Training and Development of Incepta Pharmaceuticals

Training and Development of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited

The subject matter of this report is a matter of Training and Development of Incepta pharmaceuticals Ltd. In the field of human resource management, Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited is concerned at training and development for better organizational activity.

It includes employee management and development by orienting, learning and proper training in this competitive business world; success and failure depend mostly on performance of efficient employee of the organization and maintenance of different kind of activity. For this region every large and small organization endeavor their best to select high efficient worker and as well as try to maintain organized system to maintain administrative activities. Efficient management systems are one kind of resources for the organization. They are able to capitalized opportunities and contribute to success of organization. They are always aware of risks and weakness of the organization. Skilled maintaining system tries it best to reduce the weakness and avoid the risks.

Given the increasing complexity of business today, there is a need for selecting the most dexterous workers for function the day to day activities of the organization. For this reason every successful business entities try their best to set up the HR and administrative section in their organization. After this department, business organization are initiating the different seminar and training for improving the existing working capacity of the employees. Many companies are spending lots of money for building The HR department in the organization like other entities, IPL also initiating different development program for improving the HR department and its employees. In this I will try my best to focus on HR and Administrative activities and its different kind of programs that IPL has undertaken for improving their management system and as well as improving skill of unskilled workers. Training and development is essential to provide an employee with information, skills, and an understanding of the organization and its goals.


In Bangladesh, the pharmaceutical sector is one of the fastest growing sectors. There are several sectors on which Bangladesh can be proud of and undoubtedly the pharmaceutical sector is one of these sectors, there are 245 registered pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Among theses 245 registered companies Incepta Pharmaceuticals limited is the 2nd largest company of the country and it is growing rapidly between the top five manufacturing companies of the country. The pharmaceutical industry in Bangladesh is a standout amongst the most created innovation divisions inside Bangladesh. Makers produce insulin, hormones, and disease drugs. This division gives 97% of the total medical requirement of the neighborhood market. The industry likewise trades medicines to worldwide markets, including Europe. Pharmaceutical organizations are extending their business with the mean to grow the trade in market. There are 5 sorts of medication assembling organizations in Bangladesh, they are: Allopathic Drug Manufacturers, Ayurvedic Drug Manufacturers, Unani Drug Manufacturers, Herbal Drug Manufacturers, Homoeopathic & Biochemic and Drug Manufacturers.

Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Industry is successfully exporting APIs and a wide range of products covering all major therapeutic classes and dosage forms to 71 countries. Beside regular forms like: Tablets, Capsules & Syrups, Bangladesh is also exporting high-tech specialized products like HFA Inhalers, CFC Inhalers, Suppositories, Nasal Sprays, Injectables, IV Infusions, etc. The total number of brands items that are registered in Bangladesh is currently estimated to be 5,300 while the total number of dosage forms and strength are 8300.

Today, Bangladesh is dealing with USA, India, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, European Union, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Myanmar, Thailand, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Yemen, Mauritius, Vietnam, Kampuchea, Laos, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Kuraso Russia, Uzbekistan, Tazakistan, Kenya, Tunisia, Maldives, etc. as well

Company Profile:


Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical organization in Bangladesh set up in the year 1999. The organization has a major assembling office situated at Savar, 35 kilometer far from the center of the capital city Dhaka. The organization produces different sorts of dose structures which incorporate tablets, capsules, oral fluids, drops, dry powder vials, powder for suspension, nasal sprays, eye drops, creams, ointments, lotions, gels, prefilled syringes, liquid filled hard gelatin capsules, lyophilized injections, human vaccine and so forth.


Incepta starts its operation with a handful of highly efficient and motivated professionals guided by an able leadership and vision. Appropriate strategic planning, technical excellence, speedy and well-timed decisions helped them to achieve their objectives leading to much faster growth. Incepta was able to predict the need of the market and provide the right product at the right time and right place. High focus on R&D investment from its inception made possible the introduction of quality products ahead of its competitors in number of cases. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is now the 2nd largest company of the country and considered as one of the fastest growing manufacturing company in the country. Established in the year 1999, the company has come a long way. Currently the Zirabo plant consists of a number of buildings with state of the art technology. Dedicated cephalosporin manufacturing building, a specialized manufacturing building for the production of lyophilized products, insulin and amino acids and newly built liquid and semisolid manufacturing building and large warehouse is also in the operation.

