Satisfied Employees will Lead to Satisfied Customer

Satisfied employees will lead to satisfied customer:

A study on Bank Asia Limited

A group of successful entrepreneurs with recognized standing in the society launched Bank Asia. It set milestone by acquiring the business operations of the Bank of Nova Scotia in Dhaka, first in the banking history of Bangladesh. It again repeated the performance by acquiring the Bangladesh operations of Muslim Commercial Bank Lydia Pakistani bank.

In the year 2003 the Bank again came to the limelight with oversubscription of the Initial Public Offering of the shares of the Bank, which was a record (55 times) in our capital market’s history and its shares commands respectable premium. The asset and liability growth has been remarkable. Bank Asia has been actively participating in the local money market as well as foreign currency market without exposing the Bank to vulnerable positions. The Bank’s investment in Treasury Bills and other securities went up noticeably opening up opportunities for enhancing income in the context of a regime of gradual interest rate decline.

Bank Asia is one of the leading private Banks in Bangladesh. Due to its recent success as a successful bank, it is becoming one of the best in Bangladesh in private sectors. The exceptional financial products with their eye-catching services are the key to success of Bank Asia. Currently Bank Asia has been providing lots of services for their customers like Retail banking, corporate banking, Islamic banking, SME banking, Mobile banking and other services. In retail banking Bank Asia is providing lots of services which are very beneficial to people. Services like current account helps people to open account any time and in any flexible locations along with the facilities of ATM card, online banking and SMS banking. Services like DPS, which is very much convenient for lots of individuals. Other benefits like Monthly Benefit Plus, Double Benefit Plus and Triple Benefit Plus is convenient for a certain group of middle class people, who can afford these types of services. In corporate banking services like Auto loans is very much helpful for the customers. Corporate Banking also includes House Financing and Consumer Durable Loans. Agriculture finance is also mentioned in retail banking.


Objectives of the report:

There are two types of objectives for this report described below:

Main objective: The main objective of this report is to comprehend and scrutinize the followings:

  • Find out the employee satisfaction of Bank Asia
  • Finding the Customer satisfaction level of the branch.
  • Impact of employee’s service on the customer satisfaction.

Specific objective:

  • Knowing what makes employee happy.
  • Tools that makes the employees unhappy or encouraged.
  • Comparative advantage of Bank Asia.
  • Efficiency of Bank Asia.

Employee Satisfaction of Bank Asia

Employee Satisfaction:

Employee satisfaction or job satisfaction is quite simply how satisfied the employees are with the job they are assigned to. Employees are the most important asset of a bank as they deal directly with the customers. As Bank Asia thinks that employee satisfaction is very much important to make their customers happy and increase the business. Different people have different need and that’s why it’s not easy to satisfy every employee of a bank but the bank tries its level best to do so.

Employee Satisfaction Level:

To find out the employee satisfaction level of the Bank Asia Uttara Br. I made a survey question through which I collected the information about the satisfactory level of the bank. As it is clear that the bank is trying its level best to make all the employees happy. Within the first week of my joining I got the news that thirteen employees of the branch got promotion and that’s huge for a single branch. I thought everyone of the bank will be happy then I came to know that two of the most efficient employee didn’t get promotion and that was a surprise for all that they deserve the promotion more than others. Those who got promotion wanted to celebrate their promotion and gave a party to a nearby restaurant and those two did not come to the party as they were hurt.

Then I thought this will be a great topic for my research. Then I start the survey for the employee satisfaction. Then I went to know the policies that the bank follows to satisfy the employee and the evaluation process of the bank but as it is top secret of the bank I didn’t get any news about the evaluation process of the bank. I only came to know that a small interview is taken and then the evaluation starts with that the manager also gives his remarks about the individual employee.

Facilities Provided To The Employees:

The employees get almost all the facilities that any other bank offers in our country. The employees gets the bonus in the occasions, they get the vacations they deserve and more over they can take loan against very less percentage of interest though it’s for those who are in higher posts. The employee gets a car from the bank after he/she becomes the FAVP. Over all I have seen that the bank is doing everything possible to make the employees happy.

