Difference Between Apprenticeship And Internship

In reality, apprenticeship and internship are means of applying the skills and knowledge that students learn through their schooling, and there are some marked differences between the two. In on-the-job training, the training is provided to the trainees, at a particular work location. There are several on-the-job training methods like orientation, coaching, job instruction, apprenticeship, and internship. When an individual starts his or her career, they seek to achieve some work experience within the practical field; this work experience of theirs will help them in honing on the talents that may help them in their future calling.

Both apprenticeship and internship are the terms related to gaining such work experience. Apprenticeships are many roles oriented; it works under an experienced employer to realize all skills needed for his job. On the opposite hand, an internship is for undergraduate students where they learn specific skills and work experience required in a very particular field or job, which can or might not be paid. They need come to be used as synonyms; yet, there are some differences that set an apprenticeship aside from the internship.

The key difference between Apprenticeship and Internship:

Apprenticeship –

  • Apprenticeship is a training program carried out in a sector or undertaking in which the trainee is given the opportunity to learn and benefit at the same time.
  • A typical apprenticeship is for a minimum of 12 months in order to allow adequate time for learners to accomplish all that is required.
  • Apprenticeship is usually available in more skill-oriented and training-oriented regions, with opportunities to transform apprenticeship into a post-completion period of full-time jobs.
  • Apprenticeship training is considered as a part of Vocational Education and Training.
  • Apprenticeship is the learning of skills related to the trading and business world.
  • The apprenticeship is usually undertaken after the person has acquired his/her degree.
  • Apprenticeship is typically available in more skill-oriented and training-oriented areas, with incentives to turn the apprenticeship into a full-time job post completion cycle.
  • The trainees of apprenticeship training are called as an apprentice.
  • The apprentice is expected to learn through hands-on training and acquire the skills accordingly.
  • The apprentice after the completion of work gets a letter of completion and other documents, and they also get a job offer at the same place under the same mentor.

Internship –

  • The internship is a training program in which the trainee is given the opportunity to learn the required skills and knowledge which he requires in order to get employment.
  • An internship can be anything from 1 week to a year in duration and are much more flexible program then apprenticeships.
  • Internships aren’t structured and often focus on entry-level general work experience.
  • An internship may or may not be a part of formal education.
  • An internship is taken upon for resume building.
  • An internship offers the interns the hand-holding they need while learning something new.
  • The internship is a training program in which the trainee has the opportunity to learn the requisite skills and experience to get a job.
  • The trainees are known as interns in case of internship training.
  • The internship is intended to study the theory’s practical implementation and hands-on experience would not be allowed for them.
  • Upon completion, the intern earns a certificate but they are not issued with any other documentation or work offer.

Apprenticeships are generally a mixture of work experience and training and an internship are solely work experience. Both are an excellent opportunity to learn new skills in a chosen field which is of great importance to a person at the beginning of their career. This will boost the full resume of the candidate and he/she will be willing to seek better opportunities in the future.


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