Star Network in Business Communication

Under the star communication network, all members of the group communicate with each other and exchange information. Several people are involved in this network and the process forms a star shape. This network is a must for group communication or where teamwork is involved. This network enables people to communicate with each other or with people who are involved in the same process. This is usually the official path of communication where information flows ‘through proper channel’ between the superior and subordinates.

The star communication network has several participants. Each of these participants enables two-way communication between each of the nodes or people that are participating in the network.

This network channel of communication is open to all members of the group. This network can be considered as a development of a wheel network with no central person to control the way of communication. The members communicate with each other without hesitation. All are free to communicate with each other. It follows the informal channel of command or communication and provides optimum satisfaction to our individuals. No restrictions are present to block the communication between people in the process. Information flows very fast, though there may be a problem of coordination.

Teamwork is built using this communication. All the individuals in this network communicate with each other freely, permanently, and regularly. A WhatsApp group that is related to work is a good example of Star Network. There is a single path of communication in a single-channel network for a particular position and information flows through that path only to various persons. The basis of good communication is a loyal and sincere transmission and reception of information. There is usually an official path of better communication where information transfers “through proper channel” between the manager and the employee. They can exchange data and information with each other without any hurdles or restrictions.

All information transfers through concerned managers or employees only.

Characteristics –

  • Only important information flows through this path.
  • It reduces the chances of miscommunication.
  • Superior control of the activities of subordinates through effective communication networks.


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