Promotional Strategy of a Sub-Brand of Robi Udoy Postpaid

Effectiveness of Promotional Strategy of a Sub-Brand of

Robi Udoy Postpaid

In the telecom world Robi at present is holding the third position. Here GP is the market leader and both Banglalink and Robi are followers. The most common thing among them is the strong competition they face against each other. So all the companies are trying to be competitive in their product and service which they are offerings. Also they spend a huge amount of money for the promotion purpose, as grabbing the largest amount of customer is beneath their main success and profit. As Robi had introduced its new sub-brand Udoy, they had taken various promotional activities to introduce and to make it known to the potential or target customers. Hence they had taken different promotional strategy for this new offering. Being an intern in the Marketing Operation division, Brand and Market Communication unit I had decided to find out whether the promotional strategies for UDAY postpaid was effective or not in my internship report. So I can declare my topic as,“Effectiveness of Promotional Strategy of a Sub-Brand of Robi “Udoy (for its post-paid subscribers)”

Objective of the study

This study paperconcentrates on some specific objectives. They can be pointed out as,

  1. To construct an overview of UDOY postpaid.
  2. To find the feedback of customers towards TVC of UDOY postpaid.
  3. To describe the various strategies that Robi had followed in its promotion of sub-brand Udoy that I have learnt while my internship period.

Literature Review

The various descriptions of the company can be easily gathered from the company web site and news portals. As well as daily telecom news that I get by e-mails is also a good source of news of various recent events of Robi and all other operators.

The Brand Book of Robiis also a good source of information about the various preferences that the company gives to its all divisions.

In encyclopedia, Wikipedia, there is a thorough discussion on Cell Phone & SIM business. From Cell Phone Operator‟s official website, all segment wise Package, tariff rates and current promotions is available to download. Market Leader Grameen Phone, Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Citycell, Teletalk- all operators website avails most updated data by which the comparison among operators were possible to make.

Bangladesh Tele Regulatory Commission (BTRC)‟s website also provides operator-wise monthly subscriber data since March ‟07; both Cell Phone and Land Phone. In BTRC website, there is also link of website of all the operators in Bangladesh.

Although the Udoy postpaid was launched in 2011, the concern team doesn’t have any report about the offer, so I had to take a face to face interview of my team mates of the unit, Brand and Market Communication, as well as some other persons referred by them. And also the questionnaire that will be made for the help in research is certainly going to add extra value to the report.


Research design

The illustrations of the objectives of the project above give an idea of the study. It is an exploratory research qualitative in nature. The main purpose of the research is to assess the effectiveness of promotional strategy followed by Robi for its sub-brand Udoy, as well as the target group response on the promotional activities.

Sampling method

The required data for this research has been collected from the viewers of television ad of Udoy. There wasn‟t any particular sample frame available for this research. So convenience sampling has been used, as it is also the cheapest and the easiest methods of sampling. The sample frame for this research is consisting of representative persons among the viewers. Due to time constraints the survey has been conducted in Dhaka city only.

Data Collection

For the purpose of the study data and information have been collected from both primary and secondary sources.

Primary Data Collection

Direct personal interview with the concerned people have helped me to gather all those information that I wanted. Also by doing this I could get only those information I needed, nothing extra.

Secondary Data Collection

Lion share of the gathered data is secondary. Secondary data was collected from company booklets, brochures, annual reports, major publications, newsletters, journals of ROBI and other existing documents relevant with the study, marketing books, and the Internet. Behind this data has been collected through BTRC and ROBI internal software.


