Administration Operation Wheel of ACI Limited

Administration Operation Wheel of ACI Limited

Company Overview

Historical Background

ACI Limited was established as the subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in the then East Pakistan in 1968. After independence, the company was incorporated in Bangladesh in 1973 as ICI Bangladesh Manufacturers limited as a Public Limited Company. In 1992, the company was divested to local management and the name of the company changed to Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) Limited. ACI inherited the rich ICI culture of product quality, customer service and social responsibility. Initially in 1992, ACI started primarily with pharmaceutical business with a turnover of BDT 80 million only but later the new management brought about fundamental changes in the policies and in the year 2008 turnover grew to over BDT 7,365 million. The Company has diversified business interest in pharmaceuticals, agricultural including fishery & livestock and consumer brands. At present, ACI has three strategic business units along with 11 subsidiaries, 3 joint ventures and 1 associate.

ACI is the first company in Bangladesh to achieve ISO S001 in 1995 for quality management and also the first company to achieve ISO 14000 in 2000 for environmental management system. ACI is also the first company from Bangladesh to become the honorable member of United Nation Global Compact. It is the only Bangladeshi company which was declared as a notable COP (Communication on Progress) recognized by UNGC (United Nation Global Compact). ACI has been accepted as a founding member of community of Global Growth Companies by the World Economic Forum which is the most prestigious business networking organization in the world.

ACI Policy


ACI’s mission is to enrich the quality of life of people through responsible application of knowledge, skills and technology. ACI is committed to the pursuit of excellence through world-class products, innovative processes and empowered employees to


To realize the mission ACI will:

Endeavor to attain a position of leadership in each category of its businesses.

Attain a high level of productivity in all its operations through effective and efficient use of resources, adoption of appropriate technology and alignment with our core competencies.

Develop its employees by encouraging empowerment and rewarding innovation.

Promote an environment for learning and personal growth of its employees.

Provide products and services of high and consistent quality, ensuring value for money to its customers

Encourage and assist in the qualitative improvement of the services of its suppliers and distributors.

Establish harmonious relationship with the community and promote greater environmental responsibility within its sphere of influence.


  • Quality
  • Customer Focus
  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Innovation

Quality Policy

ACI’s mission is to achieve business excellence through quality by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. ACI follows International Standards on Quality Management System to ensure consistent quality of products and services to achieve customer satisfaction. ACI also meets all national regulatory requirements relating to its current businesses and ensures that current good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as recommended by World Health Organization is followed for its pharmaceutical operations.

The management of ACI commits itself to quality as the prime consideration in all its business decisions. All employees of ACI must follow documented procedures to ensure compliance with quality standards. The pool of human resources of the company will be developed to their full potential and harnessed through regular training and their participation in seeking continuous improvement of work methods.

Environmental Policy

ACI is committed to maintain the harmonious balance of our eco-system and therefore constantly seeks ways to manufacture and produce products in an ecofriendly manner so that the balance of nature remains undisturbed and the environment remains sustainable.

  • In pursuit of this goal, ACI will comply fully with all local and national environmental regulations.
  • Conserve natural resources like water and energy for sustainable development, and adopt environmentally safe processes.
  • Ensure appropriate treatment of all effluents prior to discharge, to prevent pollution or degradation of environment.
  • Ensure appropriate communication and cooperate with internal and external interested parties on environmental issues.
  • Create awareness on environmental issues among employees and suppliers.
  • Adopt modern waste management technology.

Global Compact Endorsement

The ACI group has consistently demonstrated its commitment towards its employees and the environment over the years. It has been recognized as the practitioner and promoter of socially responsible business behavior. To take this commitment even further, ACI has endorsed the Principles of Global Compact on August 18, 2003. The Global Compact is a remarkable initiative sponsored by the United Nations Secretary General Koffi Annan. It is based on a very simple notion: whether or not required by law, corporations should enforce basic human rights and accepted labor and environmental standards in all their business activities, to counterbalance possible negative effects of globalization.