Working Environment of the Bank:

Bank Asia is famous for its look from the beginning. It looks beautiful than most of the banks in this country. The clean environment helps the employees to work comfortably. The employees have a nice relationship with the manager and the sub-manager. Moreover all the department heads are liked by their underlings. All of them have a friendly relationship among them as a result the working environment is very much friendly. The messengers also maintain a nice relationship among them. Though sometime some incident happens in the bank that may hamper the environment and image of the bank; the bank takes immediate steps to correct it and return the desired environment of the bank.

Findings of the Survey of the Employee Satisfaction:

Now I will discuss the employee satisfaction survey of the bank. The respondents had to tic the appropriate option from the five options for each statement in the student questionnaire. I have used quantitative method for analyzing the responses. This method employs the use of tested scientific data in an accurate and comprehensive way. Everyone, from social scientists to natural scientists, has the ability to form a connection from observations to discoveries. For analysis the responses were converted into mathematical figures as follows:

Entirely disagree = 1

Disagree = 2

Not sure = 3

Agree = 4

Entirely agree = 5

First question to the employees were about how much are they happy in the organization.

I wanted to know how much happy are they in the bank. None answered in the first point that means none were unsatisfied, one answered in the second point that means that he is not happy in the bank, three answered for the point three which means that they don’t know the right answer of this or they are not willing to share their thought about this point.


Four of the employees answered his question in the fourth point which proves they are satisfied but not very much and the last point were ticked by two employees that means they are very happy to work in the bank.

Second question was about the training they are provided in the bank.

In this case the answer was not very much different than the first one. Every organization tries to train their employee properly so that they can give better service to the bank I the job they are doing.


Here again none of the employees were unsatisfied with the training they were provided in the bank as none of them marked the first point, three are unsatisfied with the statement that they are happy with the training they have been provided by the bank for the current job. One employee is not willing to share his opinion about this statement and five are happy with the training they got for the job. Only one employee is very happy with the training.

Every organization trains their employees for the advancement of them.

These training not only enrich their knowledge but also make them more effective and efficient. It is very useful not only for the employees but also for the customers.


In this statement second and forth point I got most of the answer which means that of all the employees’ one is very unhappy with the training for advancement and another one is very happy.

Three are unsatisfied and three employees’ are satisfied with the training they are getting for the advancement.

Every organization should think about the welfare of the employees. It makes the employees happy and that attracts the employees very much.

In this statement most of the employees gave tick mark in the fourth point and only three employees gave tick mark in the last point. That means most of the employee agrees with this statement. This shows that the bank is very sincere about the welfare of the employees and the employees have noticed that very well.

Employee involvement can be very helpful for an industry.

Every company tries to motivate the employees towards the involvement of them in the decision making process.

None has ticked the first point of very unsatisfactory, two employees gave their answer in the second point, three thinks that they don’t know or do not want to share their view about this statement. Four employees said that they are satisfied with the liberty they are enjoying and only one employee is very happy with this statement.

Cooperation is very important in any organization.

Cooperation among the departments is more important as this can bring a positive result for the organization. For a bank cooperation among the departments are very crucial as every departments are related with one another for the work.

Here we see that most of the employees are not happy with the inter-departmental relationship. As one employee is very unsatisfied with this and five are unsatisfied with this statement. Three employees are happy and only one employee is very happy. We can see that most are unsatisfied with this statement.

Employees in the department should have very god understanding of one another.

They should work like a team to achieve the goal they have targeted. It will be great if they think alike and work to get a single goal.

In this statement most of the employees gave positive answer. Six of them gave ticked to the number four and four gave tick to the number five and other three did not get any tick that means that most of the employees thinks that they works good in their own department as a team.

When an employee likes his job it’s really difficult to take him away.

Every organization thinks these employees as their asset. They won’t leave the job and will serve the organization for a long time.

