Performance Management

Employee performance management enterprise-wide. Our new approach to performance management recognizes that no one can develop their skills and competencies unless they know how they’re doing and where they can improve. Performance Management has a fundamental leadership responsibility and an ethical obligation to attend to employee performance and provide this feedback and direction.

employee performance management programs to meet the Directive’s requirements and achieve productivity improvements. These Programs will:

  • Link employee competencies and behaviours to business needs, which will be reflected in performance agreements with all employees;
  • Put in place departmental review panels, to oversee performance assessments and analyze performance ratings, review actions to be taken in individual cases involving employees who have surpassed expectations or who have been found unable to meet them; and
  • Produce the information needed to improve workforce management, including by better matching employees to the right jobs and investing in employee development to build and sustain an adaptable and responsible public service.

Employees will know how they are doing.

  • Managers and supervisors will be expected to engage employees on an ongoing basis about their performance to recognize their achievements and ensure they are directed, supported and motivated to achieve their work objectives; and
  • Informal reviews are to be conducted at least once at mid-year, to look at accomplishments in relation to the work objectives in the employee’s performance.

performance management