In this era of globalization, communication has become the most significant factor. For this, telecom industry is playing the major role to change the lives of the people and their business. In a densely populated country like Bangladesh, telecommunication can play a vital role to boost the economy and social level of people. This sector is poised for rapid growth in the coming years. Moreover, the efficiency of other businesses has already increased because mobile phone has become easily available in these days due to the government‟s decision of deregulating the telecommunications sector, which had been a state monopoly until the late 1980s. Privatization of the telecommunication sector began in 1989, when Sheba and BRTA were awarded 25-year licenses to install and operate fixed-wire lines and wireless services in rural areas. The same year, Pacific Telecom Bangladesh got the Government‟s permission to launch the country‟s fire cellular phone and paging service sold under brand name CityCell in collaboration with a Hong Kong based company. The company targeted only the higher class of the society. During that time price of mobile was above Tk 50,000/. Naturally, the growth of the industry was very slow. CityCell had a virtual monopoly until 1996, when the government gave licenses to three more companies to operate cell phones in Bangladesh. So the government decided to bring more companies in the market and break the monopoly.

After a careful evaluation, Bangladesh government decided to provide three licenses to GrameenPhone, Robi, and BanglaLink). CityCell is using the CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology. GrameenPhone, Robi, and BanglaLink are using GSM technology. GSM is the most popular mobile telecommunication technology in the world. About 60% of the cell phone users of the world use GSM technology.These three new companies entered the market, not only helped to cut back the over-dependence on BTTB‟s fixed-line system, but also made mobile phones cheaper and easier to get. A definite development has been observed in the business market with comparatively high expectations. Customer maturity and anticipation regarding technology has increased over time. Rumors regarding new entrants have groomed expectations in the market. Consequently, people are expecting cheaper handsets with lowered airtime.


In order to get on with the rhythm of the modern world, infra-structural development of the telecommunication sector should get the priority. As a consequence, Robi Axiata Ltd. one of the pioneers not only in the telecommunications private sector of Bangladesh, but also is a dynamic and leading countrywide GSM communication solution provider. It is a joint venture company between Axiata Group Berhad, Malaysia and NTT DOCOMO INC, Japan. With a mission to meet the communication needs of the people of Bangladesh, Robi Axiata Ltd. formerly known as Telekom Malaysia International (Bangladesh), commenced its operation in 1997 under the brand name of Aktel. Later, on 28th March, 2010 the company started its new journey with the new brand name “Robi”.

By serving the urban dwellers and rural people simultaneously, Robi is going to fulfill the country‟s vision to make communication a basic necessity and with the reach at all levels of the society. Sharing Robi‟s experience and expertise with people of Bangladesh will not only assist in the development of the telecom infrastructure in the country but most importantly the people of Bangladesh remains connected and closer with each other.

Robi is truly a people-oriented brand of Bangladesh. Robi believes in ahead with innovation and creativity. The company is providing the telecommunication services to support national telecommunication policy for a higher rate of telecommunications ratio and coverage in Bangladesh. Robi is committed to provide warm, friendly approachable service to its valued customers as well as mass society. Robi services its subscribers with the philosophy of the excellence with the limited interconnection.


Axiata (Bangladesh) Limited is a Joint Venture company between Axiata Group Berhad (91.59%) and NTT DOCOMO INC. (8.41%).


Axiata Group Berhad

Axiata is an emerging leader in Asian telecommunications with significant presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Cambodia. In addition, the Malaysian grown holding company has strategic mobile and non-mobile telecommunications operations and investments in India, Singapore, Iran, Pakistan and Thailand. Axiata Group Berhad, including its subsidiaries and associates, has approximately 50 million mobile subscribers in Asia, and is listed on Malaysia‟s stock exchange (Bursa Malaysia).



NTT DOCOMO INC is the world’s leading mobile communications company and the largest mobile communications company in Japan. DOCOMO serves over 53 million customers, including 44 million people subscribing to FOMA™, launched as the world’s first 3G mobile service based on W-CDMA in 2001. DOCOMO also offers a wide variety of leading-edge mobile multimedia services, including i-mode™, the world’s most popular mobile email/Internet service, used by 48 million people. With the addition of credit-card and other ewallet functions, DOCOMO mobile phones have become highly versatile tools for daily life.


With cutting edge technology and innovative services, DOCOMO is fast becoming a preferred lifestyle choice, continuously expanding its role in its users‟ lives, growing globally throughout Asia, Europe and North America. NTT DOCOMO INC is listed on the Tokyo (9437), London (NDCM) and New York (DCM) stock exchanges.