At present all the products are coming from the plant situated at Zirabo. The company is producing almost all types of dosage forms covering nearly all therapeutic area. Incepta now has one of the largest and skilled sales force and strong distribution network of its own, operated from 19 different locations throughout the country. A most dynamic efficient and dedicated marketing team comprising of pharmacists and doctors are at the center of the marketing operation. These highly experienced professionals play a significant role in providing the essential strategic guideline for the endorsement of its products.

Divisions & Departments of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd:

  • Finance & Accounting ( F& A)
  • Sales
  • Information Technology ( IT )
  • Distribution
  • Human Resources ( HR )
  • Administration
  • Production

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Incepta made its enormous business progress through its trustworthiness and earnestness in business policies. The organization means to turn into the country’s most respected organization through its fair and keen methodology. Organization administration strives to support group where they live furthermore the country beyond what many would consider possible in times of need. Incepta believes it can grow only if the country remains healthy. The practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is given importance in Incepta and the prove of this commitment can be found in its dealing with clients, suppliers, employees, Government’s and the society at large.

CSR activity of the company includes its finances because the company pays tax and VAT to the Government and also settles bank and suppliers liabilities in a timely fashion and gives benefits to employees on time. The employee of the Incepta are considered as valuable assets and it protects their rights and provides a full range of staff facilities including life insurance and disbursement of 5% of the company profit to them. Incepta provides maximum security in workplace for its employees and child labor is strictly banned. The company donates medicine to the Government Relief Fund during natural disaster.

Great Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

The Directorate General of Drag Administration, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, has issued GMP authentication to Incepta. The Drag Administration issues GMP declarations taking after investigations did by endorsed measures. Union GMP certification for its Solid Dosage form’s plant at Zirabo, Savar, in Bangladesh, a rare and one of the most coveted certification for regulated markets. Incepta currently holds the following GMP compliance certifications:

  • UK MHRA GMP Certificate
  • European Union GMP Certificate
  • Turkey GMP Certificate
  • Yemen GMP Certificate
  • Kenya GMP Certificate
  • Democratic Republic of Congo GMP Certificate
  • Ethiopia GMP Certificate
  • Uganda GMP Certificate
  • Sudan GMP Certificate

This was the some activity list which I did in Incepta pharmaceuticals ltd. For accomplished my internship program:

Organization Wide:

i. Transferred different kind of paper to different department:

I transferred different type of Paper to the different department, like I received the salary file from HR department and give it to account’s department, collected CV from HR And send it to selection and staffing department though this department include in HR but their department located far from the main HR department. When any employee wanted to leave their job then some paper was approved from HR department and that paper also needed to approve from Sales Secretariat department, and those paper also transferred by me.

ii. Matched different type of photocopy paper with main document:

There I worked in all section in HR department, mainly in HRD section, that means human resource development section; basically I matched different kind of photocopy and policy paper with main policy paper. Different kinds of training paper matched with photocopy of training paper, photocopy of different kind of application paper match with main document, different kind of bank document match with photocopy of bank document, different kind of legal or law related paper matched with its photocopy paper and set up those in a file for future information.

iii. Deposited the money for the employee on behalf of the Incepta:

I deposited money in the bank because the employee who were in the high rank, they get different kind of allowances from incepta, and that things handled by HR. like some directors of the company were taking house rent particularly, though house rent include in the salary but some director’s got an extra opportunity from the company for their rank or position. So I went to the bank for deposit their house rent, medical allowances etc, after deposit the money the bank gave me a receipt and I gave it to the HR department.