The compact calls on companies to embrace the ten universal principles in the key areas of human rights, labor standards and the environment. These ten principles are:

Human Rights

To support and respect International Human Rights within the company’s sphere of influence. To make sure that their own corporations are not complicit with Human Rights Violation.


  • To end discrimination in the workplace.
  • Abolition of child labor.
  • The right to collective bargaining and recognition of freedom of association.
  • To eliminate the use of forced and compulsory labor.


  • To support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.
  • To undertake initiative to promote greater environmental responsibility.
  • To encourage the diffusion of environmentally friendly technology.


To work against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

ACI pledges to keep all its employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers regularly informed about the compact and the company’s initiatives to uphold the principles.

Activities of the organization

ACI Limited is committed to providing customers with a broad range of quality products from its business operations. It has diversified its business in various sectors such as the health care division, consumers’ brands division, and agribusiness division. Other than its 3 major strategic business units, it has 11 subsidiaries, 3 joint ventures and 1 associate.

Major Bossiness


ACI formulates and markets a comprehensive range of more than 400 products covering all major therapeutic areas, which come in tablet, capsule, powder, liquid, cream, ointment, gel ,ophthalmic and injection forms. ACI also markets worldrenowned branded pharmaceutical products imported from world-class multinational companies like ASTRAZENECA, UK and UCB, BELGIUM. ACI is actively engaged in introducing newer molecules and Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) to meet the needs of present and future.

ACI introduced the concept of quality management system by being the first company in Bangladesh to achieve ISO 9001 certification in 1995 and follows the policy of continuous improvement in all its operations.

Aligned with the concept that a pharmaceutical must ensure effective management of environment, ACI complies with standard environment management policy, thus adorned with EMS 14001 in 2000. ACI maintains a congenial and supportive relationship with the healthcare community of Bangladesh, with the belief that business excellence can only be achieved through pursuit of quality by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Consumer Brands

This business segment has three major categories of product range- home care, air care and hygiene care. Products under home care category include ACI Aerosol, ACI Mosquito Coil. ACI Aerosol is market leader in the mosquito repellent category having market share of 85%. ACI Coils enjoys very predominant position and striving to become absolute leader in the market place. ACI has also very attractive product range in this Air Care category with Angelic Fresh Air Freshener. This is the first ever locally manufactured Air Freshener of this country whose fragrances has been applauded by the users and has become market leader in two years time. ACI has another very strong range of products in its Hygiene Product category. Savlon Liquid Antiseptic is the highest selling antiseptics in the country. It has more than 75% market share of its category. Products like Savlon Antiseptic cream, Savlon Family Protection Soap and Savlon Femme Sanitary Napkin, Vanish Toilet Cleaner are also under this category. ACI Consumer brands also deals with products of internationally acclaimed company like Colgate Palmolive and Nivea. Recently ACI Electronics a sub unit of ACI Consumer Brands has launched Panasonic Audio visual items in the country.


ACI Agribusiness is the largest integrator in agricultural sector of Bangladesh. ACI Agribusiness deals with livestock and fisheries, crop protections, seeds, fertilizer and agri-machineries. Under Agribusiness, the following business units are currently operating:

Crop Care & Public Health

Crop care & Public health is dealing with all type of crop protection items. It is providing a complete range of cost effective products which can provide appropriate solutions for the farmers through insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. This business has been transferred to ACI Formulations Limited form 1st January of this year. ACI Formulation Limited has been listed to Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange recently.


Seeds division is dealing with hybrid rice, vegetable and maize seeds. It has partnership with renowned HYV seed companies of the world. ACI started the seed business in 2006. It has its own research and development stations in Gazipur and Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh.


Cropex is dealing with commodity buying, storing, preserving and selling. ACI Cropex is a remarkable addition to the agricultural advancement in the country. The project assists the farmers in various ways – exchanging their crops at the time of their necessity, providing them with technological assistance and advisory services and so on.

