Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is the set of assumptions, beliefs, values & norms that are shared by an organization’s members. This culture is created by organization’s key members. It represents a key element of the work environment in which employees perform their jobs. There is a close relationship between the organization culture & the workers of the organization. Its importance is as given below –

  •       It is important for firms’ success.
  •       It gives an identity to employees.
  •       It is the source of stability & continuity.
  •       New workers can anticipate about the environment.
  •       It helps to stimulate employee enthusiasm for their task.

Organizational Culture measures as the given below way –

  • Examination of stories, symbols, rituals & ceremonies.
  • Interviews & open – ended questionnaires.
  • Examination of corporate philosophy statements.
  • Survey employees directly.
  • Become a member of the organization.

Example – In the UITS university the students have to come I class with the formal dress & with their own ID card, attend the class on time, during their exams all he classes remain closed. They have an opportunity for the top 3 students who stood first, second, & third in the exam to go America for a study tour by the university expenses.

Organizational Culture