Perception of Training

Perception of Training

Training is the process of teaching the new and/or present employees the basic skills they need to effectively perform their jobs. The next phase of employment program begins with the arrangement of training needs after the newly appointed employees have entered into the organization. The candidates placed on the job need training to perform their duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently. The workers must be trained in order to operate machines, equipment, reduce scraps, and avoid accidents. It is not only the shop floor workers who need training but supervisors, managers, and other executives also need to be developed with regard to the specific working environment.

Training is a continuous or never-ending process. Even the existing employees need to be trained to refresh them & enable them to keep up with the new methods & techniques of work. This type of training is known as Refresher Training & the training given to new employees is known as Induction Training. This is basically given to new employees to help them get acquainted with the work environment & fellow colleagues. It is a very short informative training just after recruitment to introduce or orient the employee with the organization’s rules, procedures & policies.

Training plays a significant role in human resource development. Human resources are the lifeblood of any organization. Only through trained & efficient employees, can an organization achieve its objectives.

  • To impart to the new entrants the basic knowledge & skills they need for an intelligent performance of definite tasks.
  • To prepare employees for more responsible positions.
  • To bring about change in attitudes of employees in all directions.
  • To reduce supervision time, reduce wastage & produce quality products.
  • To reduce defects & minimize accident rate.
  • To absorb new skills & technology.
  • Helpful for the growth & improvement of employee’s skills & knowledge.

TravelSky’s Training Concept: Training is a kind of “human-oriented investment” that a company cannot afford to neglect. It is the vitality a company needs to prosper. TravelSKy takes capacity improvement as its mainline and talent development as its goal while focusing on employees’ career development and striving for common growth with its staff.

Training can be defined as an on-going process of teaching new employees the basic skills they need to perform their task effectively and efficiently. Training is a short-term skill development campaign intended to impart the basic skills of work to middle and lower level employees. It focuses on teaching operational skills to the technical persons. A training program is arranged in order to provide basic knowledge and skill, especially for non-managerial employees. The training arrangement involves a systematic procedure that helps to increase the knowledge and skills of newly appointed employees and also for existing employees to develop them according to change in environment. It develops the technical know-how so as to increase employee’s operating skills for performing a specific job with proficiency.

Therefore, it can be said that training refers to a systematic procedure designed to improve performance at the individual, group or organizational level. Improved performance implies that there has been considerable change in skill, attitudes, knowledge, and behavior of employees.


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