Animal Health

This division is dealing with high quality nutritional, veterinary, poultry medicine and vaccines including proposal for pisiculture, cattle rearing and cattle fattening. Integrated fisheries and livestock project will be implemented soon.


This unit is dealing mainly with micro continent and foliar fertilizer with a focus in basic fertilizer. It launched micronutrient fertilizers like Zinc Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Ammonium Sulphate, Boron, Sulphur 90% and Sulphate of Potash. They are being imported from China, U.S.A, Canada, Taiwan, Argentina, and Turkey etc.

ACI Agribusiness strives for providing “one stop solution” to farmers by providing all sorts of activities regarding agriculture. ACI Agribusiness is having a strong partnership with national and international R&D companies, Universities, and research institutions. “Partnership with the farmer” is the main theme of ACI Agribusiness

International alliances

ACI represents Colgate Palmolive Company as exclusive marketing partner and distributor for the territory of Bangladesh. Colgate is the worldwide leader of the oral care products category. ACI was appointed as sole distributor and marketing partner of Beiersdorf AG, Germany; the manufacturer of Nivea brand products. ACI represent Godrej Consumer Products Limited. ACI consumer Brand is also selling low calorie sweetener products of Merisant for weight conscious customers and also for them who want to avoid direct sugar. In additions to these, ACI represents significant number of world’s reputed companies in Pharma and Agriculture sectors.

Support Functions:

Human Resource

ACI HR works with a vision for creating a work-environment to foster creativity, innovation and productivity for achieving business excellence through dynamic and dedicated people. We believe that Human Resources are the most important asset of the organization. We identify the training needs and provide trainings accordingly to develop the knowledge and skills of our human resources. Thought Leadership and Team Building meetings are conducted on a regular basis. We provide an enabling working environment to unleash the full potential of the employees and a performance based career progression.

We have a value based culture where dignity of the individual is the highest priority. We believe in empowerment and delegation. We organize different social events like Family Day, Cricket Tournament, and Badminton Tournament etc with an objective to strengthen the Bondage among the employees.

We practice modern HR Policies and procedures for Recruitment & Selection, Manpower Planning and succession planning. We use a combination of qualitative aspects and Balanced score Card for performance appraisal.

We have attractive policies regarding car loan, gratuity, provident fund and hospitalization. We offer performance bonus, leave fare assistance, festival bonus and workers profit participation fund during different times within a year. ACI is a place to learn, grow and contribute for improving the quality of life of people.

Finance and Planning

ACI Finance and Planning function is the nerve centre of the conglomerate. Being the nature of the structure, ACI Finance and Planning plays the centralized role in all kinds of financial and accounting services. Meaning it handles financial and accounting matters of not only ACI Limited but also of all of its subsidiaries supporting the mission and vision of the Group. The major areas of its activities include:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Treasury
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Costing
  • Credit Management
  • Accounts payable management
  • General accounting
  • Taxation
  • New business management

ACI finance is pioneering in introducing and implementing state of the art financial tools like electronic banking, integrated accounting systems, better foreign exchange management through hedging, derivatives etc. To allow us to excel in our performance ACI Finance has strong rapport with all the international and major local banks, non-financial institution including leasing companies.

Driving force of Finance is its motto which is “to become most value adding business partner”. To drive this vision, ACI Finance proactively helps business in providing right and timely information, analysis, budgetary management and participating in cross-functional team. The Planning function not only compiles and coordinate the company plan of the conglomerate but also instrumental in feeding the CEO and top team different macro and micro economic situation of the country as well as world in large. These in-depth analyses help the company to make correct and pragmatic decision as a part of strategic initiative.

The new business development area is one of the most exciting areas in ACI. Here we keep a track on potential areas of growth being envisaged in the country, these are followed by rigorous analysis and subsequently matching these with ACI’s competence. This allows ACI’s growth engine to get enough fuel to take its course forward.

