Service Quality and Passenger Satisfaction of Singapore Airlines

Study on Service Quality Management and Passenger Satisfaction of

Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines has spread its name far and across for its high level of customer satisfaction and excellent service both on and off the ground. This project is carried out to find out level of customer satisfaction regarding Singapore airlines. The subject was limited to Singapore airlines Dhaka sector due to circumstances. The report here gives a detailed analysis organized with facts on customer satisfaction. It helps to figure out why Singapore airlines stands high among others in the airline industry.

Not only these facts but this research also tries out to find out some weaknesses regarding both service and employee for the company and some recommendations for improving the condition even more. Customer satisfaction was measured through research data which was collected from random samples amongst the daily passengers flying with Singapore airlines. This report basically covers some important aspects which is related to the operation and customers perception aspects of the company.

In this report I tried to explain the process of providing service to the customers maintained by Singapore Airlines and also the feedbacks about the service. What we will go through is a detailed report about how customer service is being provided by Singapore Airlines in Dhaka station. Starting from the ticket purchase in reservations, till the passenger gets on board into the flight several steps are being followed thoroughly to provide service. I tried to find out what the steps are and give detail information about all of them. However this report contains only a brief discussion about the service quality and passengers feedback. Numerical figures or data analysis are shown in brief due to some limitations from the company. However during the internship period I have watched how Singapore airlines provides high quality services to their passengers inside airport. Services include fast check in, warm greetings, handling pressure with a nice gesture and cool mentality under every circumstance. Also at boarding gate, on arrival area where the passengers get their baggage, the ground staff also ensures that every passenger is happy with the service. SQ tries to give their level best service in every sector where passengers are involved. This report gives us an idea about how Singapore airlines maintains their service and provide it in all those areas mentioned above inside airport The experience was extremely valuable for me. However, during the job I faced a lot of difficulties which I observed and also some untold works which I had to do. This thing is also noted in the report and some recommendations about how to make this job more interesting and better one for the employees are given. I tried to touch down all the important aspects and practices that I have gone through in this internship period of mine and some perception regarding employee satisfaction and office environment are given.


With supreme levels of innovation and superior level of service, Singapore Airlines or SIA is positioned as a premium carrier and has always made a smart choice of giving more priority to profitability rather than size.

SIA provides the best possible air transportation services of the superior quality and it also multiplies the returns for the profits of shareholders and employees.

From a regional airline, SIA has evolved to one of the most reputed travel brands in the world. SIA operations are spread over to six continents in various destinations and they fly the youngest aircraft fleets in the world. SIA is well known for giving the customers the best standards of care and service which customers expect to get from them.

SIA has won several awards over the past years for recognition of its leadership and excellence in the air transportation services.

Global strategies and emphasis on commitment to technology and training can be attributed as the main factors which are responsible for SIA’s success and brand image. Strong and effective leadership and management in addition to continuous innovation are also some of the chief factors which contribute towards the success of SIA. SIA is also prudent and practical in driving the competitive strategy of SIA by placing strong emphasis on controlling costs and investing in the long term.

Cost effective service excellence reinforced by effective human resource management and a positive company culture are some of the achievements which are very difficult to attain.

A firm commitment to effective management of human resources, including recruitment, selection, training, motivation and retention of employees, is definitely behind the employee satisfaction and success of SIA.

SIA is globally known for its hugely reputed corporate image. Their service quality is marvelous, which is a chief factor in promoting customer loyalty to its company. SIA believes in using newer and updated aircraft for its operation and they believe that newer aircraft will be more lucrative to passengers. They also feel that modern aircraft and facilities will assist SIA to provide superior quality of service to its passengers.


A 5 star airline and the flag carrier of Singapore, SIA operates at a hub at Changi Airport and has a very well built presence in South-East Asia, East Asia, South Asia and the Kangaroo Route markets also.

SIA has diversified airline-related businesses, such as aircraft handling and engineering. The airline is majority-owned by Singapore government investment and holding company Temasek Holdings which holds 54.5% of voting stock.