Relationship among different Divisions & Departments

An organization is like complex machinery consisting of different parts. Different functional divisions and departments are the different parts of this organizational machinery. Therefore, to make an organization a success, the divisions and departments must work accordingly. In Robi all the divisions and departments are closely tied with one another.Sales unit makes sales forecast, identifies market’s potential opportunity and sends it to the technical division for doing the plan for new coverage area. These two divisions jointly plan for increasing the coverage area. If there is any complaint regarding the networks Customer Relation Management unit informs it to technical division for solving it. Again Customer Relation Management Unit informs marketing division about the problems and suggestions regarding the products and their selling procedure.


Robi – Served Market

Robi is providing the service using GSM 900 technology. Although their transmission quality is not questionable to the consumers, they are behind in terms of network coverage in the countrywide. They have 160 characters SMS interconnectivity with GP and BanglaLink.

Besides having the business and family consumer functions, Robi has information services for their subscribers. But it is not that much intensive like GP. To enhance the post-paid subscriber base, in July 2011 the company launched a new package named „Udoy‟ with zero line rent and also redefined the regular post-paid package to attract more customers to subscribe to Robi postpaid connection.Primarily Robi focused on the business users in Dhaka and Chittagong. By different offers Robi tries to spread their focus on other customer segments. Robi has been increasing their students and family subscribers. Among all the mobile operators in Bangladesh, probably Robi has the most strong corporate customer base. Many organizations have been associated with Robi. Robi also offers this segment with attractive call charges. The offers to different companies vary.


Market Players

In this competitive market, all the companies are adopting different policies to draw the customers towards then offering so many varieties of products & services. Currently, Grameen Phone is the market leader with almost 43% subscribers. Robi is holding their position in the Third (18%) place and trying hard to become the market leader. BanglaLink (28%) with their aggressive marketing strategy is creating chaos in the market through price war. TeleTalk & CityCell are struggling in the market to hold their positions, as both the companies need to concentrate on their product development and marketing research activities.

SWOT Analysis of Robi

SWOT analysis is essential in order to determine the present standpoint of the company. The following in depth analysis will provide us with an overview of Robi‟s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats in detail.


Strengths of ROBI:

  1. Joint Venture helped to diversify risk:

ROBI is a brand Axiata Bangladesh Ltd. (AXB), which is a joint venture of NTT Docomo, Japan and Telekom Malaysia Berhad of Malaysia. NTT Docomo, Japan and telecom Malaysia Berhad comprise 30% and 70% of equity capitals respectively in this joint venture. This venture has contributed both the companies to advantage of risk diversification.

  1. Foreign Knowledge Generation in the company:

The top-level management of Axiata Bangladesh Ltd., by and large, consists of foreign personalities. Most of the departmental heads are from Malaysia, Japan, and Sri-Lanka. Because of this mix and match of local and foreign expertise in the company, there is a blend of knowledge that exists within the company and has proven to be an asset over the years. Moreover, the generation of foreign knowledge in the company has enabled the company to competitor internationally.

  1. Strong Brand Image

One of the biggest strength for Robi has been its strong brand image. Rebranding campaign of Robi was a huge success. It operates under the brand name „ROBI‟, which is one of the most dynamic end-to-end countrywide GSM mobile communications solutions brands. Under the stewardship of Axiata Group, ROBI is one of the fastest growing mobile communication brands offering comprehensive range of solutions to more than 10 million subscribers nationwide. Today, ROBI boasts of the widest International Roaming service in the market, connecting 440 operators across 185 countries.

