Report on Babylon Group

Babylon Garments Ltd. the very first concern of the Group came into operation in July 1986. Babylon launched her first garments manufacturing unit with a modest capacity of about 2,000 pieces of Shirts/Blouses per day. Today the Group owns several factories as listed below –

A short profile of them Babylon Group:

  •   Babylon Garments Ltd.
  •   Suravee Garments Ltd.
  •   Babylon Dresses Ltd.
  •   Aboni Fashions Ltd.
  •    Babylon Outfit Ltd.
  •    Babylon Casual Wear Ltd.
  •    Aboni Knitwear Ltd.
  •    Aboni Textiles Ltd.
  •    Juniper Embroideries Ltd.
  •    Babylon Trims Ltd.
  •    Babylon Washing Ltd.
  •    Babylon Printers Ltd.
  •    TRENDZ (Local Retailing)
  •    Babylon Buying Services Ltd.
  •    Babylon Medical Services

Babylon Garments Ltd.        (Established – Year 1986)

  • Located at Company’s own premises at 2-B/1, Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.
  • Total floor area about 90,000 sq ft.
  • Capacity : 200,000 ~ 240,000 pcs. of Men’s/ Children’s formal shirts per month (woven).
  • Number of Production Lines : 10

Babylon Dresses Ltd.               (Established – Year 1995)

  • Also located at Company’s own premises at 2-B/1, Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.
  • Total floor area about 45,000 sq ft.
  • Capacity : 100,000  ~ 120,000 pcs. of Men’s / Children’s casual shirts per month  (woven).
  • Number of Production Lines : 05

Suravee Garments Ltd.       (Established – Year 1987)

  • Located at Company’s rented premises at 2/C, Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.
  • Total floor area about 22,500 sq. ft.
  • Capacity :  100,000~120,000 pcs of Men’s/Ladies formal, casual blouses and dresses per month (woven).
  • Number of Production Lines : 05

 Aboni Fashions Ltd.                    (Established – Year 2000)

  • Located at Company’s own premises at Plot – 242-243, Union – Tetulzora, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.
  • Total floor area about 25,000 sq ft.
  • Capacity : 100,000 ~ 120,000 pcs of Men’s/Ladie’s formal & casual shirts per month  (woven).
  • Number of Production Lines : 05


Babylon Outfit Ltd.                      (Established – Year 2007)

  • Located at Company’s rented premises at 33, Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216.
  • Total floor area about 22,000 sq ft.
  • Capacity : 50,000 ~ 60,000 pcs of Men’s/Ladie’s formal & casual shirts per month  (woven).
  • Number of Production Lines : 02

Babylon Casual Wear Ltd.   ( Established –  Year 2006 )

  • Located at Company’s own premises at Plot – 23-24, Union – Tetulzora, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.
  • This is a 3-stored building having a total floor area of about 90,000 sq-ft.
  • Capacity : 300,000-350,000 pcs (per month- by considering 5 pocket denim) of Mens and ladies casual wear including Tops and Bottoms in Denim and other medium to heavy materials.
  • Number of Production Lines : 10-11

Aboni Knitwear Ltd.             ( Established –  Year 2002 )

  • Knitted garment manufactory, is located at Hemayetpur, Savar (own premises).
  • This is a 7-storey building having a total floor area of about 93,000 sq-ft.
  • Has 31 production lines with a capacity of producing about 6,25,000 pcs. of Polo Shirts and 16,50,000 pcs. of T-Shirts/Tank Tops etc. per month.
  • Product range – Polo Shirts, T-shirts, Shorts, Pyjamas etc. for Men’s, Ladies, Children.
  • Principal customers – BHS, Tesco, New Look, Sainsbury (UK); Zara (Spain); Jules, Kiabi (France), H&M (Sweden).

Aboni Textiles Ltd.                 (Established – Year 2001)

  • Aboni is a modern and efficient Composite Textile Project for the production of knitted fabrics.
  • Located at Hemayetpur, Savar near Dhaka, being company’s own premises.
  • Total constructed area 115,000 sq ft for Aboni Textiles Ltd.
  • The knit textile project has been designed with all European best Machinery and Technical know-how. The current capacity of the project is 8.0 tons tons per day for Knitting, 8.5 tons per day for Dyeing & 10 tons per day for Finishing. This project is having both tubular and with open-width facility.

A modern and efficient composite knit textile industry equipped with hi-tech European Knitting, Dyeing, and Finishing Machinery. Aboni offers various types of high quality tubular fabrics including interlock, single jersey, pique polo, lacoste, rib, lycra rib, flat knit collar / cuff and many other varieties of structured fabrics and fashionable garments.

