbent takes leave for study or long-term training, the vacancy can be reserved for his/her return and filled on an acting basis for the predetermined period of leave.

Vacancies may be filled either through exclusively internal recruitment or through both internal and external recruitment, considering the specification of job.

Vacancies will be advertised through a variety of ways, such as by word of mouth, through newspaper, through recruitment agencies, notices placed on notice board, etc for all positions.

However, for certain senior positions, vacancy announcement will be given a wider coverage by sending advertisement to all leading news media as possible.

Details of qualification required, nature of job, location of appointment, competencies and other relevant information should be included in the job vacancy advertisement.

Appointment shall be made at the minimum pay of the respective Grade population; but in case where the people to be recruited possess additional experience or special qualification or both, the concerned Departmental Head may recommend a higher initial pay in the same scale of pay or a higher grade. However, all such exceptions have to be approved by the Managing Director.

Selection Policy:

I. No one who is below eighteen (18) years of age may be hired as an employee of Syngenta Bangladesh Limited, either on regular or contract basis. The minimum age limit for the appointment of any apprentice will be sixteen (16).

II . The age will be determined by secondary school certificate, or certificate from Chairman of union parisad / City Corporation, or any qualified physician.

III. The closing date for submission of application will be at least 10 days from the date of circulation of advertisement, be it internally or externally.

IV. During recruitment special attention will be given to gender balance in head office and plant. Some quotas may be reserved for male or female. If necessary, advertisement may be given exclusively for male or female candidates depending on the nature of job position.

V. Education qualifications may be relaxed in case of highly experienced internal candidates.

VI. The nature and necessity for any skill assessment tool in the screening process will be at the discretion of the line manager in consultation with HRD. The screening process will be conducted in accordance with the benchmark (required skills, competencies, education and experiences) for each position. However, certain skills can be assessed through observation or simulation

VII. A standard screening tool may be utilized for short-listed candidates. The screening may be based on qualitative short-listing method. Screening criteria may be refined with reference to specific job requirements as per benchmark.

VIII. For internal candidates, at least three years performance record will be the criteria of short listing.

IX. The issuance of interview cards will be 10 (ten) days ahead of the interview date, but this can be flexible if the candidates can be reached by telephone or bye-mail.

X. Test will be administrated with respect to the requirements of the job. Line Manager will draft the test format, which will be treated confidentially prior to administering the test.

XI. Test may be in written or oral or both, which a recruiting board shall administrate consist of 3-5 employee of any discipline. The line manager as well as one representative from HRD will participate in the board.

XII. No consideration shall be given to a candidate’s gender, religion, culture, etc. unless such aspect is directly related to requirements of the job.

XIII. The recruiting department will bear the cost related to recruitment.

XIV. After final selection by board, HRD may conduct reference check and on the basis of positive feedback from the references, the recommended candidate will be invited for employment in Syngenta Bangladesh Limited.


Syngenta establish standards for hiring and promoting the most qualified individuals, with emphasis on educational background, prior work experience, past accomplishments and evidence of integrity and ethical behavior, demonstrate an entity’s commitment to competent and trustworthy people.

Human Resource Management involves recruitment of the people in accordance with the needs of the organization, compliance with employment agreements and labor laws, payments to employees and accounting for them.

After acceptance by the HR head, I initiated a personnel file for the new employee containing:

  • Employment Application.
  • Resume
  • Two Passport size photographs
  • N.O.C. copy Academic certificates (copy)
  • Experience certificates (copy)
  • Two references.

(Preferably one from the recent employer) Other relevant documents, The references given by the candidate in the employment application form are contacted by me, either through a confirmation letter or a phone call. After confirmation I filed the acknowledgement in the personnel file that I received.

My supervisor told me to make a draft or the appointment letter for the candidate. Then I prepared the draft of appointment letter for the new employee. After probationary period job confirmation letter was send to the new employee.

I send information regarding new employee through email to all internal department.

To keep the personal information about the employee I made a format in XL sheet.

