Sample Interview Agenda Format

Sample Interview Agenda Format

[The interview agenda is prepared for the individual who will be conducting the interviews of the shortlisted candidates for the company. It is helpful in various ways for candidates appearing for an interview or even companies that are looking forward to hiring fresh employees.]

Points to consider while drafting Interview Agendas –

  • The agenda prepared would help the interviewer to get a complete picture of how they should behave before the interviewee during the meeting.
  • The interviewer would get comprehensive information on the aspects that should be stressed upon and the kind of questions that would be best for assessing the candidate.
  • If the interviewee also has access to an agenda the candidate can be expected to be well prepared and would not hesitate to highlight their skills with any questions they may face during the interview.

Example of Interview Agenda –

Sample Interview

Agenda For The Interviewer:

  • Thank the candidate for accepting the meeting with you.
  • Explain that the meeting is just to make a recommendation and the governing body will be making the ultimate decision if it is the process of the company.
  • Provide information about the organization and its governing body while explaining the program to the organization, mission, history and ask whether the candidate has any questions.
  • Explain why you are interested in the candidate as a prospective member and be specific about the skills you admire in the individual. Explaining whether you have had young candidates before or not will also prove beneficial.
  • Review the letter of agreement and specify what is expected from the candidate as an employee.
  • Explain the kind of training the candidate can expect and any critical issues which are currently facing the governing body along with any of the information which proves beneficial.

Questions For the Candidate

  • Why are you interested in our organization? What aspect of our mission or work appeals to the most?
  • What commitment are you able to make this organization?
  • What are your background and experience and what kind of services have been involved in?
  • What are you hoping to contribute or gain from the organization?
  • What skills, training, resources, and expertise do you have to offer to this organization?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How can we help you to be successful as a leader or a member of the governing body?


  • Inquire whether the candidate is still interested in the position.
  • Invite the candidate to observe a meeting or any one of the organization’s programs.
  • Offer a booklet of information on the organization and its governance after the interview and not before because it can distract the candidate.
  • If the candidate declines a particular position they can be asked whether they would be interested in working in another capacity if the organization permits the same.

The interview can be adjourned after completing the procedure listed above.


Another Example of Interview Agenda;

Sample agenda for the interviewee

Every interviewer has three key points in mind and they are often pondering on the subjects of:

  • Can the candidate do the job?
  • Will the candidate love the job?
  • With the organization prefer working with the candidate?

List the most important things you would want to tell the interviewer about you for questions such as: give me more information about yourself [have your answer to the question ready to be delivered in two minutes and ensure it relates to the job]

Emphasize you’re relevant skills.

List 3 to 5 related experiences which can demonstrate that the competencies that are being sought by being prepared to describe a problem on the steps which must be initiated to solve it.

Why do you want the job?

Be prepared to express that you are not just thinking about money or promotion and have put plenty of thought into this issue.

What are your long-term goals?

Inform how the role you have applied for will help you to reach your goals.

Conduct some research on the company before going for an interview because it will give you an opportunity to add some powerful questions during the interview which can impress the interviewer.

[Note: The agenda proves to be an excellent method which can be used both by employers and prospective employees to confirm their suitability to each other and begin a successful partnership.]