  1. Unique & Innovative Product & service Offers:

ROBI has a well-known reputation for being “The first ever” in the country. It has always tried to bring something new and exceptional in the market. There are countless services, which are bought by AXB under ROBI brand. Some of the outstanding services are: E-fill, plus offer, GPRS (Mobile Internet), greeting Message ((Fun dose), Buy one get one free offers etc. By providing distinct services, ROBI has achieved the Status of “Fast Mover”. The company‟s ability to come up with Innovative products over the years has been second to none. Its first ever introduction of 1 second pulse in Postpaid &10-second pulse on prepaid Exceed Package in Prepaid, previously Joy Package in Prepaid clearly targeted towards couples have been truly outstanding & worth admiring. Moreover, Robi has recently launched “1 Second Pulse” offer for the pre-paid subscribers. In recent time, it introduced “Robi Call Blocking Service” for the first time in Bangladesh, which allows a customer to decide from whether to receive calls from a specific no or block the number from accessing the customer. Moreover, it was also the first mobile company in Bangladesh to launch “Balance Transfer” for Post-paid customers, which helped the postpaid customers to transfer balance to Prepaid numbers whenever they required.

  1. Friendly Corporate Culture:

The corporate culture of ROBI is famous for being friendly and positive. The company has a “Thursday dress code” for the employees. It also assembles money from every employee to have tea-break snacks. There is a pleasing synchronization among the staffs, which has built a positive corporate culture.

  1. Easy entrance to foreign market:

ROBI has joined venture with a prominence Malaysian company, Telecom Malaysia Bernhard. At the same time, operating in an aggressive market has enabled the company to become very competitive. These attributes have permitted the company to have an easy access to foreign market and compete with foreign rivals.

Weaknesses of ROBI:

  1. High employee turnover rate:

One of the biggest setbacks that have hurt Robi badly in recent time is their high employee turnover rate. The company has been struggling big times to retain the services of quality employees both in executive & managerial level. As there are four major players operating in the market, it is apparent that each company will try to draw employees from other companies by offering better incentivepackages.

This practice has created a high employee turnover rate in ROBI every year; lots of competent workers leave their company to join other companies. These have created a major crisis, as ROBI cannot implement any effective long-term strategy. For example- in year 2008, about 20-

30 stuffs have left for ACI and the loss in terms of knowledge and expertise and have hurt the company big times.

  1. Poor network coverage in rural areas:

Presently ROBI has network coverage in 61 districts. However, most of the upazilas of these districts do not have the coverage. Therefore, despite covering main districts of the country, ROBI users in rural areas do not get the frequency at satisfactory level. Customers are always with relentless complaints especially to Helpline regarding the network problem they face with using Robi and despite offering much better products & services, Robi‟s progress in recent times have somewhat with limited with their aging struggle to come up with quality network coverage.

  1. Poor recruitment policy:

Even though, ROBI attracts skilled workers from renowned academic institution all over the country, because of its poor recruitment policy, many undesired employee are hired over desired ones. Sometimes people with objectionable background are hired & sometimes right are not hired in right positions. Moreover, it recent times, even though the company might have started to recruit from their existing employees for vacant position via “Internal Job Advertisement” but in reality the positions are preoccupied by influential and less caliber people via internal corruption and this has certainly added to the frustration, dissatisfaction and deprivation of more deserving & potent candidates. Recruitment through third party is another dissatisfactory issue among the concern employees.

  1. Dealer Insufficiency:

ROBI has only 224 authorized dealers & 2 distributors, which is insufficient for a company covering network in 64 districts. As a result of inadequate number of dealers & distributors, there is high possibility of gray marketing. If SIM or scratch cards of Robi pass on the hands of unauthorized dealers, it would be very difficult for the company to maintain a consistency in price & quality.

  1. Low no of Customer Care Centers

Even though Robi has been noted for its supreme Customer Service but the company has been far behind in establishing Customer Care Centers in every district of its operations. Currently Robi has only 21 Customer Care Centers all over Bangladesh compared to Grameen which has 82 Customer Care Centers all over Bangladesh with many more shops in different regions opening soon More so, it is also lagging behind compared to Grameen in terms of customer service desks and currently Robi has 224 RSP‟s (Authorized Dealers) while Grameen has more than 600 customer service desks and service quality of the RSPs are not up to the mark, which creates dissatisfaction among customers.