Aboni now also offers stentering, compacting, and calendaring of open width fabrics and is equipped with 100% Cotton, T/C, CVC, Polyester & Spandex mixed fabric finishing facilities.

Babylon Printers Ltd.           ( Established –  Year 2004 )

  • Located at Company’s own premises at Plot – 23-24, Union – Tetulzora, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.
  • This is a 3-stored building having a total floor area of about 25,000 sq-ft.
  • Printing facility for prints on knitted garments (Rubber, Plastisol etc.)
  • Equipped with infra-red dryer & imported Curing Machine.
  • Capacity – 50,000 pcs / day @ standard design.

TRENDZ                                                      Established –  Year 2004 )

  • Babylon’s own brand
  • TRENDZ has currently 7 (Seven) outlets in Dhaka City retailing western-oriental fusion outfit for Men, Women and Children.
  • TRENDZ products are all designed by in-house designers and fabrics are sourced meticulously from home and abroad.
  • TRENDZ is to go for more shops in Dhaka and neighboring cities of the country soon.

Babylon Buying Services Ltd.      – ( Established –  Year 2003 )


  • Babylon Buying Services Ltd. (BBSL) is a one stop solution of apparel needs!
  • Located at Company’s own premises at 2-B/1, Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216. Bangladesh
  • BBSL has been developed by gathering complaint / committed factories (Fair-trade, Organic, Oekotex etc.) of Woven, Knit, under garments, Sweater and Home textiles to meet the diversified needs of the customers around the world in terms of price, quality, lead time and value addition besides their own factories of Woven, tops & bottom & knit tops and bottom.

Product :

  • Woven Tops & Bottom
  • Knit tops & Bottom
  • Sweat Shirt & Fleece Jackets
  • Sweater
  • Under Garments & Home Textiles.

With all kinds of value addition like Print, Embroidery, Appliqué, Garments Washing, Garments Dyeing (Pigment Dyed), Tie & Dye, Dip Dyed, Chemical Spray, Aromatic fabric, Cool max, Moisture Management so on.

Babylon Medical Services      – ( Established –  Year 2007 )

  • Location – Company’s own premises at Plot – 242-243, Union – Tetulzora, Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.
  • Floor Area – 2,500 sq-ft.
  • Services –
    • Experienced Doctor
    • Pathological Test
    • Fair price Pharmacy
    • Operation Theatre
    • Sick Bed
    • Special services for factories.

All these factories are owned by the same owners and being managed from corporate office at 2-B/1, Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka – 1216. But each of the manufacturing units has its own factory management setup to perform from sample making, cutting etc. upto packing of the finished products.

Total number of employees in the Factories           :  About 9,529

Total Turnover in the year 2009                              :  About US$ 90.00 million

The Group of Companies owns 8-storied building at 2/B-1, Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka as the factory premises for three of the woven units and the corporate office. Keeping the environmental and decent labour practice issues in mind, the building has been designed in a manner that satisfies both local and international legal requirements that are necessary for responsible manufacturing.

  • Each of the manufacturing units is equipped with independent QC cell.
  • Every unit has its own pattern making and sample making set-up.
  • All the units use Japan / Korea origin modern garment machinery and equipment.
  • Group owns special machines to use taping and fuse arm-holes and side seams of wrinkle free shirts.
  • Uses Light Box (Light sources D65, TL84, TUNGSTEN & UV) for checking shade variation in the fabrics and separating shade lots.
  • Group has Computer Aided Design (CAD – Investronica, Spain and Echosoft, China ) system for speedy and accurate marking and Pattern making.

Some special features of all apparel manufacturing units of the Group :

¯  Each of the factories of the Group has been specializing in specific apparel making only since inception. This endeavour has enabled the Group to earn a lot of fame in a very short time and put it on a leading position of the trade in the field of garment making.

¯  The Group has now become very well known to the customers’ community for its excellent workmanship in its product. The Group believes that harder task is ahead to keep it up. And “to keep it up” now is the motto and motivation behind all efforts of the Group.

¯  Babylon Garments Ltd. is WRAP Certified factory.

¯  All major units have separate training centers for workers and staff. All workers and staff undergo training session in a regular basis. Training programme is designed according to the need assessed for the target group.