Singapore Airlines head office is situated in 2 Orchard Turn #04-05 ION Orchard Singapore 238801 (Above Orchard MRT station). Its Dhaka Office is located Casablanca Ridge Park,(5th Floor),114 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212, BangladeshPhone: +880 2 9851881(Reservations & Ticketing). Fax: +880 2 9883241 (Sales & Marketing)


Historical Background

The Early Days

The history of Singapore Airlines’ can be traced back to 1 May 1947, when a Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) Airspeed Consul took off from Singapore Kallang Airport on the first of three scheduled flights a week to Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. · Larger capacity DC-3 aircraft were introduced, over the next five years, which meant faster and more comfortable flights.

There were extension of services to destinations in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Burma (now Myanmar).

The 1950s & 1960s

To the fleet in the 1950s and 1960s, more new aircraft were added to the period leading up to the jet age. Among these were the DC-4 Skymaster, Vickers Viscount, Lockheed Super Constellation, Bristol Britannia, Comet IV and Fokker F27. · The Federation of Malaysia was born on 16 September 1963, and the Airline became known as Malaysian Airways Limited. In May 1966, it became Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). ·

The 1990s

From the new Terminal 2 at Singapore Changi Airport on 22 November 1990, Singapore Airlines commenced operations with the arrival of SQ23 from Amsterdam. Singapore Airlines set new standards in air travel by unveiling a new suite of products and services in September 1998, worth S$500 million across all three classes of travel, offering customers enhanced standards of service on the ground and new levels of comfort, cuisine and entertainment in the air. Singapore Airlines launched KrisFlyer, its first proprietary frequent flyer programme, which allows First, Business and Economy Class customers to earn mileage credits in 1999.

The 2000s

Singapore Airlines inaugurated its first A340-500 in February 2004, by setting a record for the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight from Singapore to Los Angeles. In June 2004, the Airline improved the record just months later, when it launched the non-stop Singapore to New York (Newark) flight. · Singapore Airlines launched a comprehensive suite of new generation cabin products in October 2006, comprising the world’s widest First and Business Class full-flat seat products, a new Economy Class seat, and the next generation of the award-winning KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system. ·Singapore Airlines launched the world’s first A380 at the Airbus Headquarters in Toulouse on 15 October 2007· Singapore Airlines was the first airline to operate out of Changi Airport Terminal 3 in January 2008.

SIA flies one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world to destinations spanning a network spread over six continents, with Singapore Girl as their internationally-famous icon providing the high standards of care and service that customers have come to expect of SIA.

Corporate Culture

The employees of SIA are always very well trained and they share a common set of beliefs and values such as

  • Winning the hearts of the customers
  • Matching up the expectations of passengers
  • Going beyond operational excellence
  • Working successfully as a team
  • Showing warmth and courtesy to the customers

Products and Services

In order to be the new industry benchmark for premium air travel, Singapore Airlines launched its next generation of cabin products.

In First, Business and Economy classes, passengers travelling select flights between Singapore and London will be the first to experience the new cabin products.

As additional new aircraft enter service, the new seats and Kris-World in-flight entertainment system will be introduced to almost all the routes covered by SIA.

On an initial eight Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, Singapore Airlines is investing nearly US$150 million to introduce the new products. As new products are launched the investment program will be extended.

Business Class

To match up with the requirements and expectations of the passengers , the new business class seat provides modern sophistication.

The stowage area has also been enhanced for passenger comfort.

Other enhanced features include an 18-inch LCD screen and video touch-screen handset for customers to enjoy the next generation KrisWorld, as well as an all-in-one business panel including in-seat power supply, USB port, eXport and HDMI ports. Like the new First Class seat, the new Business Class seat has a floodlight reading light and the LCD monitor on/off switch for added ease.

Economy Class

The new SIA economy class seat gives additional comfort with enhanced leg-space. To provide better back support each seat comes with new cushions with a new design for fabric. The seats also provide better neck support which is ergonomically made which also gives and increased range of height arrangements.