  1. Lack of Promotional Activities

One of the major weaknesses of Robi over the years is its lack of Promotional Activities. The company hasn‟t been inclined to go for aggressive Marketing & we do receive high complaints from customers end about Robi‟s lack of promotional activities especially in remote areas of Bangladesh. Starting from Billboards to circulating leaflets, sponsoring major events- Robi have struggled big time compared to Grameen & Banglalink and even been outsmarted by Citicell & Airtel. Moreover, the recent ads of Robi are not that innovative and informative compared to that of Grameen, Banglalink, Citycell & Airtel.

Opportunities of ROBI:

  1. Incapable public sector:

The public sector in Bangladesh is not capable of meeting the market demand of prospective phone user. In addition, the lengthy and bureaucratic process of public offices has discouraged people to use T&T and public mobile phone (Tele Talk). For these convenience systems, people in our country have adopted private mobile phone services as an alternative. This is a great opportunity for ROBI to grab this huge market of prospective phone user.

  1. Growing population income:

According to World Bank source, the disposable income of people is Bangladesh is increasing every year. In addition, Bangladeshi market has high mobile phone acceptability. Both the factors are fostering the fact that, Bangladeshis a potential market for mobile phone companies which has been a lucrative opportunity to build more stronger customer base

  1. Changing Lifestyle

One of the major reasons for the wide spread importance of mobile phone and SIMs in Bangladesh for the last 5-10 years has been the changing lifestyle of our people. Now possessing multiple SIMs of different operators have become a custom and a part of status symbol which has given the mobile  connection operators with ample scope to increase their customer base as people are more inclined to buy and possess multiple SIMs even though the purpose could have been served by one sim of only one operator.

  1. Huge Untapped Market

Even though it may appear to us that, now a day‟s every single person has a mobile phone and multiple SIMs but in reality the mobile operators have failed to cover even 50% of our total population and there still exists a huge opportunity to turn this nonuser group to first time users and then to long term users. The mobile phone operators in days to come will have to fight even vigorously among themselves not only to retain their existing customer base but also to win these highly profitable first time user groups to make a strangle hold of the competition and the industry.

More focus will be on frequent price cuts, free SIMs, non-price competition, product proliferation, capacity control etc.



  1. Widest Coverage of Grameen Phone:

Grameen phone has network coverage in 64 districts (similar to Robi), as ROBI Yet GPs coverage is better than ROBI, as GP covers all upazilas & rural areas. On the other hand, ROBI provides network only in the city areas. Because of the availability of network, GP has a superior brand image to people. This is of course a threat to ROBI. Moreover, Robi is even struggling to keep up with Banglalink which didn‟t have such strong network base even a year before but the company has improved big times in recent times possessing more threats for Robi in losing their customer base.

  1. Political Instability & Natural Calamity:

Bangladesh is called “red-zone” in terms of political risk. The instability of administration has resulted in unstable regulations. With the change of governments the regulations also changes possessing more problems for these foreign operators to do businesses in an unstable country like Bangladesh? This volatility has hindered ROBI from making a long-term effective strategy. At the same time, the country also has a high natural calamity tendency. Natural catastrophes damage the network towers situated in different districts of the country, which not only results in damage of millions and millions of dollars but also creates terrible inconvenience and difficulties for the customers.

  1. Recession in the economy:

Mobile phone is still considered as a “luxury” in Bangladesh rather than a necessity. Being one of the poorest nations in the world, the risk of recession in Bangladesh is very high and frequent.

During the recession, people will be more reluctant to invest behind luxury items such as mobile phones coupled with the trend of increasing trend of inflation and high rise of cost of living, people of Bangladesh at one time may find it next to impossible to keep mobile phone and use sim which ultimately will hurt the major sim operators big times.