¯  Group has a central research and development (R&D) cell where a five member team of engineers and other specialists contribute to :

  • Designing the most appropriate machine layout for the particular style.
  • Suggesting improved work-method.
  • Recommending use of special work-aids.
  • Reducing rework and re-process.
  • Raising productivity, improving efficiency and ultimately contributing to production cost reduction.

Babylon factories follow compliance requirements based on Code of Conducts of –

USA                 –           Mothers Work, JONES, CHARMING SHOP, KOHL’S,

                                      J.C.Penney, Walmart, Sears, May Co., Inditex,

                                       WARANCO, HAGGAR, K-MART, PVH etc.

UK                    –           Next, Arcadia Group PLC, Dimensions, Tesco, Primark, New Look etc.


FRANCE            –           CELIO, JULES,  KIABI, MONOPRIX


SWEDEN          –           H & M (Hennes & Mauritz)

SPAIN              –           ZARA

Babylon Garments Ltd.        – WRAP certified.

Abonl Textiles Ltd.              – Oeko-Tex® certified.


Major Buyers are :

Woven :

USA                 –           MOTHERS WORK, NYGARD, CHARMING SHOPPE, KOHL’S,

                                      JC PENNEY, HAGGAR, WALMART, SEARS, CARHARTT,

                                        K-MART, CATO, BIMINI BAY, WORLDWIDESPORTS etc.

UK                    –           GEORGE, TESCO, DIMENSIONS, BURTON, BHS, NEXT,

                                       SAINSBURY, BOSTON CREW, PRIMARK, DCC, G4S,

                                          AMBULANCE etc.

France              –           CELIO, VETIR, GEMO, CAMAIEU (JULES), ARMAND THIERY,

                                         GO SPORTS, MONOPRIX etc.  

Germany          –           NEW YORKER (FISHBONE, SMOGG), BRANDFASHION

Spain               –             CORTEFIL (SPRINGFIELD), BERSHKA etc.

Turkey              –           KIGILI, US POLO, POLO GARAGE, TEMA MAGAZACILIK,

                                         PIERE CARDIN, BEKON, KEEPOUT etc.

South Africa     –         WOOLWORTHS, TATTERSAL, CHINO, STUDIO-W etc.

Japan               –           LORVEL LORLAR, CO-KINU, TINY DOLL etc.

Australia          –           JONATHAN ADAM, CHRISTOPHER GEORGE etc.


Knit :

UK                    –           TESCO, NEW LOOK etc.

France              –           JULES, KIABI, MONOPRIX, CAMAIEU etc.

Sweden            –           H & M.

Spain               –           ZARA.

Italy                  –           TRR.

Denim :

USA                 –           WEATHER PROOF, BASS PRO, PVH, IZOD, WALMART,


UK                    –           TESCO

France              –           KIABI, GO SPORT, RIPCURL, VETIR, MONOPRIX etc.

Germany          –           WESTERN STORE etc.

Spain               –           KENTO-ASIA, ZARA, TEM FORMULA etc.

Canada –           JOE

Belgium           –           DIGO

Turkey              –           TEMA, Keep Out etc.


Consists of the following members –

01.       Mr. Neesar Ahmed     –     In charge of IMPORTS & ADMINISTRATION

02.       Mr. Emdadul Islam     –     In charge of MARKETING & QUALITY CONTROL

03.       Mr. Moinul Ahsan        –     In charge of FINANCE

04.       Mr. Abidur Rahman    –     In charge of EXPORT & EMBROIDERY DIVISION

05.       Mr. Abdus Salam        –     In charge of BABYLON TRIMS LTD.


The official address of –

  •    Babylon Garments Ltd.  
  •   Suravee Garments Ltd.  
  •    Babylon Dresses Ltd.   
  •    Aboni Fashions Ltd.
  •    Babylon Outfit Ltd.    
  •    Babylon Casual Wear Ltd.
  •   Aboni Knitwear Ltd.
  •    Aboni Textiles Ltd.
  •    Juniper Embroideries Ltd.
  •   Babylon Trims Ltd.
  •   Babylon Washing Ltd.
  •    Babylon Printers Ltd.
  •    TRENDZ (Local Retailing)
  •    Babylon Buying Services Ltd.
  •    Babylon Medical Services

2-B/1, Darussalam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.

TEL        :    (880-2) – 8023462, 8023463, 8023495, 8023496, 8013449 (Head Office)

                  (880-2) – 9007175, 9010533, 8023460, 8011089 (Woven Factory)

                  (880-2) – 7711962, 7713652, 7713502 (Knit Factory)

                  (880-2) – 7743282-8 (Denim Factory)

FAX       :    (880-2) – 8032949.

