Swot Analysis of Janata Bank Limited

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective.

      “S”            = Strengths – Attributes helpful for achieving the objective.

      “W”          = Weaknesses – Attributes harmful for achieving the objective.

      “O”           = Opportunities – External conditions that are helpful for achieving the objective.

      “T”           = Threats – External conditions that may harm the business’s performance.

The SWOT Analysis of Janata Bank is presented in a table below:


  • Name recognition within the community
  • Large customer base
  • Community involvement/increasing presence in the market
  • Management knowledge of industry
  • Financial condition: Strong capital and asset quality
  • Regulatory performance is strong and positive
  • Fine environment in side of the branch
  • Co-ordination and co-operation among the staff
  • Attractive Location
  • Old Bank so greater reliance to customer


•  Lack of technological resources as well as Internet banking

•  Lack of knowledge of customer profile

•  Insufficient focus on quality customer service and mortgage banking

•  Overall market share needs to grow Opportunities:

•  Cross-selling existing customers

•  Growth in commercial business

•  Increase market share through growth of loan portfolio

•  Increased presence by means of additional ATMs

• Niche markets (under-served ethnic markets, bank at work, etc.)

•  Enhanced business development in all product areas and promotion of those products

•  Strategic marketing towards customers of large merging banks

•  Attracting candidates for acquisition over the next few years

• Potential market for internet banking

•  Insurance products

•  Initiation of concept of Firs generation Banking


  • More Experienced & Managerial know-how
  • Opportunity to expand geographically within Bangladesh.
  • Customers are looking for good quality and have the willingness to bank with Janata Bank


• Strong community bank competition Non-bank competition

• Inefficiencies within the operations of the bank

• Possibilities of more stringent regulations

• Lack of appeal to younger, Student, affluent potential customers

• Political instability of the country

• Lack of Flexibility to adopt to any change

•  The continuing increase in non-bank competitors offering similar services.

•   Continued deregulation and globalization of services.

•  Increased technological innovation and technology costs in order to compete effectively.

• How to differentiate and appropriately price services such as origination, structuring and administration.

•  Consistent risk pricing and Basle Committee capital requirements for credit risk.

From the above discuss we can say that Janata Bank Ltd. is one of the largest privatized Bank of the country, and Elephant Road Branch is the Important Branch of this Bank. Overall Performance of Elephant Road Branch is satisfactory. But to face challenges of Globalization Janata Bank Ltd. Ltd. should to restructure its operation to improve as a first generation bank.


As an internee it’s difficult for me to give any recommendation with my little working experience but I have tried as my best to give best recommendations above shortcomings (its may be or may not be suitable for JBL.

  • JBL can change their working environment by creating positive attitude to their employees & they should change their interior decoration
  • JBL should give more freedom to their branches for taking decisions & their head office should take decisions more quickly
  • JBL should build separate loan recovery division if it happen then their classified loan amount will reduce and they can invest more
  • JBL should go through the on line banking as early as possible for better service to the customer
  • JBL should increase own investment in different sectors as like Islamic bank limited if they can increase their own investment then their cost of capital will reduce
  • JBL human resource department should train their employees with computer knowledge & their HRD should arrange training program frequently a JBL management should take decision more quickly
  • JBL should use group incentives so that employee can share their experiences & strength & can work smoothly
  • Their statement should be computerized which is cost effective & safe
  • It has been seen that N13L marketing activities are not sufficient but now a day’s Proper marketing is important for creating good image in the target customers mind.
  • They should increase promotional campaign & they should participate in social activities for creating good image in target customer mind.

JBL should give the quick services to the customer by the help of modern technology.


It would not be appropriate to draw any definite conclusion right now. So the result of the study should be taken as indicative rather than conclusive.

In the thesis, it is found that the branch provides all the conventional banking services as well as some specialized financing activities to the economy.

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