Other relevant activity:

i. Posted the letter:

I posted the letter to company’s Area manager and regional manager. And the issue of the letter was some employee resigned and some employee joined. so regional manager and area manager needed to give approval for those resigning and joining letter. And I send those letters to them.

ii. Did photocopy and scanning

I also did photocopy and scanning of Different kind of document, which was related to salary, related to transportation, related to resigning and joining, related with employee medical allowances, related with travel expense, related with promotion etc. After photocopy or scanning I matched the photocopy paper with main document and set those and kept in a file for future references.

iii. Matched different type of photocopy paper with main document:

There I worked in all section in HR department, mainly in HRD section, that means human resource development section; basically I matched different kind of photocopy and policy paper with main policy paper. Different kinds of training paper matched with photocopy of training paper and set up those in a file for future information.

Performance Appraisal:

In Incepta Pharmaceuticals each week assistant manager of our department review my work progress and suggest me accordingly. My recently my organization has introduced new software for the enterprise and that is why top management asked HR department to gather significant information about it’s human resource so I was actively engaged in posting data of the people of the organization and this activities is checked frequently by one of the senior officer of the HR department and he advised me about the accuracy of the data collection.

I also support the payroll section of the HR department for the development of monthly salary for the employees. I went bank with them for the salary purpose and it’s documentation process. For the salary purpose I went to the standard chartered and IFIC bank. The senior payroll department always instructs me about proper maintenance of documents.

I was also involved in activities of cell phone communication operation which includes distribution of sim cards, controlling of sim cards, bill collection and payment for the above purpose I frequently visit Gulsan GP center.

I also helped the policy department officers regarding the previous document filing and the officers shared their views about my activities almost monthly basis.

Critical Observation and recommendation:


i. Data entry for SAP project:

SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing) is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, with regional offices in 130 countries. The company has over 291,000 customers in 190 countries.

Incepta add this software for HR department. And I did data entry and faced some challenges. Microsoft excel was critical thing. There have lots of rules and command. And to build SAP in a department, needed huge amount of data and input those data was a big challenge for me because I was small knowledge at excel.

ii. Sharing the Desk:

Sharing my desk with other interns was another challenge for me. Because at the beginning He/she didn’t know about me as well as I didn’t know about him. And my desk was not fixed they makes me work in many section of the organization like salary and wages, training section, Selection and Staffing Section. So it was in some cases were little bit confusing and difficult for me to know where the stuffs and other materials are in the desk.

iii. Not have proper Internet Facilities:

Now a day’s internet is one of the most important issues for every organization. Incepta had their internet facility in their entire office, and it was was good but they didn’t provide internet for the intern. In many cases I found that I need internet but I couldn’t get that chance And as an intern I found problem which makes me nervous in the beginning of my working life in. Because when I tried to do some work that time I found internet was not working, it created barrier for accomplish my task.


  1. Individual computer should provide for an intern in office: At the beginning of my internship program Incepta management gave me a computer to do my task like make employee’s profile, working with Microsoft Excel. But after few days I found that one of their employees was using my computer when I arrived in the office. But in that time computer was essential for me to do my task. So individual computer should be provided.
  2. Availability of Internet: There had internet for the HR manager and general employee but not for intern. As an intern when I was starting my work then I was facing some problem because of unavailability of internet. So I suggest that, Incepta should available their internet for employee and as well as for the intern, cause intern’s are also part of the organizing.


Project Summary:

The internship program is an essential part of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This Program creates a unique opportunity for the students to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice and gain valuable real world business experience.

At all levels of human resource development, the importance of training and development cannot be ruled out In the field of human resource management, training and development is the field concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individual and groups in organizational settings. It has been known by several names, including employee development, human resource development, and learning and development.

