Organization Overview of GrameenPhon IT (GPIT)

Organization Overview of GrameenPhon IT (GPIT)

Offshoot company of Grameen Phone Limited

The leading telecommunications operator Grameenphone Ltd. launched its first offshoot company. It is a wholly subsidiary of GP incorporated as a private limited company in January 2010 as a separate legal entity. From GP‟s operational backbone, GPIT build competitive business IT solutions and maintain their critical IT infrastructure, allowing Grameenphone to continue giving exceptional services to over 30 million subscribers nationwide.

GPIT is an international B2B company with a profit balance and stable corporate clienteles‟ prescription medications right from day one. IT has been established with an experience of more than a decade of excellence and effort to make people‟s lives easier.

It has highly dedicated IT professionals that specialize in innovative, customized end-toend solutions. It has targets to be a dominant player on the local market for enterprise grade IT software and managed solutions and recognized globally for quality mobile and enterprise software solutions as well as its support and maintenance.

GPIT already has created the first full activity-based, automated paperless workplace in Bangladesh and creating milestones and industry benchmarks in the way it operates. GPIT‟s foremost ambition is to contribute to the growth of the local IT industry. Currently GPIT provides complete managed services to GP. In addition to the telecom industry, the company wants to be successful in banking industry by providing best IT solutions. It has a target to develop the IT business that will improve way of life, increase productivity and efficiency that will take Bangladesh to a brighter future.

Product and service offerings

GPIT try to provide end-to-end solution for all IT need of the customers. They offer different IT solutions to their customers, which includes-


Mobile Solutions

Mobile solution endow with a range of service that helps the customer to gain competitive technology boundary which will help them showcase business capability and drive business growth. This solution gives the clients the chance to have the latest information at their fingertips.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are intuitive and cost-effective end-to-end solutions to transform clients‟ enterprise for outstanding results. These solutions ensure maximization of customer‟s IT investment whilst utilizing their human resources effectively. And also provide them with comprehensive support for specialized requirements by working sincerely with their business partners.

Communication Solutions

For easier accessibility to information and enhance the organization‟s cross-functional collaboration GPIT has developed communication solutions for the advancing organizations which includes unified communications (UC), PBX solutions, Multimedia and AV services.

Network Solutions

GPIT design and maintain entire network solutions that form the backbone of customers‟ business according to the networking requirements to bridge the gaps between connectivity, security and accessibility.

Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure solutions include comprehensive range of services for building and maintaining technology assets of the customers.


System Integration

GPIT provide services for the infrastructure that will help customers to link infrastructure and data which can help expedite process, business intelligence and reporting objectives.

IT Consultancy

In IT consultancy they offer consultancy services in the areas of business strategy, disaster recovery, business continuity, operations, security and e-governance.

Support & Maintenance

Maintenances services are offered for technology and business processes. This includes maintenance of networks, infrastructure, communications and enterprise systems, ensure smooth performance.

Business Process Outsourcing

Under business process outsourcing GPIT provide economic solutions in carrying most cumbersome and daunting tasks of an organization which is compulsory but carrying high overhead.


Products offered by GPIT are:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Core Banking
  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse
  • Call Center Solutions
  • DR & Data Center

Vision, Mission & Value

Through their vision GPIT Ltd. hopes to achieve great milestones and with a culture of continuous improvement, they hope to succeed beyond measure.


“Become the most reliable Bangladeshi IT company providing best value solutions both locally and globally.”


“Help transform businesses through best IT solutions to reach new peaks in productivity and efficiency.”


GPIT shares four values with its mother company Grameenphone. The values are:

– Make it easy

– Be inspiring

– Be respectful

– Keep promises

SWOT Analysis


  • Existing technical skills and experience
  • Strong footprint in Telco domain
  • Opportunity to leverage GP‟s corporate customer base
  • 24&7 Customer Service nation wide
  • Partnership with IT giants
  • Internal resource capability to provide solution in multiple business areas with multiple skill sets


  • Growing local demand for IT
  • Digital Initiatives by government
  • Global demand for low cost resource & IT Service
  • Opportunity within Telenor Group & through Partner
  • Need for a market leader in Bangladesh IT Industry


  • Inexperience in providing solutions to external customers as IT company & outsource project management
  • Lack of solution competency in domains other than Telco
  • Development & process standardization readiness
  • Lack of customer reference


  • Lack of supply for skilled IT resources in Market
  • Global player in local market (Wipro, Samsung)
  • Potential competition from local companies
  • Regulatory changes & political instability
  • Foreign currency restrictions

Description/ nature of the job

I have received the opportunity to work with one of the renowned international IT firm of Bangladesh- Grameenphone IT Limited (GPIT). It was an internship program of 3 months contract with GPIT, which was started from 29 May, 2011 to 28 August, 2011.

