Telesales Unit of Banglalink Digital Communication Limited

Telesales Unit – Banglalink Digital Communication Limited

Previously Banglalink was known as Sheba Telecom. It was a joint venture company with a Malaysian company. In October, 2004 Orascom Telecom Holdings purchased 100% share of Sheba Telecom Pvt Limited. Now Vimpelcom owns 51.92% Share of Global Telecom Holdings previously known as Orascom Telecom Holdings.

Telesales is a type of telemarketing which is considered as one of the major part of marketing nowa-days. As today’s market is getting more and more competitive so to survive in this market telemarketing is must. Banglalink has a telesales unit which is under their Customer Care Department. Telesales unit of Banglalink now plays a vital role in the sales of the product of Banglalink. It has increased the total sales of Banglalink in a very short span of time. Telesales unit in Banglalink do the direct commination with the customer, tell them about the company`s product and offering and by doing this they sell the product of Banglalink.

Banglalink is one of the leading mobile operator of our country. They are now the second largest mobile operator of our country. Banglalink is popular for its low call rate and the connection price. They focuses on postpaid sim which can be provided with home delivery system but there are many prepaid customer can be found whom can be young and loyal to company as a customer, So I think they can start home delivery system for some of their prepaid sim also. They need to improve their network in some specific area. About advertising, as a media they chose TV most of the time but they also focus on billboard and others media as billboard is one of the popular media for advertising



Banglalink Digital Communication Limited is fully owned by Orascom Telecom Ventures limited and Vimpelcom owns 51.92% shares of global telecom holding s.a.e (Previously Known as Orascom Telecom Ventures). Banglalink Digital Communication Limited has started their journey in Bangladesh on February 10Th, 2005. Since that time the overall scenario of telecom sector of Bangladesh has started to change, which became more beneficial for the customers rather than the mobile operators. By doing this Banglalink Digital Communication Limited their journey as a mobile operator in Bangladesh and this has helped them to grow faster than any other mobile operators in Bangladesh. Banglalink Digital Communication Limited achieved 257% growth rate within a year after they started their operation in Bangladesh. Now in 2014 Banglalink Digital Communication Limited has become the second largest mobile operator in Bangladesh. According to the last count which took place in June 2013, Banglalink got 27.07 million subscriber which is equivalent to 25.7% market share of our overall telecommunication industry. For achieving this success Banglalink has worked so hard as when they entered in to our market there was already some competitors with a very good condition in the market. So for achieving the success Banglalink has followed some strategies like, first they made the call rate very cheaper so that the mass people can afford the service, their main target was the mass people of our country and for that they improved their network in a very short span of time, not only this Banglalink has adopted so many different strategies to made this service affordable to the mass people of our country.

When Banglalink was busy to achieve its desired goal the competitors wasn’t sitting idle. So to keep their growth running and keep their position in the market they have started Telesales Unit. Telesales Unit is helping Banglalink to increase their market share and to hold their achieved position in the market. In this paper the factors has described which made the Telesales Unit one of the important departments in Banglalink Digital Communication Limited.


Objective of the Report

General Objective

General objective of making this report was to full the requirement which is required to complete my Bachelor of Business Administration program under BRAC Business School of BRAC University as par university policy.

Specific Objective

To be more specific about this study, it entails the Telesales unit of Banglalink, how they work, their operation, and their own to approach their subscribers.

  • To identify how telesales demonstrate to their subscribers.
  • Evaluation of how they negotiate with the customer and execute a perfect sale over the telephone.
  • Evaluation of their customer service after the sales is made


Organizational Overview

Banglalink GSM Ltd. is one of the giant mobile operators of our country. It is holding 25.7% of existing market. Banglalink GSM Ltd. Offers both pre-paid and post-paid connections. Along with this Banglalink GSM Ltd also offers different types of value-added services. Some of this value-added services are short massages, call block service, logo download, picture massage, conference call, etc. Banglalink Digital Communication Limited first started journey in Bangladesh in 1998.