Human resource development professionals are necessary to carry out programs dealing with instructions and professional development for workers. Training and developing the employees, keeping them motivated to propel and advance further and updated with the industry and the upcoming and present technologies, is essential to achieve the organization’s plans and goals. Training and development are process that attempt to provide an employees with information, skills, and an understanding of the organization and its goals.

i. Background of the report:

With a view to acquire an in-depth knowledge about the practical orientation and experiences of dynamic business world, it is obligatory to undertake an extensive study to prepare a term paper by the students of HR department. Though I had worked in only HR department, but I had to select the above topic in order to explain my understanding about the overall HR development of the company.

ii. Significance of the Report:

The prime reason of this study is to become familiar with the practical business world and to attain practical knowledge about the overall manufacturing company, which is so much essential for each and every student of business to meet the extreme growing challenges in job market.

iii. Scope of the Report:

This report speaks the truth the HR preparing and improvement of Incepta Pharmaceuticals from its start of 2000 till now which is step by step expanded in area with HR need and their training and development with motivating tool.

Description of the project:

Objective of the project:

Board Objective:

To assess the productiveness of training and development practices in Incepta Pharmaceuticals

Supportive Objective:

  1. To study the training and development systems of Incepta Pharmaceuticals
  2. Be informed about training and development theoretically.
  3. To understand the training need assessment systems in Incepta Pharmaceuticals.
  4. To distinguish the inputs and outputs of training and development practices of incepta pharmaceuticals.
  5. To assess the productiveness of training and development practices of Incepta Pharmaceuticals.
  6. Methodology of the Study:
  7. Research Design:

The Research is descriptive by nature.

Data Collection:

The report contains qualitative information or data. So as to accomplish the expressed goals, is collected from a variety of primary and secondary sources. After collection of the information from the interview and material, first the information is precisely investigated. At that point the information was sorted out as needed. Data or information is collected both theoretically and practically.

Source of information for the Research are collected by both Primary and secondary Data.

Primary Data:

  1. Information was collected through observation of the HR department and also other departments.
  2. Informal discussion with the employees of the organization.
  3. By studying the relevant documents given by the officers concerned.

Secondary Data:

The secondary Data is collected through:

  1. Previous reports and papers
  2. Training manuals
  3. Journals, books and other relevant resources
  4. Web resources

Training and Development Presently Practiced by Incepta Pharmaceuticals:

The training and development of all employees is critical to the Company’s prosperity. It enhances the execution of the organization, groups and people and makes a vital commitment to the maintenance of staff and the improvement of future ability.

Incepta Pharmaceutical Limited is focused on giving a domain which empowers consistent learning, development and individual accomplishment of all employees. The accomplishment of this dedication by the Company is additionally dependent on employee duty and their readiness to learn, create, tackle new parts and obligations and look for open doors for self advancement.

Training and development plans are in view without bounds business technique and through the output of normal individual appraisals. These plans recognize where individual performance may be improved through development initiatives including instructional classes, drilling, occupation experience, formal studies, and so forth.

The Company is focused to the effective induction of all employees and in supporting all workers to understand their maximum capacity. Training and development opportunities are offered on a reasonable premise to all workers. The Company guarantees that no employees gets less good treatment or thought.

  • Reasons of Training and Development of Incepta Pharmaceutical Limited
  • To help the employees perform all the more adequately in their employments.
  • To set up the workers for future development and headway by giving
  • Supervisory and other administration programs.
  • To constructing powerful work groups through creating staff interchanges and interpersonal abilities.
  • To include a feeling of devotion to highest quality.
  • To stay up with the latest with changes those influence the business environment.

Training Needs Assessment

Need assessment is the first step in the training and development process and it focuses of detecting and solving performance problem. The purpose is to identify if there is a need for training and the nature of the content of the training program. This phase determines the relevance of particular trainings to employee’s jobs and how it will improve the performance.

It also addresses the organizational problems and then distinguishes the training needs with an objective to identify an appropriate training need which will link to improved job performance of Incepta Pharmaceutical Limited goals and bottom line.

Training Administration

Objectives of a training program cannot be met unless there is a role-playing of the Human Resource Department. This Department carries out all the administration tasks of the training in co-ordination with the departmental supervisors, employees and at the same time with the trainer who will be or is in charge of providing the training program. As such, the HR department works as an intermediary between employees, their supervisors and the training program. This is done to prevent any form of miscommunication and to ensure that the employees are receiving the right training pertaining to their needs, which will lead to improved performance of this company.