One employee thinks that he does not like his job at all. Two thinks that they also does not like their job. Six employees thinks that they like the job they are doing. One loves his job very much. Most of the employees love their job but some really does not like the job and that’s really a great problem for the bank.

Fairness of superiors is very important.

Without this the employee will get demotivated towards the work. Fairness will bring better result for the organization and the employees will be happy to get fair treatment.

In this statement I got the most positive answers. Eight of the employees said that the superiors are very fair and they are very much happy with that and two answered that they are satisfied with the fairness of the immediate superior of them.

Discussion of Employee Satisfaction Survey:

This section discusses the results found in the survey of employee satisfaction

The interpretation key used for discussion of the results is:

Negative attitude = 1.00-2.25

Not satisfactory = 2.26-3.00

Satisfactory = 3.01-3.75

Very satisfactory = 3.76-5.00

Employee are very satisfied with the statement “Employee policies of the bank are administered the same in all departments laterally.” As the mean is 4.6 that means there is very satisfaction among the employees regarding this issue.

A statement also got very satisfactory level as the mean is 4.4. That means the statement (My immediate superior deals with employees problems fairly.) got very positive point and the superiors are very much liked by the employees and the superiors are like guardians t them.

In statement 13 (The communication I received from bank is timely) time mean is 3.7 that means it is satisfactory in this case.

The statement 14 got a mean of 4.1 which means it got the very satisfactory level and the employees are happy with the bank for maintaining the salary level in the industry.

2.8 mean gave the 15th statement a review of not satisfactory that means that the employees are not very much helping with each other. The employee doesn’t have very good relation with other departments.

Though the employees don’t believe the other department employees they maintain a well balance relationship within themselves as a result the 16th statement got a mean of 4.4 which means it is satisfactory. They think that they work well as a team and they are comfortable in working in that team.

17th statement got the mean of 3.7 which is satisfactory. The statement is about the recognition from the superior in the bank and the employees like their superiors as they are very much concerned about them and values their performance.

The employees give the statement regarding the bank’s recognition about their performance a mean of 4.0 which means it is very satisfactory that means most of the employees think that the bank is fair with them.

18th statement is about the feeling of the employees about the commitment of product and services of the top management. The mean is 4.0 that mean the employees are confident about the top management of the bank.

19th statement is again about the faith among interring department and it also got a low mean that is 2.7 which means it is not satisfactory.

The next statement got the mean of 3.8 which means that it is very satisfactory. The statement is about the administration of bank employee policies are properly and equally in individuals departments.

The 18th statement is about loving the job and the mean is 3.4 which means it’s satisfactory not very satisfactory. It’s very important that the employees love their job. May be a job rotation may give a solution to this problem. We will discuss it later.

Next statement is again abbot the superior and his fairness and again it got a high mean of 4.8 which means employees like the top management very much and very satisfied with them. The next statement also got a high mean of 4.0 which means it is very satisfactory that means the employees agrees with the statement about job rotation that they can have a better job within the bank and can perform better and deserve that post.

From the outcomes of the survey it is clear that the employees are satisfied but there is some problem among different departments. This problem should be solved as soon as possible.

Customer satisfaction of Bank Asia

Customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction refers to the emotional response that people feel after making a purchase from a company. The more positive the level of customer satisfaction, the more likely the purchaser is to come back and buy again and to recommend that company to others who are looking for what the seller has to offer. Word of mouth and referrals are often the most promising ways for a business to grow. In this case it’s about the satisfaction of a customer after receiving the service from the bank. Customers are the life of any business. It’s very important to make them happy so that he comes back again and again.

Customer satisfaction level

To find out the customer satisfaction of Bank Asia I again took the chance of using the survey question. Usually in bank there is always rush that’s why customers are not that much free to answer my survey questions. It was harder than the employee satisfaction survey. I had to find as more as customers who are free and willing to answer my queries. I somehow managed to collect 20 survey answers as the customers are busy and I have to do in the official hour the survey questions were not that much long and I somehow managed to collect 20 fully answered survey.