Benefits to Employee:

In addition to the Compensation Plan, Syngenta’s employees are entitled to different benefits; which are Loans, Overtime / Late Sitting Allowance, Marriage Gift Canteen Facilities, Medical Benefits, Company Vehicles, Group Insurance

Insurance Policy:

I drafted letter for the Renewal of Group Insurance Policy to the Group Manager of American Life Insurance Company for Syngenta’s employees.

I also prepared letter for Inclusion / Exclusion of employees in group insurance policy. I send them Inclusion List and Exclusion List to the group manager and asked them to send a bill to cover the new persons to be included with immediate effect in the Group policy after adjustment of the excluded persons.

I prepared a letter Authorization to collect death claim cheque

I drafted letter to arrange a bill covering the eight person’s premium for early payment.

I drafted letter for Health declaration of some employees of Group Life Insurance and confirm that all those employees (list given earlier) are in good health and are actively in service. This policy was effective from 1st May 2007.

I was engaged to keep record regarding employee group insurance policy of Sales Promotion Officer, Officer Security Guard, Driver Office Asst., Field Asst., Dispatch Officer, Technical Officer, and Front Desk Reception.


Employees working after the normal working hours or on holidays are entitled to overtime allowance as per the approved rates in Syngenta.

In Syngenta employees manually prepare their time sheets and the supervi sor approves these time sheets. Before sending the sheet to the supervisor I check their over time sheet and made correction if needed. Supervisor calculated the amount of allowance as per the approved time sheets. After checking by the Manager Personnel, Payroll Officer incorporates the amount of allowance in the Payroll System which is then paid to the employee along with his monthly payroll of the next month.

Increment letters:

Employees are given yearly increment at the end of each financial year. Sometimes special increments are also given to a few selected employees on the bas is of their good performance.

Sales Manager in Western Zone was made Syngenta’s product i.e. Basudin, Ricon, Karate used for prevention of Insecticides popular among the cultivators and he achieved sales target last year. He was given special increment for achieving the set target. I drafted the special increment letter for that employee according to the advice of my supervisor.

Transport Facilities:

Different Territory Managers often visit Syngenta Head office to inform their issues regarding the performance their Territory. They submit their conveyance/transport bill. I checked the submitted bills and forwarded to the authority for approva l. During the stay of the Territory Manager at Dhaka transport facilities are provided on submission of transport requisition. I prepared the transport requisition form and got it approval From HRD.

Marriage Gift:

Syngenta is very much concern about their employee. They are building the relationship between the company and its employees. In Syngenta employees are entitled to a Marriage Gift of RS.I 0, 000 on the first marriage. During working there one of the staff got married.

He submitted his weeding card to the HR department along with his application. I prepared the draft letter for approval of marriage gift as per instruction of Personnel manager.

Personnel manager after assessing the entitlement prepared a voucher and issued cheque to the employee. I send the employee wedding greeting card to the employee on behalf of Syngenta.

Different aspects of the job performance

  • Indicating and providing the information regarding turnover, measuring and checking the truthfulness of the answers giving by the interviewee.
  • Ensuring the healthy answer and find out the weak answer and pull down the exact information.
  • Screening down miss information and tested the available information with appropriate background and in-depth investigation.
  • Comparison of monthly and yearly activities more or less in the case may be.
  • Inter Departmental reciprocal evaluation.
  • Gender equality in the work place.
  • Comparison with others performance in same level.

Critical observation

Employee turnover information is a very secret matter in an organization and concerned department some times shows their reluctance and inability. Often only very partial information has been provided. Again many of the renowned organizations totally denied and disallowed to give any information regarding their employee turnover. Some organization has given vague data blaming the employee only for cause of turnover concealing their own weakness of management, administration etc. The selected organization does not show any respect to interviewee and show their inability.

While working in HR department it was a bit confu sing in the beginning, as I had no prior practical knowledge regard ing HR activities. But with the help of my superv isor guidance and practical suggestions and co- workers support, I have overcome my lacking.


  • The mother organization should time to time monitor the performance of the interviewer.
  • Giving support to the interviewer in getting information from the targeted organization.
  • The organization should treat the surveyor fairly to make the research work successful.
  • There is lacking in recruitment advertisement it should be more informative
  • Talented candidate may not be interested for the job because there is no mention of company name, salary line.