After they started their journey in our country in our country we seen that Banglalink started to create a position in the market and now in 2014 Banglalink Digital Commination limited has become the second largest mobile operator in our country. The growth rate of the customers of Banglalink Digital Communication Limited is very good and stable. This also helped them to reach in today’s position. A graph showing Banglalink`s growth rate is shown below:


From the graph we can see that Banglalink managed to get 1.03 million subscribers within December, 2005 but they have achieved a huge success by increasing their subscriber`s to 3.64 million by the end of 2006 which means their subscribers number has increased by 257%. After achieving this Banglalink didn’t stop they have continued to grow more and for that within 5 years, it means by end of December, 2011 Banglalink became the second largest mobile operator of our country with 23.753 million subscribers. Now they are dreaming to become the largest mobile operator.


Orascom Telecom: The First Owner of Banglalink

Orascom Telecom is one of the giant companies in telecommunication sector of the world. Orascom telecom is mainly based in Egypt but they got their operations in 11 countries worldwide. Orascom Telecom started their journey in 1998. But if we look at them now we can that Oracscom Telecom can be considered as one of the largest and diversified mobile operator in Asia, Africa and Middle East.

Orascom Telecom Holdings purchased 100% shares of Sheba Telecom Pvt Limited in 2004. In February 10, 2005 they and re-launched Sheba as Banglalink after re-branding it. In 2008, Sheba Telecom Pvt Limited changed its name to Orascom Telecom Bangladesh Limited. Another thing is Orascom Telecom Holdings is now called as Global Telecom Holdings.

Banglalink- making a difference

Previously Banglalink was known as Sheba. After Sheba Telecom Pvt Limited got acquired by Orascom Telecom they have renamed it to Banglalink. Banglalink has achieved a lot comparing to other mobile operators who operates in our country in a very short span of time. Banglalink is now the second largest mobile operator in our country and they have achieved this position in only 9 years which is a huge success. When Banglalink first entered in our market which is 9 years back from that time they wanted to change the scenario in our telecom sector and now after 9 years in 2014 we can see that Banglalink has successfully done the job. They successfully brought the mobile telephony to the mass people of our country and still they are trying hard and sole to go further.


Banglalink’s New Owner Vimpelcom: From Orascom Telecom to Banglalink Digital Communications Limited


Norwegian-Russian telecom firm Vimpelcom acquired a majority stake in Banglalink’s owning company Orascom Telecom, by this they created the world’s fifth largest mobile operator in late 2012.Vimpelcom on signed a multi-billion dollar deal with Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris’ holding firm Weather Investments. At the closing of the deal, Vimpelcom owned, over Weather, 51.7 percent of Orascom Telecom Holding and 100 percent of Wind Italy, Vimpelcom said in a statement. The cash and shares transaction also includes a $1.8 billion payment in cash. However, Vimpelcom is a joint venture of Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor and Russian banking group Alfa Group.


Functional Departments of Banglalink

Banglalink consist of seven major departments. Those are as follows:-

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Customer care
  • T & billing
  • Administration
  • Finance

Each and every department of Banglalink Digital Communication Limited operates differently but all of them are inter-related and works together. The functions of these departments are given below:


One of the most important links in the chain, the sales department is responsible for all the sales activities of the organization. The department, led by Mr. Hassan Samy, Director Sales, is divided into four divisions: Direct Sales, Corporate Sales, Distribution Sales and Sales Support.


The Marketing team also consists of several teams, which includes PR & Communications, VAS, Loyalty & Retention and International Roaming. The teams all report to Omer Rashid, the Marketing Director. The Loyalty & Retention team is responsible for the designing of the special offers launched from time to time in an attempt either to increase customer base or to increase ARPU. The VAS division is responsible for the continuously adding valuable services to provide a complete solution to existing customers, for example, for making conference calling & ring tone/logo downloads possible. These two teams together are in charge of making the customers experience with our network more satisfying.

PR & Communication is responsible for designing and developing all promotional materials for the marketing of any new product/package and any other activities. They coordinate and work directly with the advertising agency and other vendors. While other companies have an entire department for promotions and branding, at Banglalink™ this division, consisting of only a handful of people is responsible for this task.

Although Banglalink™ does not have any International Roaming facility now, this team is working on developing the service soon for post-paid subscribers.

Human Resources

Aside from recruiting and training employees, the HR department is also responsible for disseminating internal communication to all users and in the process of developing compensation packages for its employees, such as medical insurance under the group plan, life insurance and running several activities such as the Vaccination Program for all.

