Objectives of Employee Discipline

Disciplining employees is a necessary matter in every organization, albeit an unpleasant one. Effective discipline can help to correct employee behavioral issues and can increase productivity. Effective discipline will also help to protect your company against wrongful termination lawsuits.

The purpose of employee discipline is not to embarrass or degrade an employee. The purpose is to ensure that an employee performs in a manner that is deemed acceptable by the organization. Does this mean that employee discipline is nothing more than being threatened with being fired? Of course, it doesn’t. Employee discipline is much more than that.

Objectives of Employee Discipline

The primary concern of discipline is to frame an employee’s behavior as per the organizational rules and regulations, or the value set by the organization. Besides, other important objectives are as follows:

  1. To obtain organizational rules, regulations, norms, and values so that the organizational activities are performed effectively.
  2. To impart the environment of certainty despite the differences in individual backgrounds, cultures, values, and experiences, and other related organizational changes.
  3. To develop a spirit of tolerance and desire to make adjustments among employees.
  4. To give and seek direction and responsibility.
  5. To promote the environment of respect for human personality and harmonious labor relation.
  6. To motivate the employees to a higher level of performance and so on.
  7. Increase the morale and working efficiency of the employees.
  8. Foster industrial peace which is the very foundation of industrial democracy.


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