Commercial Department

Commercial Department of ACI is one of the most vital functional departments of the Company which deals with the supply chain activities of ACI. In order to keep all the businesses running flawlessly, the dedicated and hard working employees of this department maintain a good liaison with the customers, both national and international. The Commercial Department is consistently achieving the best prices for the products that we purchase, ensuring enormous amount of cost savings for the company. It offers invincible professionalism and expertise in the entire commercial activities of ACI.

MIS Department

MIS department of ACI ensures the overall IT related supports for the company. This department manages a smooth operation of software’s, hardware trouble shooting and business databases related to sales and inventory. The MIS department consists of knowledgeable and skilled programmers and software developers. MIS provides customized report and data analysis to the management to facilitate effective decision making.


Training activities of ACI is focused on transforming its human capital to achieve business excellence by increasing the bandwidth of ACI workforce. To win present and future challenges we identify knowledge and skill sets that are pivotal factors and we design a variety of programs so that achieving such success by using creativity, agility, flexibility, skill diversity and IT technology becomes a custom. We scan external environment for comparing industry practices, benchmark best practices and implement competency management programs to offer outstanding services to our valued customers. Enormous and spontaneous shared efforts are made with the strategic intent of achieving excellence in delivering customized services to meet the ever changing development needs of the human resources. We design strategic learning roadmap consisting tailored learning strategies for each of our employee clusters of the business divisions, based on a shared vision, to make us a proud member of a learning organization. We adopt best technology based modules, methodologies, facilities, in-house and external faculties/trainers to ensure the best return from human development investments. Corporate Values of ACI are embedded in the process of designing, developing and delivering each activity of Training Department throughout the organization.

Distribution Network

The company maintains strategically located sales centers in nineteen different locations across the country. It has developed an advanced distribution system through its more than 300 skilled and trained manpower and a large fleet over eighty vehicles. The distribution system is capable of handling continuing volume of diverse range of products from the various businesses.

The company’s distribution centers are highly streamlined, computerized and automated. We are capable of maintaining a cold chain for some specialized range of products such as vaccines and insulin. The combination of this advanced function and multidimensional capabilities made it possible to handle hundreds of products efficiently.

Administration Department

The Corporate Administration Department is responsible for overseeing the overall operation in accordance with the policies and procedures adopted by the organization. The Department is also responsible for fulfilling the statutory corporate administration responsibilities and duties. The Department coordinates and follows through on the short and long term strategic planning and acquisition of corporate computer equipment, services, and telecommunications equipment and services. This ensures the effective operation of the flow of information services infrastructure and supports the various processes of the organization.

  • Provides support and service for the activities of the Board of Directors
  • To create appropriate condition for efficient operation of structural subdivisions
  • Coordination of construction, maintenance, rent and keeping buildings issues
  • Coordination of issues as logistical support of Bank activities
  • Maintain coordination with Govt. regulatory bodies and supervise all incidents.
  • Manage the overall transport maintenance and safety issues.
  • Control the inventory management and confirm security.
  • Proper coordination in space allocation, premises maintenance and communication services

Future Plans

ACI Pharmaceuticals is expected to be introducing three new lines of medicine products namely Anti Cancer, Hormone & Steroid and Amino Acid. For this new initiative, Company needs funding facilities to allow it to import capital machinery and carry out construction of physical facilities. Out of the total proceeds of BDT 1.00 billion that will be raised through issuance of 20% convertible zero-coupon bond, BDT 597,194,166 (i.e. approx. 60%) is earmarked for the expansion scheme of the pharmaceuticals division.