  1. Continuous Growth of Major Operators

Not that long before, the mobile industry was dominated by only two major players- Grameen & Robi. However the scenario has changed dramatically especially in last 1-2 years as Banglalink has outstripped Robi and the company is now struggling to regain its lost position. Robi has failed to keep pace with Banglalink‟s aggressive marketing strategy in recent time and the growing customer base of both Grameen & Banglalink and gradual emergence of Airtel means Robi will keep on facing relentless pressure from the major rivals in days to come.

  1. Existing competitors in the market:

At present, there are five private and one public mobile phone operators operating in Bangladeshi market. All of the private operators are aligned with foreign companies. These companies are following aggressive marketing strategy & the level of rivalry in the industry is very high. The companies are trying to bring new & attractive offers every week at a striking price level. This high intensity of competition in the industry is a major threat to ROBI.

  1. High bargaining power of buyers:

One of the major concerns that have affected the profit potential of major operators in Mobile connection industry is the high bargaining power of buyers. With virtually zero costs as SIM are even available almost free of cost, a customer can easily switch from one operator to another and can dictate terms as the customers are always on the lookout to make comparison related to tariff, value added service, free talk time and others with the competitors and force the operators to play second fiddle.

  1. Optimal expectation of price & quality of customers:

With changing lifestyle and more exposure to advanced technology and cable channels our customers have become much more sophisticated, conscious and knowledgeable and are not ready even to compromise a single penny without getting the optimal price and quality combination from the mobile phone operators. With the emergence of 3G technologies, GPRS, the vast sea of knowledge, information and entertainment are now all compact in our mobile phones and with the rapid advancement of 3G technology, we are living in a world of continuous change and up gradation where things which seem innovative today can very easily become obsolete tomorrow.


Effectiveness of Promotional Strategy of a Sub-Brand of Robi “Udoy(for its post-paid subscribers)”

Usually mobile companies offer two different types of call packages, they are Post-paid and Prepaid. Both the customers of post-paid and pre-paid have different needs and behavior towards the product. So the companies do make their product and offers according to the target customers. Some differences can be pointed out between these two types of customers. They are,


Robi, the third largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh had launched a new Post-paid package named Udoy. Unlike other post-paid offers it is also different from the pre-paid packages, are for specific class of people. But these new product is different from the earlier post-paid packages offered by Robi.

Robi Udoy in Details

Robi Axiata Limited on 30 July, 2011 had launched the new sub brand “Udoy” for its post paid subscribers at a city hotel. This new brand was designed to provide relevant and customized solutions for enterprises and individuals, supported by unparalleled customer service together with lifestyle benefits.

Promotional strategy of robi for post-paid:

For the postpaid packages Robi usually does a research to its existing and probable customers and then plans for the launch of a new product. As postpaid are for specific class of people in this case, specific and special research was done by them.They started doing promotional campaigns before the launch of the product to make the people aware about the product. Often they arranged for movie of fairs where their SIM cards will be introduces with their benefits and with some concession or gifts they were sold to interested customers.Many times Robi arranged for Question and answer session with their customers, where they directly communicated with the customers, listened to their wants. Often in these sessions they directly promoted their products and tried to sell them. In these types of sells they offered Panjabi, t-shirts, box, diary etc. to its customers.As mentioned earlier post-paid offers are for specific group of people who are actually solvent enough, that‟s why promotions in various universities or to mass people were not done for post-paid packages.

Promotional Strategies for Udoy

Through the introduction of Udoy, Robi had tried to give its post-paid customers something really new and more convenient. A product that will make the use of mobile phone more efficient and with more service facilities. Robi has seen a great increase in the number of its customers after launching of this new sub-brand. Besides the product offer the promotional strategy that they had taken for this new product has helped them in a greater way.Before introducing Udoy Robi has done a broad research on its existing customers and potential customers. From the research they have come to the result that,

  • 99% of its post-paid customers are from age 25 to 44
  • 4% are above 45,
  • And only 2% are among the youth.