Using this I will find out the customer satisfaction level of the bank and will suggest my recommendation.

Service provided to the customers:

It is very important to satisfy a customer because for bank it is very important so maintain a good relationship with them as a satisfied customer will come again and again and will also bring some new customer for the bank. We know that bank lives on the money of the clients so if they lose their customer it is like losing their business. Customer service is an important, but broad concept in the banking industry. In essence, banks are service-based businesses, so most of their activities involve elements of service. While they do sell banking and financial products, there is often little tangible product variation among their offerings. Customer service managers generally deal directly with service issues, but several other common banking jobs involve service.

Customer Service Product:

  • Saving Account
  • Current Account
  • Deposit Pension Scheme
  • Fixed Term Deposit
  • Shanchay Plus
  • Shanchaye Koti Poti
  • Monthly Benefit Plus
  • Double Benefit Plus
  • Triple Benefit Plus


From this survey I have seen that both employee and the customers are in average are satisfied. Employees reply was most of the time either satisfactory or very satisfactory on the other hand the customer’s questionnaire survey shows almost same result that means satisfactory or very satisfactory. Most of the employees are satisfied with the facilities they are getting from the bank and their service is also better as a result we have seen that the customers are happy with the service they are getting from the employees. So it can be said that the customers are happy when the employee are happy that means that happy employee means happy customer.

The bank knows that a satisfied employee will give better service than an unsatisfied employee who will like to leave the job at any moment. Bank is a service oriented sector and good service is what maters mainly in that sector. The bank should try to make sure that the statement that got unsatisfactory point should take care of and that might give a better customer satisfaction. We know that customers have a high expectation from a bank and in this time of rising of many new banks will increase that much more. New bank will try to attract customers through better service and product offerings but existing bank has their own identification.

As this survey has proved that satisfied employees will make the customers happy with the service they provide. Few changes can take the bank into a better position than it is now. In this competitive market it is very important to make sure that the customers are happy and we know that through making the employees happy this target can be achieved and there is very few chance of turnover of employee when the employees are happy in the job. This is why bank should try to make the employees happy for the sake of the business itself.


The branch has been in the operation for last 6 (six) years without any downfall but during these 3 (three) months of my internship experience and from the outcome of the survey questionnaire I felt some minor change might help the branch as well as the organization to perform more effectively.

  • We have seen in the employee satisfaction survey that most of the time the employees replied that they are satisfied or very satisfied but there are some issue of not satisfactory answers. The employees think that they will do better in other post within the bank that means that a job rotation may be a god solution for that.
  • The main problem that caught my eye was the lacking of good relation among the departments. The employee has good relationship among their own department but they don’t have that with the employees of other departments. It should be solved immediately as most of the work of bank is related with inter departmental works. If there is lack of god relation among the department then it is harmful for the bank. In many case we have seen that competitiveness has made a god result in the business but sometime it creates havoc for the organization. My recommendation will be to make the relationship a god one as it is related with the satisfaction of the customers.
  • From the customers survey I have seen that they have a high expectation from the bank. The bank has promised many things to them but now the service is not that fast as before. Most of the customers think that the bank is not giving them the preference they got before. It is happening because of the extension of the customer base. When the bank got popular more and more clients came the bank as a result workload increased in the bank but the employees didn’t increased as it should as a result the service got slow then it was before. The solution of this problem is very easy increase of officers and messengers in the bank so that the service remains fast enough to satisfy the need of the customers. There is some other recommendation I would like to offer those are:
  • The branch should start a token system customer service, so that the customers can be served according to the token number.
  • The software (staler) that is use to do daily works sometimes does not work properly. As a result customer of any department of the branch is not served on time, the organization need to improve its software system to have more customer satisfaction.
  • The branch should have more staff in the credit department so that they monitor the loans time to time and can recover the loans as bad/loss and sub-standard due/overdue has increased a lot then the previous quarter.
  • The organization is not into promotional activities. They need to do some promotional activities so that people come to know about them. This will help to increase their number of customers.