Administration Department: Administration Department of ACI Limited maintains the administration operation wheel. It includes all the information about ACI administration department. All the factors of administration wheel are described below:

Building Maintenance:

The overall building maintenance activities are supported by Administration Department. The major requirements and formalities are performed on weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis. For repairing and sound environment Administration Department perform like-

  • Interior decoration;
  • Space Allocation/ acquisition;
  • A/C repairing and changing;
  • Cleaning;
  • Glass Cleaning;
  • Painting & Denting;
  • Electrical Service Station;
  • Providing pure drinking water;
  • Guard room and Depot maintenance;

If there is any mismanagement arises, they took immediate steps for better productivity.

Vehicle Maintenance: Vehicle Maintenance Process start with the vehicle maintenance requisition and acceptance where driver of the particular vehicle submit a requisition form about the problem of the vehicle. After that that vehicle is checked and verified by the administration department and provide the acceptance order. After verifying the vehicles send it to workshop for quotation. This quotation collected from three vendors for comparing the price. After comparing the price of 3 vendor lowest bidder is selected for the maintenance work. But if the price is lower than 1000 taka, need to prepare a comparative statement. After getting approval send to the selected vendor for maintenance work. Then prepare a work order and send it to the department head to sign the work order. Getting sign from the department head that car send to the workshop and make sure that repairing work is done properly. From the workshop collect and store the old parts of the vehicle and verify the bill which is submitted by the vendor with the quotation. When the bill is verified then attach all the necessary papers with the bill and send it to the vehicle user for getting approval. After getting approval from the vehicle user then those bills forwarded to the finance department for check and confirm that they any query or not. When finance department has complete checking then they provide cheque against those bills to administration department. Administration provides that cheque to the vendor of those bills.

Motorcycle: ACI Limited provides motorcycle to their field employee for their betterment. Employee who works outside of the office or field work, they get the opportunity to give requisition for motorcycle. After providing requisitions company buy motorcycle for that employee by the name of that company. Then company gets the ownership of that motorcycle. Company provides opportunity to transfer ownership by giving down payment with 72 installments. That means within 6 year that employee will give installment to get the ownership of that motorcycle. When they paid the full amount of money then the company legally transfers the ownership to that employee. The term and regulation followed by both parties:

That the said motor cycle shall be registered in the name of the Company and shall continue to be so registered until the whole amount of the said loan of Tk. 1,02,500/-plus the charges for comprehensive insurance coverage is repaid by the employee.

The employee must possess a valid driving license and a photocopy of the driving license shall have to be submitted to the Company.

The Company shall recover the loan @ Tk. 1500/- per month in 69 instalments, but the last instalment willTk.500/- to adjust the full amount. After full repayment of the loan, ownership of the Motor Cycle will be transferred to the employee. All costs relating to ownership transfer will be borne by the employee.

That the said Motor Cycle shall remain in the possession, care and use of the employee.

The running cost including fuel, maintenance, servicing and repairs will be borne by the employee. It is expected that the Motor Cycle should be maintained in a good running condition.

Annual expense related to comprehensive insurance and road taxes will be paid by the Company and the same will be deducted from employee’s salary in twelve equal installments along with the loan installment.

In the event of termination, resignation, retirement or separation from the Company for any reason whatsoever before the loan is fully repaid, the employee shall immediately return the Motor Cycle to the Administration Department. Company reserves the right to either

  • Retain the motorcycle.


Ask the employee to take the motorcycle by repaying the balance of the loan due from him. If the employee fails to repay the balance of loan mentioned above, the Company should have the right to dispose of the motorcycle at the best price available. The proceeds from such sale shall be applied to repay the loan and surplus shall be paid to the employee.

In case the sales proceed falls short of outstanding, Company shall always have lien over all sums due to the employee by the Company. Such dues shall include Employee’s Provident Fund balance unpaid salaries, arrears compensation gratuity, leave fare etc.

In case of loss of the motorcycle due to theft or for any reason, the Company shall take the money received against insurance claim and refund the excess amount, if any, after adjusting with the book value of the said motorcycle to the employee.