This internship program is a requirement to complete BUS 400 of BRAC University. The Finance Division is charged with the responsibility of monitoring the activities all financial activities. This includes the Accounts Payable and Payroll functions. In conjunction with this task the Finance Division is responsible for the compilation and administration of budget, the administration of Tax and Vat, internal auditing to insure compliance with all laws, and financial reporting to stakeholders. The finance division of GPIT has six departments, like- treasury, financial reporting, vat and tax and other departments which are related to directing, monitoring, and planning all aspects of the Finance Division. My supervisor „Biswajit Roy‟ looks after „Financial Reporting‟ department and my main responsibility was to assist him and others to finish their works smoothly.

Specific Responsibilities of the Job

A job description is a list that a person might use for general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position. My first day at GPIT was about knowing my task, responsibilities and new environment. I was briefed about my job responsibilities that I have to do throughout my internship. My supervisor informed me about some specific responsibilities that as an intern I have to perform. According to him my responsibilities are:

  • Providing help to maintain General Ledger
  • Forecasting cash flow
  • Preparing monthly and yearly financial statements
  • Maintaining updated records for future use and for some important investigation matters
  • Filing accounting documents for reporting and reconciliation
  • Documenting reports
  • Checking and processing payment vouchers
  • Checking and posting of vouchers
  • Bank relationship management
  • Preparing and reviewing Treasury Reports,
  • Managing Treasury related issues with internal stakeholders
  • Ensuring the proper documentation of every transaction
  • Preparing invoices, billings and accounts on cheques
  • Summarizing accounting records
  • Reporting on the financial status of the business
  • Controlling the standing or exposure of the firm cash on the daily basis
  • Looking after cash requests on the ad-hoc basis
  • Ensuring confidentiality in performing assigned task

Along with above responsibilities my task was to analyze, evaluate and interpret data concerning an organization’s financial stability, as well as current and future financial trends. This includes summarizing data to suggest changes or improve current and longterm organizational growth. This involves measuring competitors’ financial statistics, as well as performing research and analysis relative to losses.

Different Aspects of Job Performance

In previous discussion I have mentioned that I was assigned with some specific responsibilities at my first day at GPIT, but throughout my internship period I had to perform some extra responsibilities. In some cases I did not have to perform certain responsibilities. The task I had performed while I was working there are:

Comparative study and ratio analysis: My first task was to prepare a comparative study between GPIT and the global competitors. Because they wanted to know the current scenario of the company. So I made a excel file which shows the comparative study of GPIT and some Indian IT Companies based on various ratio analysis which include profitability ratio, debt utilization ratio and liquidity ratio.

Company study: I was given another task to observe and study the Annual Report- 2010 of GPIT, so that I can get a clear view of the company. Then I was asked to prepare a report that includes my thought and overall idea about my understanding.

Management report preparing: GPIT prepare management report on a monthly basis. And this time I got the chance to prepare the monthly Management Report of May, 2011. For that I had to calculate the revenue & OPEX, revenue & EBIDTA and present certain charts to show the scenario. Besides I had to prepare adjusted financials and payable vs. receivable as on May 31, 2011.

Summarizing contract papers: As a IT Company GPIT often has to prepare contract or sign contract with other party to provide certain IT services or receive any services from other party. My responsibility was to summarize the financial part of the contract so that it helps them to take necessary financial decisions.

Preparing vouchers: Another task was to prepare vouchers, like purchase requisition vouchers, payment vouchers etc. Based on some terms and condition I had to fill up the vouchers and calculate the final amount of the transaction. I had to make sure every item is included and calculated correctly.

Preparing invoices: An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer. My task was to prepare such documents for those parties who have taken IT services from GPIT.

Permission collection and ensure payments of internal and external stakeholders: Another tricky and crucial work was to ensure payments of internal and external stakeholders of GPIT. This payment includes salary, different allowance including mobile allowance and car allowance, final settlements of the employees who are leaving the job, business trips, and payment to the sellers for furniture, office fixtures and other necessary items required for different IT work. My work was to collect permission from the director panel and ensure that they internal and external stakeholders receive their payments on time.

Bank relationship management: GPIT is an international organization, so finance division has to do lots of banking works to receive or provide payments from different national and international stakeholders. For that reason they have to maintain a good relationship with banks, as a part of finance division I had to maintain such relationship with Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, Eastern Bank Ltd and some other banks to get important information and enable necessary services on time.

Managing formal banking activities: Recently GPIT enabled on line banking system and my task was to ensure this whole enabling activities goes on without any problem. Besides all kinds of financial payments and important papers requires signature from any two members of signatories panel. I had to work complete banking formalities to make a new panel. For that I had to collect required papers, fill those up, collect necessary papers to attach with those papers and submit those to respective banks.

Writing cheques and payment permission collection: GPIT often has to give checks to the employees or external stakeholders. For that I had to write cheques without error. Like other important document this cheques also requires signature from any two members of signatories panel. So I had check which two signatories are available, then I had to present the cheque with supporting documents and convince them to sign the cheque.

Attending workshop: GPIT arrange quarterly strategic workshop for each division. And it is mandatory for everyone to participate. I got the chance to participate in last workshop and make a summary of the day long workshop so that it can be helpful for the management to identify the areas need to improve and take organizational necessary decision based on the outcome.