So they had selected their customers within the age of 25 to 44. But they have offered the product differently, especially for those who were starting or ready with their career. Starter, entrepreneur, teacher, self-owned little business they are the main target customer of Udoy post-paid. Keeping in head the target customer, for the promotion of Udoy, Robi has done 360 degree campaign. These huge campaigns though have cost a lot, but have also helped Robi to grab a great number of customers.

Difference between the promotion of Udoy and other Post-paid packages

Udoy has been offered with different benefits to its customers. Again the customers are not same as the previous post-paid. The previous post-paid customers were very much high level people or mass people or other. But the Udoy customers are neither mass people nor very much high class people.

They are actually the ones who have just started their career or in the middle of the career. This package had been introduced to facilitate the empowerment of the potentials. So this package is called a sub-brand of Robi and was being promoted to a specific class of people. And for that all its promotion strategies have been chosen keeping this in head.

Future Plan for Promotion of Udoy Post-paid

Currently the marketing team doesn‟t have any new promotion plan for Udoy post-paid. They are working on doing all the present promotional activities more effectively. But they have a plan of doing direct question and answer session with its customers to get feedback about the product. And they have also designed T-shirts, Panjabi, and Bags for the customers of Udoy. All these stuffs contain the logo of Udoy.


Research on the Effectiveness of the Promotion activity to the target group

To get information about the effectiveness of the promotion activities that has been taken for the Udoy post-paid I have done a survey to a number of respondents. As among all the Medias used in the promotion campaign (RDC, TVC, Press etc.) the most effective one is the TVC or television commercial. Through this medium most of the potential customer is being reached, so that I have done my research taking the TVC viewers as sample.

The questioner that I have made to gather the required information is being given at bellow, also a discussion has been made according to the research findings.


From the above discussion it is found out that the TVC has gain a mixed response. Some of its presentations have been accepted by the viewer‟s very much positively, and some have been disliked badly, and some has been just accepted.I would like to present my findings from the perspective of both the viewer and mine. Bellow by these two figures my findings will get clear:

Findings from viewer‟s response perspective:


Finally it can be said that, the ad is rated to be an average one, which carries the offer message only, do not contribute much to enhance the Robi image, as there is no association with established Robi theme (color etc.) or any emotion/story to be remembered for long.

Again, Interest Generation for the TVC is been Erratic as to open with drawing curiosity by relevant shots viz. office-goers rushing, BRTC, school-going kids & in contrast, the miss-fitting dance and poor analogy with the sun have made the interest curve go down & again the music rhythm made it leap.


While working with the media team I have seen a number of things related to the promotion activities of Udoy. Hence from my experience and knowledge while working here I would like to recommend some aspects. As well as I will also recommend some points about the promotional plan from which Robi can get suggestion for future promotional activity. Such as,

  • Empowerment should be built in the unit. Sometimes the employee has to wait for the final selection of the head, and this is a kind of waste of time for some situations, as all the employees are efficient in their place.
  • Besides working on the present promotion activities more effective and creative ideas should be built if the company really wants to beat the leader GP.
  • The offers may encompass bundle internet pack, per second pulse, SMS billing, guaranteed network at every corner of the country
  • Ponder on relating with the tagline and how Robi helps ignite the spirit within- perhaps in the sequel.
  • Animation could be an option of making the Ad unique.
  • A question and answer session can be arranged recently to get a rapid reaction from the customers. This will help Robi to get prepare for more promotional activities for Udoy.


There is no way to deny that TVC has opened up a new frontier and unlimited opportunity as a market promotion tool in the present era of business. Here success lots depend how efficiently and effectively a TVC is constructed and telecasted in the Television. Robi had done a great job by launching the new post-paid package Udoy for its different target customers, more convenient benefits and offers, as well as its effective promotional activities; they were experiencing great response from the customers. Their sales level has not been increased in a significant level comparing to the previous packages offered and sales record. It has been seen that the sales of this package has been significantly fall due to the infective TVC.

In a nut shell, ROBI has to be more careful in future before going to telecast TVC. In this regard, the company is cordially advised to follow the given recommendations and if so, it will help the company to reach the ultimate zenith.