Mobile Phone Management:

Mobile Phone Management means maintenance those phones and sim provided by the company to their permanent employee. When any department gives a requisition for phone with connection to their employee to administration Department then Administration Department provide that to that department. ACI has an agreement with Grameen phone for providing GSM services. Whereas ACI Limited desires to obtain the status of corporate client of GP with a view to enjoy some special facilities to be provided by GP. Administration department maintain this relation with GP. GP provide connection through administration department and they provide the bill of their user to administration. ACI Limited also provides mobile phone to their employees who are authorized to use mobile phone hand set.

For any mobile hand set procurement, approval from executive Director/ Head of Business will send to Administration department along with requisition format. Administration department send this requisition with all documents to Commercial Department and they will issue purchase order of approval mobile set. After mobile set procurement, Commercial will hand over such hand set to Administration Department.

Administration Department hand over such mobile set to the person for whom mobile set has been procured. Original Acknowledgment from copy will be retained by Administration Department for future reference and a copy sent to HR and Commercial.

Security Service:

ACI Limited tries to maintain their own security system for ACI Centre and Head Office. On the other hand, they are also using third party to provide security service named ISS (Integrated Security Service).They made comparative of different vendors and then select the best bidder among the rest of the party.


Reception is most important part of any company. That’s why; a company’s reception should be well decorated. ACI Centre has a well decorated reception which is coordinated by administration department. They recruit two efficient employees for these managerial activities. They help a lot to make an sound connection in between the departments and the guests.

Safety Management:

Firstly ACI is concerned about fire and earthquake. ACI Centre has their own evacuator team to evacuate the employee of ACI while they are in danger. Every team includes 2 people. One of them is main evacuator and other one is the assistant of that evacuator. There are some other works which are explained below:

If the carpet of the office is old and worn then need to inform the manager to arrange for someone to stick the curled edges down and to put warning tape around the worn areas. There should be fire safety signs everywhere in the office and that should be descried about the safety signs. Safety signs should show the position of the fire exits, the fire extinguishers, and the alarm buttons. A safety notice should also describe what to do when the alarm goes. Award yourself a point for each location you identified and a point if you also mentioned the safety notice.

If a floor is wet or slippery, then need to use a safety signs until the place clean. Self supporting double-sided safety sign need to use which warns people to be careful because of a wet or slippery surface and can cordon off the wet or slippery area with safety tape or an alternative type of barrier.

All general notices should be notified. For Example: Notice of food hygiene requirements, a no smoking sign etc.

The Workplace and Display Screen Regulations state that every workplace ‘shall have suitable and sufficient lighting’. Complaints about lighting levels are normally associated with the use of display screens.

The regulations require that ‘effective and suitable’ provision shall be made to ensure that every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a ‘suitable quantity of fresh or purified air’. It is considered that individual control of natural ventilation i.e. windows and doors provides sufficient ventilation to meet the guidelines. Office layouts play an important part in allowing good ventilation and airflow to all areas of open plan offices.

Protocol Management:

ACI Protocol Management team deals with the emergency movement of the VIP and & the figurehead people. They always try to maintain the sound communication with the Ministry of Home, foreign & Industry. The invitation and cordial receiving is always relies with this department. The high officials and joint ventured organization maintain their communication with the protocol management team. ACI’s Chairman’s and MD’s personal affairs are also managed by the protocol team. Basically the department creates a strong network with top authority and foreign dialects.

Govt. Regulatory Management:

The Administration Department works together with the Corporate Dept. for maintaining governmental action implementation bodies. They generally involved with the relative work activities which entitles with legal issues. While launching any new SBU (Strategic Business Unit) important certificate like trade license, Certificate of Memorandum, Environmental Certificate, Fire Certificate, BSTI Certificate, Incorporation with SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission), Certificate of ETP (Efficient Technical Prosperity) arranged and maintained by them. The corporate dept and admin dept. both perform accordingly for better and effective management.

