Kazi Farms Kitchen Project of Interspeed Advertisement

Kazi Farms Kitchen Project of Interspeed Advertisement Limited

Interspeed is one of the first advertising agencies in Bangladesh, founded in 1968 By Mr. Enayet Karim. They work independently and are known for having applied their creative streak and brand building skills for some of the largest clients in the country. Their approaches to marketing are unique and different compared to others, reflecting their boldness. They strive to provide solution-neutral integrated approaches to marketing problems for their clients. By creating communications that circumvent the usual advertisements and disrupt the status quo, they stand out among all the others. Most importantly, they respect and listen to consumer needs. Interspeed incorporates a 3-dimensional marketing communication solution for their three business units, which come together in their aim to provide complete solutions to their valued clients:

  • Interspeed Advertising Ltd. is a traditional full service creative agency that provides clients with through the line advertising and brand consultancy services.
  • Interspeed Activation Ltd. is brand activation, rural outreach and events management agency that provides clients with 360 degree touch points on the ground, and in-store or anywhere that traditional media fails to touch consumers.
  • Interspeed Marketing Solutions Ltd. is a direct marketing, trade marketing and one-to-one customer engagement agency that provides clients direct marketing capabilities, trade merchandising support and digital solutions.

Prominent clients of Interspeed are:

  • Kazi Food Industries Ltd’s
  • Kazifarms frozen foods
  • Za ’n Zee ice cream

For these clients and their range, of products, Interspeed developed the communication strategies and was responsible for brand identities and packaging.

For each of the brands, their customer segments, and media platforms, execute creative for TV, print, in-store, billboards and outdoor, digital and social media.

We are also the creative agency for

  • Anwar Group’s Anwar Ispat
  • Eastern Bank Limited
  • LG Mobile
  • Gemcon Group’s Meena Sweets
  • Aarong’s Aarong Curd

We are the activation agency for

  • Airtel Bangladesh

One of the most exciting nationwide activation we carry out for them is the Airtel Rising Stars. Nationwide talents hunt to pick the best 12 under-14 footballers and send them to Manchester United for training. Two years on and the ARS are gaining some serious momentum!

We are also the activation agency for

  • Unilever’s Pollydoot project

An ingenious rural distribution solution is in place, involving unemployed rural youth to invest in a bundle of Unilever products and outreach to retailers beyond the distribution net.

Other Activation clients include

  • Coca-Cola who recently hired us to handle their world cup trophy tour
  • Robi (rural distribution officer)
  • Microsoft
  • HP

We are the complete integrated marketing agency for

  • ONE Bank’s mobile pay “OK”

We are also the consumer engagement, contract merchandising and brand rep agency for

  • British American Tobacco Bangladesh


Objective of the report:

The main objective of the report is to help us to develop an understanding and insights of the major activities done as an intern in Interspeed advertisement Ltd.


This report works only on the recent data collected from recent tasks done on the assigned project of Interspeed Advertisement.


The advertisement department mainly consists of Media and planning, creative and activation team. Apart from which there is the administrative department, which has Human Resource, and Accounts department.

A project starts from the media and planning department from where the ideas of a product are generated and based on the budget on the client a marketing plan is made. After which it is handed over to the creative team who in turn design the branding and creative related matters into the product. Once the two teams have coordinated the plans and creative ideas are put together they are pitched to the clients. Once the clients have viewed the planning and the creative briefs they decide whether or not to continue with the marketing, which is then implemented.

The activation team of interspeed is then responsible for the implementation phases of the proposed pitch.

Job Responsibilities

A part of the job responsibility was to take minutes of a meeting. When clients are meeting with the agency as part of recording official discussion minutes of a meeting are made. For my first task I was asked to prepare the minutes of a meeting and take notes of the points discussed.

The first project I got to work on was Kazi Farms Kitchen. Kazi farms kitchen has been in the industry poultry for more than a decade now. They are expanding to packaged foods, which include sausages, chicken based products and recently flour based products. Our project included that of making the outlets more competitive with its main rival CP chicken.

The meetings were very productive as this is where the main ideas for the project take shape and ready for both the agency and clients to move forward. The meetings would sometimes happen in the client’s office and also in some cases in the interspeed office. The venues were decided based on the convenience of the clients. However once the clients arrive and the meeting begins, it was my responsibility to take note of the points discussed. So it can be added to the minutes of the meeting.

The minutes of the meetings are as follows:

  • Meeting Minutes
  • Client: Kazi Foods Industries Limited
  • Brand: Kazi Farms Kitchen
  • Venue: Client office, Dhanmondi
  • Date: 4th June, 2015
  • Present from client side: Mr. Ashik, Mr. Shantanu
  • Present from agency side: Ali, Shadman, Zertab
  • Agenda: Scope of Work for the remaining year of 2015

The discussion was based on the following plan shared earlier by the agency.


  1. A proper launch campaign of KFK that includes event, PR, etc. is yet to be done.
  2. Client would like a digital plan that is not only based on Facebook, but would also include articles and blogs in popular sites.
  3. Based on the upcoming TVCs, all billboard visuals will be changed.
  4. #eat better to be launched on the social media parallel to KFK TVCs.
  5. From 10th June, 2015, a week-long activation with Curry Cuts to be held in major superstores like Meena Bazaar. Activation plan shared by Interspeed Activation team.
  6. Agency needs to come up with Ramadan campaign for flour-based KFK range and also for Curry Cuts. For flour-based range, the client is expecting billboard, POSM and FB creative layouts. For Curry Cuts, print and radio campaign needs to be designed.
  7. Interspeed Media team to suggest suitable radio stations for Curry Cuts Ramadan campaign with concrete rationale.
  8. Instead of eggs, the client will focus more on flour-based products as so far no communication on ATL has been done for this range.
  9. Whole dressed chicken not under scope of work for 2015.
  10. Need to revive diet chart idea shared by agency earlier.
  11. Client will also launch new chicken-based products; still in product development stage.
  12. Parathas should be on focus before Eid-ul-Azha.
  13. Client and agency to revisit activation idea of back to school tiffin time.
  14. Select KFK franchise outlets will launch paratha rolls.
  15. Revised SOW 2015 to be shared by Thursday, 11th June.