E-MAIL   :

WEB      :



                  LOCAL OFFICE,                                                          BABYLON DRESSES LTD.

                  75, MOTIJHEEL C/A, DHAKA- 1000,                   BABYLON TRIMS LTD.

                  BANGLADESH.                                                          BABYLON PRINTERS LTD.

                  TELEX –  632403 IBANK BJ                                   BABYLON CASUAL WEAR LTD.

                                 642525 IBANK BJ                                       ABONI FASHIONS LTD.

                  SWIFT –   IBBLBDDHA102

                  MERCANTILE BANK LTD.                                       JUNIPER EMBROIDERIES LTD.

                  HEMAYETPUR BRANCH

                  HEMAYETPUR, SAVAR,

                  DHAKA. BANGLADESH.

                  PRIME BANK LTD.                                                 SURAVEE GARMENTS LTD.

                  MOTIJHEEL BRANCH,                                             ABONI TEXTILES LTD.

                  ADMJEE COURT ANNEX – 2,                                  ABONI KNITWEAR LTD.

                  119 –120, MOTIJHEEL C\A,

                  DHAKA, BANGLADESH.

                  TELEX – 671543 PBL MJ BJ,

                  SWIFT – PRBLBDDHA001

                  PRIME BANK LTD.                                                 BABYLON WASHING LTD.                                              ASAD GATE BRANCH,

                  DHAKA-1216. BANGLADESH.

 Ethical Trading Practice

Ethical principles apply to all facilities of Babylon Group that produce readymade garments for exporting to foreign countries. Babylon Group recognizes that there are legal and cultural environments in which factories operate. These ethical principles set forth the basic requirements of Babylon factories in order to do business with its customers abroad.

Babylon makes ceaseless effort to promote best practices and continuous improvement of ethical issues in all its manufacturing units. For easy access to the issues, Babylon posted contents in the Notice Boards of factories in both Bangla and English.

The issues are:

Principle 1 – Laws & Regulation :

Babylon facilities operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which they manufacture.

Principle 2 – Employment Age :

Workers may not be younger than 18 years of age.

Principle 3 – Forced Labour :

Babylon facilities do not use involuntary or forced labour – indentured, bonded or otherwise.

Principle 4 – Wage and Benefits :

Babylon facilities compensate their employees fairly by providing compensation packages comprising wages and benefits that, at the very least, comply with legally mandated minimum standards. Each employee is provided with a clear, written accounting for each pay period. Employees are compensated for overtime according to local law.

Principle 5 – Hours of Work :

Babylon facilities ensure employees’ hours worked shall not, on a regularly scheduled basis, exceed the legal limitations on regular and overtime hours in the jurisdiction in which they manufacture or 60 hours per week including overtime. Except in extraordinary business circumstances, all employees are entitled to one day off in every seven-day period.

Principle 6 – Health and Safety :

Babylon facilities provide their employees with a clean, safe and healthy work environment, designed to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of or occurring during the course of work. All Babylon facilities comply with all applicable, legally mandated standards for workplace health and safety. All the workers and staff enjoy free medical treatment. Company doctors are available full time.

Principle 7 – Discrimination :

Babylon respects cultural differences, employment – including hiring, remuneration, benefits, advancement, termination and retirement based on ability and not on belief or any other personal characteristics. Babylon facilities do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, colour, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or similar factors.

Principle 8 – Harassment :

Babylon facilities treat all employees with respect and dignity. Babylon facilities do not subject employees to corporal punishment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

Principle 9 – Woman’s Rights :

Babylon facilities ensure women workers receive equal treatment in all aspects of their employment. Pregnancy test is not a condition of employment, and pregnancy testing – to the extent provided by Babylon facilities – will be at the option of the worker. Employees are not exposed to hazards that may endanger their reproductive health, and employees are not forced to use contraception. Fully equipped CRECHES are available for the female workers having babies.

Principle 10 – Monitoring and Compliance :

Babylon facilities maintain on site all documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance with Global Compliance Principles. Babylon and its subsidiaries undertake affirmative measures, such as announced and unannounced on-site inspections of production facilities, to monitor compliance with Global Compliance Principles. Babylon facilities allow customer’s representatives full access to production facilities, employee records and employees for confidential interviews in connection with monitoring visits. In addition Babylon facilities respond promptly to reasonable inquiries by customer representatives concerning the subjects addressed in an audit.

 Report on Babylon Group