Annual Performance Appraisal System

Annual Performance Appraisal System

Performance appraisal is the systematic evaluation of employees with respect to their performance on their job and their potential for development. The goal of the annual performance appraisal is to enhance the employee’s job performance while establishing good communication channels between the employee and the supervisor.

There are two types of appraisal format; one for staff in grade 1 to 3 who do not have individual Operating Plan (IOP) and another for staff in grade 4 to 9 whose performance are evaluated with respect to individual Operating Plans. The other two sections are job description and Individual performance competencies and practice of core values.

Weight age System and performance rating:

In order to introduce a more proper and objective approach in the Performance rating, this weight age system has been developed. The relative weight age in each elements of the job description, IOP and performance competencies section vary in order of importance. Both supervisor and supervisee discuss and determine the weight age in each element of these sections and record the same in writing at the initial stage of the performance year.

For almost all the positions, individual weight age between the responsibilities, IOPs and competencies varies. However, if a supervisor feels that for a certain position, weightage in each elements of the responsibilities, IOPs and competencies should remain the same, it is allowed depending on the nature of the position, weightage in each elements of the responsibilities IOPs and competencies should remain the same, it is allowed depending on the nature of the position and in that case that is agreed upon between the supervisor and the supervisee and it is recorded in writing

Staff having on IOP

Performance Standard                                            Weight

Job responsibility                                                        70%

Performance Competencies                                      30%

Staff having IOP

Performance standard                                              Weight

Job responsibility                                                        40% (or 60%)

Individual Operating plans                                        30% (or 10%)

Individual Competencies & practice of core values 30


Performance Rating:

There are five types of performance ratings which are discussed below:

  • Significantly Exceeds Requirements (SER): Outstanding, superior performer, extremely competent and knowledgeable.
  • Exceeds Requirements (ER): Excellent performance, dependable and competent.
  • Meets Requirements (MR): Good performance


The numeric value of performance rating are:

Outstanding or SER                                                5

Superior or Exceeds requirements                       4

Good or meets requirements                                 3

Needs improvements                                              2


For overall rating the scale is developed:

  • 90 – 100 Outstanding or SER
  • 70 – 89 Superior or Exceeds requirements
  • 55 – 69 Good or meets requirements
  • Below 55 Needs improvements


Calculation of overall rating

Based on the numeric value being assigned as mentioned above, each of the job element (job responsibility, IOP objective or competency) is given a score which is supported by a brief narration. The score for each element is multiplied by corresponding weight. The sum of these weighted values gives the section-wise overall rating. The section-wise score is then multiplied by each section weight. Thus, the summation of each section wise score gives an overall performance rating.

The linking of performance rating and salary increment is established thereafter.


Mid – term Evaluation

Mid term performance reviews are conducted during December – January, each year. Mid-term review is personal discussion between supervisor and supervisee about employee’s performance. How far the subordinate has performed during the first six months period is evaluated. Before the annual appraisal in May-June, the mid-term review gives an opportunity to review the strengths and weakness and thus the weak areas can be addressed before annual appraisal comes in. However, this is done in an informal manner. The documentation is kept at a minimum level.



Peer feedback

The supervisor collects inputs from other staff prior to completing the appraisal format. The peers may be staff within the section /projects or in other departments / projects who has frequent interaction about the employee’s performance. Peers feedback is given due importance before finalization of annual appraisal. The peers and the number are mutually agreed upon both supervisor and supervisee. Peers may send their comments by using a standard format. Peers feedback is one of the strong parts of the performance appraisal system.


Appraisal interview

The supervisor invites the supervisee in the appraisal interview once the appraisal is reviewed by him. Performance feedback is very important aspect of performance appraisal process. Both supervisor and supervisee share their ideas, provide feedback in a constructive manner to meet objectives and improve performance during appraisal interview. The supervisee is supposed to be conducted in a comfortable setting. The supervisor discussed strong and weak areas of the subordinates citing examples of the specific events during the performance year. Both agree on the future developmental needs and discuss about future plans.


Supervisor’s Implementation of Performance Appraisal proces

In the frontal page of the APA format, all appraises will rate their respective supervisor’s ” Implementation of Performance Management Process” by ticking rating in the space of I) performance’ planning ii) Midterm Review iii) Ongoing feedback iv) performance appraisal. This rating will be done at the time whenever the appraisee receives his/her APA but the appraiser’s comments has not yet been completed.



Employee Comments

The employee read his / her appraisal and writes his/her comments in the appropriate section of the APA format. The employee is supposed to provide one-week time by supervisor to review the appraisal format.


Submission to next level and personnel

Once all parties agree and sign the appraisal, it is forwarded to respective project Coordination Unit / General Managers for review and final approval. Thereafter, appraisal is forwarded to next level of authority before sending to personnel department for checking, processing and communicating appraisal outcome to all staff.


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