Effective Product Design

Effective Product Design are attributes required by the customer. A success product or services do not only have attractive package design but should be also able to provide robust performance.

Product Design

A good product design has following common features:

  • Utility: The product design should make product utility as per expectation of customers and provide steady performance through the product life.
  • Aesthetics: Product aesthetics is important in success of the product. The product aesthetics is dependent on market and end customer.
  • Producible: Product design should enable effective production of product through available production methods.
  • Profitability: Product design should make economic sense as to deliver value to customer and sustainability to the organization.

Customer Involvement: Involvement of customer in product design and testing can provide insight into the direction of the project

Prototyping and testing: Product design is high risk concept as it involves commitment of capital and man-power; therefore, it is imperative that extensive prototyping and testing are done with customer and market.

Raw Material: It is essential that raw material to be used in the production meets the quality standards of the end product. Furthermore, procurement system needs to be in place to ensure continuous, cost effective supply.

Production method and process layout: Feasibility of production method and process layout determines future success of the product.

Effective Product Design