Featuring an intelligent and unique touch-screen graphical user interface (GUI) accompanied by a video touch-screen handset, customers can also enjoy the new KrisWorld in-flight entertainment experience on a wider 11.1-inch monitor.


SWOT Analysis


Well known worldwide: The brand name of SIA is very big and passengers are very well aware of the goodwill of the company. Travelling on SIA even gives the passenger more social value. Reputed high level of service quality: A major factor which contributes towards the corporate image of SIA is its high level of Service Quality. Passengers who become frequent fliers of SIA enjoy travelling on Singapore Airlines and do not want to switch to any other airline.

First class environment: The environment of SIA is always very friendly and the cabin crew and management are always willing to understand the needs of passengers and live up to them.

Clean and hygienic: The aircraft of SIA are always very well maintained and are cleaned up frequently.

Extremely safe: SIA has almost an impeccable safety record. Efficient pilots and latest aircraft ensure that the journey of the passengers are always safe.



Not price competitive to other airlines: Because of its high service quality, SIA charges fares which are very high compared to some low cost carriers such as Tiger Airways. Its fares are far beyond the reach of middle class people.

High expectations may lead to dissatisfaction of customers: The brand name and service quality of SIA is internationally very well known. This increases the expectation of the passengers and they show almost no tolerance to any slight mistake by any staff of the airlines.

Does not have access to many routes: SIA does not have access to travel on many routes which are successfully covered by its competitors such as Emirates and Thai Airways


Rapid growth in air transportation: SIA is always rapidly growing in-terms of the usage of latest and modern aircraft, innovation and upgrades of in-flight entertainment which assures the superior quality of service.



The Global economy downturn: The recession which is currently going on right now, is affecting the performance of SIA. Most businessmen who are the targeted segment of SIA are suffering heavy losses in their businesses and have reduced air travel.

Fuel prices: The fuel prices are always rising which is increasing the cost of operation of SIA. It is challenging for SIA to garner adequate revenues to match up with the operating costs.

Competitors: SIA has many competitors such as Thai Airways and Emirates which charge much less and travel to more routes which are why they have many flights on one day. Their frequent flier programs offer more privileges and benefits than that of SIA. It is challenging for SIA to match up with them. However, the sales and marketing team of SIA are coming up with new offers and discounts to attract customers.

Origin of the report

Developing and managing quality service is often a challenge for airlines like other service providing institutions. The total quality management approach can be used to manage airlines’ customer satisfaction, according to recent studies. There are many underlying forces of service quality that have a considerable impact on the satisfaction level of passengers of airlines. This study investigates which factors have a positive impact on the quality of service and which factors have the most and least important influence on service quality of air-transportation.

Singapore Airlines is a very reputed airline which has their service quality as the most distinguishing feature and is considered chiefly responsible for the loyalty of its passengers towards its services.

Excellent Service for the passengers is one of the main themes the Singapore airlines follows to ensure the smooth and comfortable journey for the passengers. In this part of the project we try to overlook the procedures of customer service and also the feedbacks from the customers that is being given based on the service quality. Starting from the ticket purchase in the head office till the airport, Singapore airlines try to delight their passengers in every step they possibly can. Here

I tried to find out what are steps and how they are being maintained thoroughly.



In order to survive and prosper, airline companies have to pay special attention in delivering service of the best quality to satisfy customers. For profitability and sustained growth of airlines, provision of high quality services to passengers is the core competitive advantage. By retaining customer support, service quality conditions influences a firms competitive advantage. It is immensely essential for companies to understand the needs and requirements of customers and fulfill them to promote customer loyalty towards their airlines.

Service quality can also be termed as a consumer’s general perception about the inferiority/superiority of an organization and its services. There are many researchers who have held discussions about the significance of service quality. For instance, Parasuraman, Zeithlami and Berry have stated that high quality of service is the most distinguishing feature of an airlines which makes it stand out amidst so many look alike competitive offerings. Researchers also say that every service providing company should be considered with the quality of services as problems with service quality can cause the customer loyalty to decline by almost 20%.