Research work and research paper: Recently the management of GPIT is thinking of developing new software. They were not sure if it is feasible to start that new project. So they assigned me to do a research work on that matter and asked me to present a research paper on my findings. For that to collect information I had to visit many places and do many research on the information I had collected from internet. Later on I submitted them the research paper.

Besides these works I had to help them to organize a Corporate Iftar Party on 25th August, 2011 at Lake Shore, which includes the customers and some other renowned organizations. On the other hand, besides my regular works an unassigned task work to maintain coordination with inter department and Grammenphone Finance Division.

Critical Observation and Recommendation

Grameenphone IT Ltd. is a remarkable place to use my academic learning to work life and use that in my future career ahead. I had the chance to reassure my educational learning through many matter-of-fact responsibilities and works. Most important thing I have learned about financial activities, business and economy state of affairs are significantly different from what we see from our inner perspective or experience. From my perspective I can say, I had the most practical experience of finance related terminologies and theories and activities. From preparing financial reports, vouchers and invoices, managing other records to strategic planning I have got the chance to sharpen my learning and competitive skills. This helped me to developed communication skills as I had to communicate with many people and convince the management for payment and other permission; leadership skills as I had to helped them to organize a Iftar Party where I had to lead some people to some works; presentation skills as I often had to present different findings and situation to the management; documentation skills as I had to do the documentation of report and other transaction. Besides all the skills I got the real experience of corporate cultural at GPIT. More above at GPIT I got the chance to work in an open office space where no one has fixed place so anyone can sit anywhere which reduce boredom, as employees do not sit in particular office they get the chance to interact with each other more and it helps to develop good team. Two things I found really interesting about GPIT, one is that they maintain a paperless office, every employee is provided with a laptop where they can do their work, and this also helps them to anywhere they want. Another thing is GPIT Finance Division uses the latest technology for their work, they even installed on line banking system. This helps them to get error free information and enable faster services.

I found almost everything good about GPIT. But some matters are there if they develop those sectors it will be a good addition to their effective and efficient work environment. So I would like to present some recommendations, like:

  • GPIT do not pay the interns. Sometimes inters have to do many works of the organization that requires payment. So if they can give some remuneration to them will work as a motivator factor.
  • Although they promise inters to provide transport services, inters of GPIT only get pick service not drop service, so they can manage that.
  • I was provided with many job responsibilities at my first day at work, but many responsibilities were there which I did not have to do. In fact to some extent I had less work to do, as finance division has to deal with many confidential works. But they can trust inters that they will not disclose the information and can provide more works to them so that the interns get to learns more.

If GPIT can solve above situation and use interns for more works this will help them to get more effective works and new and fresh ideas that will help them to develop their business.


I have tried to evaluate the performance of GPIT and present a comparative study between GPIT and other IT companies of Asia based on various financial ratios and comparing those with three foreign IT firms. There have some interesting findings in the report, one of them is the fact that GPIT‟s profitability ratios like gross profit margin, ROA and especially ROE have been quite higher like other firms but their efficiency ratios like inventory turnover ratio, fixed asset turnover ratio have been quite low. This might seem a bit contradictory at first look but in fact it isn‟t so. A closer look at the profitability ratios will give an idea that all the profitability ratios of GPIT top the list except ROA. But ROE remained high due to heavy reliance on liabilities which created a financial leverage and did boost up ROE figure. So based on these findings a conclusion can be drawn that GPIT hasn‟t been efficient in managing their assets to generate revenue in the last year but still their profitability ratios were high because they have been able to manage their expenses in an efficient manner. These activities might have caused such variations in profitability ratios and management efficiency ratios.

There are some more interesting findings, like- even though GPIT showed high reliance on liabilities to finance their assets they had absolutely no long term debt in the year 2010. So, high percentage of their assets have financed through current liabilities. There have also been some noticeable findings of Satyam and Wipro regarding their management efficiency ratios. Inventory turnover ratio of Wipro has a very high figure but fixed assets turnover ratio and total assets turnover ratio are really poor. This might have resulted due to the fact that inventory comprises very small portion of Wipro‟s total assets. Satyam‟s case is just the opposite, their inventory turnover ratio is poor but fixed assets turnover ratio is very high. So their fixed assets might comprise a small portion of their total assets compared to inventories. Satyam‟s profitability ratios have been consistently low compared to other firms and their ROE wasn‟t promising even though they had a high long term debt equity ratio compared to other IT firms. The reason is that even though Satyam‟s long term debt ratio was much higher their debt equity ratio wasn‟t so, which means that they didn‟t rely heavily on liabilities to finance their assets. Long term liability comprised a high portion of the total liability but liability itself wasn‟t used extensively to finance their assets. That‟s why ROE remained low even though long term debt equity was high. So, based on the discussion it can be conclude that GPIT‟s performance in the year 2010 was bad compared to those other IT firms and especially if we consider the fact that GPIT is a new IT firm in the market. In the 2010 GPIT managed their expenses in a pretty efficient as it has been shown in this report but their asset management strategies haven‟t been that much efficient. So if the firm focuses on improving those areas where their inefficiencies lie and keep up the good work they did in 2010, then it may be safe to say that GPIT has a sound future ahead and might well be one of leaders in the IT market of South-East Asia.