Event Management:

ACI Administration Department looks after all kind of event management system of ACI Limited. Administration Department arranges some event like:

AGM: AGM means Annual General Meeting. This event is arranged by the administration department yearly once. In that event guest list need to be forecasted because the number of the guest is not fixed.

MD’s Address: MD’s Address is an event where Managing Director of ACI Limited gives speech for their employee and provides information and gives advice to their employees. In this event gust list is fixed.

Sports: Every year ACI Limited arrange sports event for their employee to motivate them. There are 3 types of game that ACI arrange for their employee.

They are- Cricket, Football, and Badminton or table tennis. In this event different types of foods like Pitha, Chanachur, and Biscuit are provided.

Others: Administration Department arranges some other Organizational program like Hopes and BCCPA (Bangladesh Crop Care Production Association). In this type of event Buffet style food are provided for the guest.

Event management is an additional feature used to define a process that helps leverage automation to manage events to become more effective and efficient.

The event manager is the person who plans and executes the event. Event managers and their teams are often behind-the-scenes running the event. Event managers may also be involved in more than just the planning and execution of the event, but also brand building, marketing and communication strategy. The event manager is experts at the creative, technical and logistical elements that help an event succeed. This includes event design, audio-visual production, scriptwriting, logistics, budgeting, negotiation and, of course, client service. It is a multi-dimensional profession.

ACI event management involves guest list, safety arrangement, refreshment, speaker arrangement, beautification, security, and so on. Beautification Involves tree decoration, lights and sound system. Cleaning involves two things. Firstly, need to arrange and clean the event place. Lastly, need to clean the fresh room.

After the event, the event manager submits the cost report.

Transportation Service:

ACI Limited provides transport service to their permanent employee. ACI has 4 buses and 22 microbuses to provide transport service. Each and every employee gets this facility by giving requisition to the administration department. In this case, depending on available seat and priority this service is provided. Most of the time female employee gets priority to get transport service.

Power Supply:

ACI has own sub-station for supplying 24 hours power support. ACI Centre has full time power supply backup generator which provide service within 30 second. Two companies provide power back up to ACI limited. Those companies are- Energy Pack and Rahimafrooz.

Canteen Service:

ACI is very much careful about their employee’s health. It is very difficult to have lunch outside of the office or carry food from house and eat. So ACI provide lunch facilities for their employee’s from their canteen. Both company and employee contribute for these facilities. In this case employee’s contribution is 550 BDT. All this system is handling by Administration Department.

Tea/Coffee Service & Storage Management:

To make the people refreshing Administration Department always prompt by providing all the tea room items accordingly. They used to deliver the items on every Sunday of the week. The tea boy’s collect their necessary items from the store which is maintained by their record book. The Administration Officer orders those necessary items to the Shwopno or depot to deliver the items as per quotation. While the vendor comes with their products, the administration officer checks the delivery challan and pays the bill on account. While any conference and meeting is going to happen the Administration Officer provides the tea room items as per requirements.

Incidents Supervision:

Incident means any kind of indoor and outdoor accident or occurrence. If there is any kind of occurrence happen in ACI limited then first need to inform Administration officer to visit that incident place to supervise the incident. By maintaining all the procedure they take necessary steps to solve these types of incidents and take necessary steps to prevent future incidents Garden maintenance:

ACI is very cautious about environment and to keep their environment pollution free they takes necessary steps. ACI Centre is decorated by different types of trees, flower and so on. ACI has three layer beautification tree- Herbs, Sharps and Trees. ACI centre’s reception, lobby, and stair are decorated with different trees. VIP and top management’s room also decorated with this tress. Their roof is decorated by tress, herbs. They have two gardeners to look after those.

Inventory Management:

Inventory means work station, office equipment; machineries, stationary items, grocery items etc are stored in the storage. Once in every year all inventory items are counted for proper distribution and allocation.