Many researchers have applied service quality related theories and methods in the airline industry as service quality are immensely essential for the airlines. Airline service quality consists of several tangible and intangible features. Passengers get carried to their destinations by the aircraft of airlines and passengers experience various intangible services from airlines such as on time performance, in-flight service, service frequency and so on.

Past airline service studies are mostly focused on highlighting the impact of received service quality at the aggregate construct level, despite the fact that investigating the impacts of individual dimensions of service features has potentially more effectiveness for airline managers.

The impact of individual dimensions in the past research papers on airlines was not completely investigated. It was only focused on the five dimensions namely Responsiveness, Assurance, Tangibles, Reliability and Empathy.

The future behavioral intentions of the passengers can be understood by the help of this paper by proposing and checking a conceptual framework that considers airline service quality, airline image and passengers’ behavioral intention simultaneously. Research papers in the past have often overlooked the individual dimensions of airline service quality. By developing a structural model to study related effects simultaneously, this paper derives airline service dimensions and examines the impact of dimensions on service quality and the future behavioral intentions of passengers. Hopefully this paper will assist the airline managers to improve their service quality, achieve customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty to the services that they provide.


Providing Service to Customers

As I earlier showed a flowchart about total steps of starting a journey to travel in Singapore airlines, I will be demonstrating that chart to some extent. My job in my company is only designated in the airport office so I had to take some help from my colleagues in the head office of Singapore airlines in Dhaka. One thing to mention is that, passengers don’t always follow these exact same steps to travel with us or in any airline. He or she can purchase ticket online from our website and can come straight to airport for check-in and can travel then.However most of the times the traditional flowchart is being followed by the passengers. Also to mention that many times all of us who are working has to face some tough situations regardingunsatisfied passengers. We cannot make everyone happy with our service but most of the passengers feel happy with our service both on and off the ground. We get positive feedbacks from them most of the time which I will be mentioning just a little bit later. It is not like that we don’t receive negative feedbacks, we also face them and assure passenger is happy with our service immediately or by very next time he/she wants to travel with SQ.

Now the question comes that where are the exact points that SQ is providing service excellence for the passengers? Answer is anywhere that is possible. Starting from the time of ticket purchase till the passenger gets onboard in the aircraft we try to provide the best possible service we can.

The service includes quick and fast check in, warm greetings, ticket rebooking for any passengers needed; listen to their specific request for anything needed for the journey and fulfilling it, and also to depart the flight on time so that if passengers have onward connections from Singapore to other countries he might not miss it.

Providing Service to passengers….

1) At ticket purchase-

When Passengers come to our head office for ticket purchase they already demand better service form other carriers because globally Singapore airlines is one of the most reputed company in the whole world and we always have to keep that in our mind while we work. At the time of ticket purchase we ask for anything needed for that person which may help him like wheelchair or any meet and assistance at every station. We have a selection of variety of meals in our menu which the person can prebook in times of ticket reservation or 72 hours before getting into the flight. The menudifferentiates cabin class wise. For the business class, meal selection range is a bit more than the economy.These special meals includes Diabetic meal, Seafood meal, lowfat meal, vegetarian meals, Muslim meal, hindu meal etc. There is also an offer for CDV voucher in Singapore which is the passenger will get a free 20 dollar voucher in Singapore as he is travelling with Singapore airlines and taking a stopover in Singapore.

Also if the passenger wants to carry extra weight while travelling then we recommend them to contact with General Manager as he has the authority to permit excess baggage allowance. So Singapore airlines try to delight the passengers in every possible way we can at times of ticket purchase.

