Team Agenda

Team Agenda

Teams are often working in tandem with other members and to ensure perfect synchronization of their work they are often required to hold meetings for discussion of their plans and strategies. Members of a team are certain to have issues and ideas to discuss and a properly organized team meeting will ensure that all participants receive a hearing. Team agendas may be used in different ways as there are various processes and procedures where teams or a group of individuals are involved.

An agenda for any meeting needs to be written before the meeting is held because it is the basis on which invitations are sent out to participants, information about the topics to be discussed is provided, and most importantly the participants are intimated about the date, day and the location of the meeting. Team agendas are not different in this regard and therefore should be written immediately after deciding to schedule a meeting.

The template that you will use in a specific team agenda document should be appropriate for the following items:

  • The nature of the team activity to be done
  • The purpose of the team agenda creation
  • The size of the team in terms of the number of its members
  • The processes that are involved in the program or event where the team agenda will be used

Participants attending a meeting without information of why it is being held are unlikely to add value by attending. The team agenda is written for the participants to prepare themselves for the meeting in advance and make every effort to ensure the success of the gathering.

A team agenda is written either by the leader of the team or a subordinate who may be nominated for the task. The team agenda should provide a fair idea of the meeting before the scheduled date to the participants. It can be used to allow time for different topics to ensure that the meeting concludes within the timeframe which has been set.


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