Additional point discussed: Client has given a tentative date for KFK script presentation on Monday, 8th June at 3:30pm.

Once the minutes were concluded and the clients had expressed their desired outcome the team had began to work on the brand development. Our job was to identify what sort of customers would be going to KFK, what can we do to further expand the brand of KFK to all consumers across the country. Our objective also was to figure out what are the ways to successfully do a facebook page for KFK that would be appealing to the mass.

Frozen goods packaging:

Apart from the field outlet visits our job was also to administer the client requirements if the creative planning. This included the approval of packaging design and store layout of ghow the products would be placed in stores for sales.

The approved layouts in agreement with the clients are as follows:



Yearly facebook page plan

We were also asked to make the yearly plan for KFK products. The yearly plan is as follows:


The yearly plan has the involvement of the media and planning team, as they are responsible for updating the progress of work in sync with the yearly plan. Before the events the team must be ready with plans that will be executed in accordance of the requirements of clients.

As part of my internship I was also asked to work with the clients to find appropriate content for the facebook page. Facebook posts were also boosted which means an online paymemnt was made to facebook so that their page would reach a wide variety of people in the country. The boosting is done according to the willingness of the client to spend on boosting posts.


Once our learning of the product was established we could move on to our findings with the client and move on to the next phase of the planning which is to let the clients know what the can do to improve their outlet sales.

We had to identify the Values and personality of KFK in accordance to the client wants as well as customer expectation from the product. The benefits of the product also have to be highlighted.

We also had to identify all the competitors of KFK however it seems that the ideal mark up competitor was CP chicken. Apart from which also other packaged foods companies who provide similar products.

As for the target branding it is essential to maintain the image of KFK while not compromising on the content of the food, as it is their main target branding. As for the unique selling point it is still differentiated, as the chicken is different from that of CP chicken.

The target customers are mainly the people in the neighborhood of the outlet, as they are the people who will pass by the outlet regularly. The product also aims kids and teenagers who enjoy fast food. And for the older customers they have the packaged foods that can be made at home as per instructions provided.


These findings were prepared by the media and planning department along with the help of myself in order to present to the clients for them to implement and execute. These findings were concluded after we had gone on a field visit and see first hand what the customers require.

We had made notes on the points that we thought that the outlets could improve it. However we had come to realize that it is the franchisee that is going to be responsible to implement our suggestions as the franchise itself would not bare the cost of these improvements by themselves.

The franchise is only responsible for providing the supply of the food and initial setup where they do the basic decorations. We did come across few outlets where the franchisee is interested to implement our findings to increase sales. However there are also those who do not want to implement the findings, as it would involve spending extra away from their profit.

As KFK would like to compete with CP it is essential that all outlets put in the genuine effort to improve their outlet and make it more appealing than CP. Although CP does not have the best reputation, as it is so easily available in most neighborhoods, consumers are more aware of their products. However KFK with their product content can outrun them only in the case they can stand out from CP as a higher grade Fast food chicken outlet.


As part of my internship I have learned a lot from Interspeed Advertisement. They are the oldest Advertisement agency in Bangladesh and it was a good stepping-stone in the industry for me. Although I have learned a lot from their guidance and methods there are some recommendations

that I would make for their betterment of business.

  • Meet client requirements by written agreements of what they want. It was often the case that although we had worked according to the instructions of the clients they were indecisive about the final product as they themselves were not sure of what the end result was going to be. Therefore a written agreement with the client would also have them bound to not make changes beyond a certain point if they are not sure themselves.
  • To find ways of penalizing employees if they have not done their job right without screaming at them. It was often the case that employees would be scolded by some of the management if they were not doing their job correctly, although it is the traditional way of addressing problems in a corporate culture, employees often feel very demotivated to work as they feel humiliated and sometimes is not able to take the criticism through scoldings. If employees were mailed instead of screamed at it would keep the morale of the employees better as we are a sensitive race with limited control over our emotions.

They can be emailed or penalized by salary cuts rather than verbal confrontation. A part from these I have no other recommendation to make to interspeed as they have been in the industry for a while now and their methods and practices are in sync with the industry.


Interspeed has not only managed to stay afloat for almost 50 years now, but has also excelled in their own ways at what they do by serving their customers with unique ideas, which is an achievement very few companies have made in the country.

One main thing that I have learned through this internship is time management skills as well as self-motivation. When I first started I did not think that I was going to be able to make myself sit in an office for eight hours a day, five days a week. Once I realized what I had to do I organized my day and work so that I was not overlapping or wasting my hours. I learned that I needed to be organized and have questions ready for when it was the correct time to get feedback. From this internship and time management I had to learn how to motivate myself through being in the office for so many hours. I came up with various proposals and ideas that the company may be looking into using.

In review this internship at Interspeed has been an excellent and rewarding experience. I have been able to meet and network with so many people that I am sure will be able to help me with opportunities in the future.

It was an honor for me to be a part of this organization.