2) At Airport Check In and Boarding:

Singapore Airlines is always committed to provide the best possible service both on and off the ground. Maintaining that way, at airport Sq also tries to provide the level best service and a smooth and comfortable check in and boarding procedure to ensure the passengers a comfortable journey ahead. When the passenger enters the airport and  comes to the check in counter for their boarding pass and baggage tag issuing, it is always been overlooked that he or she should not be in the queue for so long. Instead the standard time for standing in the queue is only 1 minute which is maintained strictly as a company policy until there is a difficult issue. As the passenger faces the check in counter he or she is greeted warmly by the staff. Then in times of check in it is always been wanted to know that if the passenger has any sort of seat request on board, what else is needed to make his/her journey safe and comfortable. Then after a very quick check in process the baggage is wanted to be placed in the weight machine. In case if the passenger has heavy bags and traveling alone or if the passenger is elderly then ground staff helps to uplift the baggage on the belt. Previously the baggage allowance was 20 kilo per passenger but now it is 30 kilo per person so that the passenger can carry extra.

After that when the check in is finished then the passport and boarding pass along with the baggage tag is being given back to the passengers with warm goodbye greetings from the check in staff. Then also a copy of new entertain movie chart onboard, copy of a departure card and also Singapore arrival card is provided to the passengers. If further assistance is needed about filling up the card the ground staff also gives proper instruction about how to fill up the cards. Now if the passenger is a business class or Solitaire, Qualified, either gold card passenger then that passenger is being given special attention and are also provided with lounge card. Before providing the passenger is being asked about the choice of lounges in Dhaka airport as the airport now has 2 lounge options available. So lounge is provided according to the preference of the passenger.

After everything ends up in check in counter, the passenger proceeds towards the  immigration. However after completing the immigration passengers proceed towards the boarding gate.

3) At Boarding gate :

While passengers gather at the boarding gate for boarding the aircraft airport staff of SQ comes to start and control the boarding procedure. When the aircraft is ready for boarding that moment 4-5 ground staff of Singapore airlines takes position inside the boarding gate to ensure that every passenger maintains a single queue for boarding. If passengers have personal wheelchair and strollers for carrying infants then SQ ground staff takes those from the boarding gate and makes sure the thing reaches the aircraft bulkhead where these things are being put under special care as those items can broke. Meanwhile the boarding gate staff of SQ starts the boarding announcement with warm greetings and passengers proceeds towards the aircraft. Ground staff always looks after the fact that passengers maintains the queue and the queue gets shorten faster so that the passengers doesn’t have to wait long to board the aircraft. In addition the wheelchair, mothers with infant and the elderly passengers are given priority for boarding the aircraft first. Also Business class, Solitaire, Qualified and other Priority members and gold card passengers are given the first priority to board the aircraft first. If any problem occurs during boarding then SQ duty managers and if needed the station manager also try to convince the passengers so that no one is dissatisfied with the premium service that Singapore airlines tries to provide. If any VIP passengers like the ministers, or the head speaker of the parliament is traveling in that flight then Singapore airlines staff personally goes to  the VIP lounge to call him/her for boarding and they are being brought to the gate after the queue is finished so that the VIP don’t have to stand on queue for boarding the aircraft. Once the boarding is finished then the passengers gets onboard service inside cabin.

Extraordinary Service Incidents

Now throughout my job period of almost 3 years personally I have watched so many moments of extraordinary services which absolutely delighted the passengers. Singapore airlines always tries to delight the passengers in every possible ways they can. The 3D’s of Singapore airlines includes Discover, design and delight. SQ staff always tries to push the service for passengers one step ahead of expectation using these three concepts which they learn from training facilities provided by the airlines itself. There are so many examples throughout the world in favor of Singapore airlines for providing excellent service towards the passengers. Dhaka station is not different from them. In Dhaka also there are so many incidents by which this station made a name for itself amongst all over the other stations. Dhaka Got the Best Customer Service offered (CO) award in 2009 which was awarded to MrBikash Andrew Rozario, Senior customer service officer, Dhaka station.Now two extraordinary service moment incidents are shared in brief by which Singapore airlines Dhaka set a new standard in providing customer service in the airline industry in Dhaka as well as all over the world.