Training Evaluation Process

Each and every training program is carried out with a view to achieving some predetermined objectives and to analyze whether those objectives are fulfilled, training evaluation is a must. Incepta Pharmaceuticals believes in continuous development. Therefore, performances of the trainees are important to evaluate to know the effectiveness of the currently practiced programs. This will also help to rectify any loopholes in the process, which can be addressed during the evaluation process.

The overall phase of Training Evaluation will focus on:

  • Employees’ reaction towards the training program
  • Analysis of the knowledge and skills that the employees have learned from the training programs
  • Application of the knowledge and skills that were taught in the training. Results of the new inputs made by the trainees.

Steps of Training process at Incepta Pharmaceutical Limited

Step 1: Training Needs Assessment

Incepta Pharmaceuticals recognizes that employees are an integral part of organization and that they themselves have the potential to judge what kind of training will improve their performance at work. In this step of Training Needs Assessment, individual employees and line supervisors have essential and outrageous role playing. Therefore, they have the privilege to analyze their own abilities in line with their job responsibilities and can discuss these with their line supervisors.

The supervisors have to gives priorities according to importance and availability of resources and then in prepare Annual Training Plan and External Training Recommendation which are forwarded to the Human Resource Department, upon completion. They have to support their employees’ learning and development by scrutinizing and finding out the training needs. On the contrary, it is one of the key responsibilities of the supervisors to keep their subordinates performance on constant check. This is done in discussion with the employees.

The Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd. Follows the following procedures for training need assessment for the organization:

Person analysis:

It is a procedure for figuring out if employees need training, and whether workers are prepared for training. Incepta pharmaceutical distinguishes about the learning, capacities and skills do trainees as of now have to take part in the training .It helps the organization to distinguish who needs training.

Organizational Analysis:

In Organizational analysis the organization first decides about the organization’s assets for training, related expense connected with training & the normal advantage of training. It mainly includes deciding which business is suitable for training, given the organization’s business methodology.

Analysis of Job Requirement:

Analysis job requirements is to find the job responsibilities, the skills and knowledge those are needed for successful performance and whether the training should be in the actual job setting or at the training.

Performance appraisal:

Due to Performance Appraisal we get the causes and the outcomes for which the training is required. The cause for training is marked in order to have higher performance standards and support for business strategy. The outcomes are for the trainees who receive training, who needs to learn, type of training needed for executives etc.

Step 2 : Training Administration:

Training and Development administration is mainly done by the HR Department. It is the responsibility of the HR Department to assess, after receiving Annual Training Plan and External Training recommendation from the line supervisors, whether there is an actual necessity of the training which will be viable for the improved performance of the employees to achieve organizational objectives. Then the HR searches through a number of channels and resources to find out about the training available related to it and the associated expense with it.

Prior to the registering an employee with a training program the approval of the managing director is needed. The training details before the registration are also informed to the supervisors and the employees.

Step 3: Ensuring Employee’s Readiness for Training

In accepting that employee resistance is a component of reform in all work settings, they have emphasized the value of employers and managers creating employee readiness for change hi Incapta Pharmaceutical Ltd for such training. The recognition of resistance to change in the workplace is not new. So this step is taken to ensure that employees have the motivation and basic skills necessary to master on training content. It is suggested that inherent in the theoretical readiness model, is the acceptance that employee resistance is always likely to exist, so rather than focus on resistance as a problem discuss a range of factors which they believe contribute to employee readiness to willingly participate in the change process.

Step 4: Creating a Learning Environment:

In this step they ensure that the new skills are learned and applied, they educate the top officials to:

  • Take responsibility for their employees and their own learning activities;
  • Provide employees with a continuous learning environment;
  • Reinforce learning as employees experiment with their new skills. In order to do that, they develop the following factors: With their training they wish to provide information to employees so that this information is converted to knowledge when employees apply it to their jobs. They will ensure that learning takes place when the person applies these skills through practice and reinforcement.