Space Allocation:

ACI space allocation is two types. Firstly it allocated according to designation. Secondly it depends on the importance of the job and business profit. The most priority is given on those departments which are enclosed with a lot of employees. While making the yearly budget the admin department add those used space with their per square feet desk place and common space.

Bill Payment:

Bill Payment Process starts with bill receiving from the vendors. Received bill is verified by the administration department. In the verification part all the paper like work order, vat challan, delivery challan, requisition, approval sheet, invoice summary, CEP are included or not need to verify. After verification check the bill amount and if it submitted without work order then administration officer negotiate with vendor about bill amount. When the bill is verified then attaches all the necessary papers with the bill and sends it to the various departments to the head of user for getting approval. After getting approval from the user then those bills information of bills entered on payment requisition form. Then following ISO rules register book is maintained by Administration Department. Need to check and sign on requisition form and photocopy all the papers. Then forwarded those bills to the finance department for check and confirm that they any query or not. When finance department has complete checking then they provide cheque against those bills to administration department. Administration provides that cheque to the vendor of those bills.

Record Archive/ Documentation:

ACI has lots of agreement with different organization and ACI owned many factory and depots. Administration department keep all record which is included with those factories and depots. They have to keep record of all the agreement and all types of bills payment and many others.

Conference Hall Booking:

ACI has three conference halls in the ACI Centre. Mainly these halls are use for training session. But these halls are also used for different events, millad, conference, hopes programs and many others programs. Arrange those programs and schedule time is maintained by administration department. For each program need to book conference halls before 2 days.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. By definition, Strengths (S) and Weaknesses (W) are considered to be internal factors over which you have some measure of control. Also, by definition, Opportunities (O) and Threats (T) are considered to be external factors over which you have essentially no control.


  • Good Reputation of the company
  • Sound Management


  • Lack of manpower
  • Lack of technological know-how
  • Transport problem


  • Established company and have a good reputation
  • Less number of competitors
  • Well known company in the consumer mind


  • Unqualified emplacement
  • Less knowledge about Administration Activities
  • Less use of technological system


  1. Need effective training facilities: For ACI Administration employees more training programs and workshops should be arranged. By this kind of training programs employees will learn new things and that’s how they will be updated thus will improve their skills.
  2. Encourage to forecast accurately: The Administration Department should have a clear and distinctive idea to forecast the cost and profit margin. They must create such an organized format by which they can make connection with all the relevant activities accordingly.
  3. Proper segmentation of work: The file and folders should be stored in a nice manner by which they can find out the necessary regarding information in appropriate time. Accurate segmentation will reduce the pressure of all works.
  4. Effective negotiation skill: The effective negotiation skill should be developed for generating more profit. The Administration officer should be prompt enough to make the work done before the time frame.
  5. Transport service centre: If they launch new service centre for their own transport facilities they can reduce the unnecessary cost regarding the pool. Thus they can find out the common drawbacks and take initiative immediately.
  6. Time skill management: The effective utilization of time and other resources should be managed and confirmed in a decent manner thus the rate of productivity will developed. Timely decorative work will emphasize the creativity of the people.
  7. Motivational tools utilization: The tools of motivation and functions should be formed thus they can be motivated. If the workforce is self motivated and energetic enough they can ensure the organization growth accordingly.
  8. Improve Communication: The Administration Department works as the figure head of the organization they are considered blood circulation of activities. If object communication is ensured they will manage more proficiency.
  9. Proper utilization of resources: If they ensured the utilization of existing resources well they will surely get the peck of success.


ACI was established as the subsidiary of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in 1968. After independence the company has been incorporated in Bangladesh on the 24th of January 1973 as ICI Bangladesh Manufacturers Limited and also as Public Limited Company. ACI Limited is one of the leading conglomerates in Bangladesh, with a multinational heritage. The company has diversified into four major businesses. ACI Administration Department is the blood circulation for the whole ACI Centre. By this way ACI Administration Department provides all the facilities to the ACI Centre and tries to solve all types of problem that can affect the organization.