Incident 1-

On September 2013, MrJivanghosh and her wife Mrs Avanti Ghosh were flying to Sydneyvia Singapore form Dhaka in a route of Sq447 to Singapore , and Sq241 to Sydney. Both of them were elderly passengers and were carried by wheelchair inside airport. Once they got their boarding pass they entered the immigration area where they faced a huge problem. They didn’t have visa label in their passports as Australian embassy already introduced the new E Visa label under which passengers doesn’t have any sort of Visa label chopped inside their passport. What they have is an email for confirmed visa from the immigration Australia. Passengers had to show that email printout or the email for assisting the Bangladesh immigration. Now Mr and MrsGhosh didn’t have any printout neither the email in their phone as they were first time travellers.

Being elderly MrGhosh was not being able to make the immigration police understand that they had the visa for travelling to Sydney. Immigration police almost offloaded both of them until senior customer service agent MrMoshiurRahmanappeared in the scene.

As the time was 11.15 pm and the flight from Dhaka was scheduled at 11.55 pm. MrMoshiur immediately tried to convince the police telling that the visa for Australia is now an E-visa where the confirmation is sure for both Mr and MrsGhosh as they got the onward boarding pass from Singapore airlines. They wouldn’t have got the boarding pass if the confirmation was not there. However the police denied toclear the passengers once again saying that he needs at least the email or the printout to clear the passengers upon immigration. Both Mr and MrsGhosh were terribly worried but MrMoshiur tried to convince them saying he would do everything possible to make sure that they gets on to the flight. It was 11.25 pm and MrMoshiur asked for the email address from MrGhoshinwhich the email was sent from Immigration Australia. Mrghosh gave the address then MrMoshiur rushed to the office where he immediately logged on to the email of MrGhosh and searched for the Email. Finding that he printed the Email at airport office then rushed on to the immigration where Mr and MrsGhosh were waiting for him.

They were almost at tears thinking that they might not get on to the plane and visit their son in Australia. However when MrMoshiur brought out the printed email copy then it was all very easy. It was 11.45 pm when the immigration process for both of them were done and they were clear to board the aircraft. Then MrMoshiur assisted them upto the boarding gate and again convinced that there won’t be a problem anymore. Both Mr and MrsGhosh were thankful to Mrmoshiur and kept saying that he saved their life!

In addition MrGhosh wrote a complimentary form in favor for MrMoshiur in which he wrote, “I am truly thankful to MrMoshiurrahman, such a wonderful person with such a helping mind. He is surely an asset for Singapore airlines and it is staff like Moshiur who keeps us fly Singapore airlines again. My heartiest gratitude goes to him and all the staffs of Singapore airlines in Dhaka station. I wish them all the very best in their job life and request them to keep up the excellent service in Dhaka airport station.”

Incident 2-

This is the incident for which MrBikash Andrew Rozariogot the Best Customer Service Offered award in 2009. The total incident goes as below In November 2009, MR Dion came from Hong kong to Dhaka travelling via Singapore in Singapore airlines. He became seriously ill on arrival as he had a serious chest pain and respiratory problems. He had a medical kit bag with him which he left out at Hong Kong airport. So he was in need of medical help immediately. Taking charge of the situation MrBikash came forward and called the airport medical team. They came but suggested to take the patient to any nearby hospital as Mr Dion’s condition was worsening every moment. MrBikash immediately took Mr Dion to Holy Family Red Crescent Hospital for treatment.

Through his keen observation MrBikash came to know that the hospital was not able to provide Mr Dion the necessary medical treatment. So he initiated the transfer of the patient to Apollo Hospitals Dhaka. When leaving the hospital, they asked for some fee which MrBikash paid from his own pocket. All the time he was with Mr Dion assisting him by his words and if anything needed. He rushed critically Ill Mr Dion to the Apollo Hospital’s emergency department and continued to stay on the patient’s side assisting him with the necessary admission procedures. He only returned home when the Australian Consulate arrived. The next few days he continued visiting Mr Dion in the hospital. It was a matter of a week when Mr Dion was admitted in Hospital. After that he returned back to Australia after that.