Step 5: Developing an Evaluation Plan

Training Evaluation consists of four segments including Reaction, Learning, Transfer of learning and improvement in organizational work, and finally a cost-benefit analysis of the training program. Employees who attend the training programs are expected to apply the newly learnt skills and knowledge at work and evaluate how it has helped to perform a task compared to the ability the incumbent possessed preceding training. Employees and line supervisors again have a major role playing in this segment of Training and Development of Incepta Pharmaceuticals. They have to identify the differences and report their findings along with other views and suggestions.

Training methods followed by Incepta Pharma Limited:

A few techniques can be utilized to fulfill on organization training needs and perform its objectives. The Incepta Pharmaceuticals classified their training by two classes:

  1. Non-Supervisory Training:
  • Training is the training for workers and administrators of the organization.
  • Lasting and easygoing laborers are included for these.
  1. Supervisory Training:
  • The training for the managerial employees is called supervisory training.

Distinctive department’s officers and administration learners are incorporated to this.


Analysis and Findings:

In my report study, I attempt to think about the Training and development of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited, Bangladesh, identified with the different issues of organizations Training and Development operations. I have considered the training methods that Incepta is presently taking after with their developing tool that a leading pharmaceutical is keeping up.

I found that this organization is a dynamic and quickly developing one by its employee with new method and motivating tool. It has such a skillful HR office which is dealing with Employee incentives and benefits. For example, one official take care of the PF fund, others are for Mobile bill, Technical plan framework by giving most recent ID card to punch and get coupon for food. To make the employees maintain their office timing the coupon for the food will not appear if they are late for the office. This is used as an developing tool for the well timed of the employees.

Job Description and Training Method:

The part of Job analysis is job description. We need to know about the job analysis before discussion about the job description and training as the source of training needs come from Job analysis.

Job analysis may be the deliberate investigation of the exercises inside an occupation. It characterizes what’s more documents the duties, responsibilities. Furthermore accountabilities of a employment and the condition under which an occupation is performed.

Job analysis will be the process where the judgments would made something like data collected on a job. It includes two components Job Description furthermore Job specifications.

Purpose of Job Analysis

The reason for job analysis is to establish and archive those ‘job relatedness’ of employment methods for example, training, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal.

Job description format is:

  • Title
  • Duties
  • Recognizing qualities
  • Environmental conditions

So, an individual needs will think delicately over as much about his job description to perform his duties well. That is an formal training is very much required for an employee to perform his duties.


The current situation of Incepta Pharmaceuticals can be improved if they introduce their own training institute. As hiring trainer from outside becomes expensive and will take long time.

In Incepta pharmaceutical they doesn’t have any procedure to evaluate a single person development needs and even the development plans are not addressed in performance appraisal, it will not make the employees motivate to work. So as a result Incepta should be careful about this.

They should use both on the job training and off the job training but they prefer to use only on the job training. Moreover they are more utilized to house training but they should also use outhouse training. For the better of their performance they should organize training training often and for that they should assign an individual training and development person who will look after all this training and development of the organization.

However there are some further recommendations:

  • Incepta Pharmaceuticals has inadequate facilities for its employees but it should introduce E-learning facilities for the development of its employees.
  • For the development of employees library is very essential which Incepta doesn’t have so they should establish a library in small basis.
  • There should hire more female employees.


Incepta Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of Bangladesh and recognized as the fastest growing of the top five manufacturing company in the country. It covers the whole Bangladesh and over 40 countries by its products. The company is in a growing position in the market. As we know in this ever changing context of global business it is very necessary to fine tune the knowledge skill and behavior of the employees to meet the business goals. Moreover it is the not the only need of the organization but also the concern they grow and enhance their experience for the betterment of their career. Incepta pharmaceuticals have identified this since its inception that human resources are the most important factor of organization success. So nurturing the human potentials through training and development is very significant for them. They try to introduce this culture almost every department of the organization. In this regard the objective base and performance driven activity of the training function of Incepta Ltd is very well adjusted with the organization goal and helping a lot to achieve it. Up to now their training process and performance is good but it is needed to be more perceived and active to assess its outcomes.