For this extraordinary service provided on ground MrBikash Got the Award mentioned above which was presented to him at Singapore.

Customer’s Feedback and Analysis

Now, to show about the feedback from the customers a survey is conducted in every flight of Singapore airlines throughout the whole world. It happens 4-5 times in a month from which SQ keeps up to date with the passenger’s opinion and it is a continuous process which helps Singapore airlines to improve the service quality all throughout the customer touch points.

However, Dhaka station is not different either. Every month 4 times a service performance survey (SPS) is conducted in the flight for Dhaka to Singapore. The survey forms are being given to in-flight passengers and then are collected back. Then the data is being analyzed and the results are given to General Manager and Station Manager in Dhaka in the very next month.

Seeing the result managers get to know about the overall performance of the entire station and knows immediately where to improve.

Since Singapore airlines has various types of operation upon which they are surveyed, my working area is on airport operations especially in check in and boarding gate area. Below is the last quarter result of 2014 in terms of check in and boarding. This result is given from Singapore head office.


In the chart the last quarterly results of SPS conducted for Singapore airlines Dhaka is shown.

Point to be noted is only lounge, check in and boarding these 3 areas result is shown in the graph because of my job regulations. As I worked in the airport so these 3 areas cover the overall airport service.

As we see in the figure that at the month of September our lounge area has a score of 86 amongst 100, check in goes for 84 and boarding 80. This score is satisfactory but on the very next month the score becomes higher in every sector which shows improvement from the previous month.

Now his is how my Manager MrShabbir Ali figures out the overall performance and area to improve. In November the score was lower from October result however in December in every areas improvement can be shown from the chart.The driving factors of this passenger surveys are lounge services, on time departure of the aircraft, efficient service at check in and in boarding gate, warmth and friendliness of staff and also greetings.

The total figure of passengers upon whom the survey was conducted is unknown because Singapore head office doesn’t let us know about the number. However due to some restrictions in my job I could not manage a more detailed data about the survey as my manager does not want to disclose the official results outside.

Limitations and future research directions

There are many limitations and constraints that are worth mentioning and managing in future studies. The passenger figure for the survey is unknown in Dhaka whereas SIA has passengers and frequent fliers all over the world. If the research and investigation could be carried out in many more countries we could have obtained a more generic result. As having access to only one office of Singapore airlines which is the airport office of Singapore airlines Dhaka, I could not manage much data at the other side of the operation which is the reservation and ticketing office of Singapore airlines Dhaka. In addition due to job regulations no other statistical data can be provided at the same time. Now for further research the total yearly results of SPS’s and the passenger figure as well as class, gender, age, demographic information can be collected and the survey result can be analyzed more deeply which will help to find out the actual performance and areas to improve in a bigger basis. Analyzing that result a yearly target can be set upon, which will be the premium target for the station, which will help the staff’s to work with much more dedication and motivated to achieve the target.


Passengers are a very essential factor for generation of revenues for any airline and it is immensely essential for every airline to ensure maximum level of satisfaction of passengers. In order to establish a well known brand image and to generate a positive influence on passengers’ behavioral intentions it is very necessary for passengers to be fully content with the level of service quality provided to them. The chief objective of this study was to find out the station performance for Singapore airlines Dhaka and at the same time to know about the service they provide on a daily basis in their job. Singapore airlines have a huge brand image and value in the airline industry of the whole world. Although in some cases Dhaka station is behind but this small station is trying their level best to maintain that service quality and brand image so that the passengers keep flying with SQ. As a result of continuously providing better service Dhaka Station won the Most Improved Station Award in 2010. They also won the Best Business class award, Best long haul flight award, and the Best frequent flyer card program, amongst all the airlines in Dhaka awarded by the Monitor Magazine in 2014. Success and Excellence is always a work in process. Singapore Airlines Dhaka is always working in maintaining the success and excellent service quality with integrity.