Training activities are continuously taking place to develop and hone the skills & knowledge of the personnel, such as the English Language & MS Project Courses for selected employees and conducting a GSM Orientation session for all employees, especially the Sales, Marketing & Customer Care Departments who have to deal with customers.

Customer Care

Rumana Reza, the only female director in the organization, is the head of the Customer Care department. This too is segmented, consisting of the Customer Care division itself, and then there is Care Line, Credit Management Unit and the Support Services Unit. They are responsible for handling customer queries and providing solutions to any problems faced by the subscribers.

While the above departments are all located in the headquarters in Gulshan 2, the Customer Care people are divided between the head office and the Call Center (Star Tower) between Gulshan-1 and Gulshan-2.

IT & Billing

The IT & Billing department, as is evident from the name, is in charge of all the hardware, software and program requirement of the other departments. They also generate the bills for the company subscribers (post-paid).


Apart from the Administration division, the department also consists of the Legal division and the Project Management Office.


The finance department is the largest department at the head office with an entire floor devoted to their needs. They consist of the Procurement & Cash Management divisions among many others.


Telecom Industry: Current Situation and Analysis

The telecommunication sector being one of the largest infrastructure providers of the economy experienced milestone growth where the tele-density reached at 24% with 35.55 million (mn) people having access to telecommunication facility. The framework for telecommunications sector development in Bangladesh was established in 2001under the Bangladesh Telecommunication Act, 2001. In 2002, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (“BTRC”) was established under the aegis of this Act as an independent regulatory body. Since then, Bangladesh has experienced among the highest subscriber growth rates in the world. According to BTRC, the total number of mobile subscribers in Bangladesh increased from 9.3 mn as of December 31, 2005 to 43.7 mn as of June 30, 2008, representing a Compound Annual Growth Rate (“CAGR”) of approximately 85.9%. However, penetration of telecommunications remains relatively low, with a mobile penetration rate of approximately 31.1% as of June 30, 2008.

Private sector participation in the Bangladesh telecommunications industry began in 1990 with PBTL being the first operator to be offered a cellular license. Market competition further developed in 1996 once mobile cellular licenses were issued to GP, Sheba Telecom (now Banglalink) and TM International Bangladesh (AKTEL) now Robi. Currently there are six mobile operators in the market – GP, Banglalink, Robi, PBTL (City Cell), Teletalk and Airtel. Banglalink is a newly emerged Govt. mobile service operator in country’s cell phone service market with nationwide coverage. Within a very short period of time, it has covered 64 districts, 486 thanas the main national highways and developed full-fledged customer care centers.


Over 300 outlets are being working to distribute Sims and Scratch cards in the country. Banglalink has gone into interconnection agreement with all four private cell phone service providers named City cell (PBTL), Robi, Grameen Phone (GP) and Banglalink for providing more superior services to Banglalink’s consumers. Recognizing its tremendous success (introducing web based lottery, self-employed virtual dealership, fastest coverage progress and p r i c e – c u t ), BANGLALINK has been emerged a trend setter in mobile phone sector of Bangladesh. It got unique position for its special features that other players are not offering right now, such as, born out of commitment. To make profit but not at the cost of customer, nationwide transmission backbone support, professional excellence, transparent financial transaction, all transaction through Bank, fewer Packages, no tricks: customer Confidence, no incoming Charge, all Package has BTTB incoming and outgoing, 100% ISD and EISD facility.

The most remarkable success of Banglalink is the slump in Tariff Structure. As soon as Banglalink announced its tariff the long-lasting oligopoly between other private mobile operators were shattered. Healthy competition came into the mobile market causing almost 50%, if not more, reduction in price both in terms of SIM price and usage rate. The slump in price made mobile phone affordable even for the low-income group of people. Using a mobile phone soon became a necessity; it’s no more a luxury. The strength of Banglalink was the confidence of the subscribers in the government institution. On the other hand it’s being the part of government, is probably the biggest weakness from operational perspective of Banglalink, which will be understandable as we go through this article. At a time when people were desperately searching the way out to get rid of the oligopoly of a few operators, Banglalink started its operation with big bang of response. People became frenzy to get a Banglalink SIM. Another good reason for that craze was its flexibility in connectivity with the other operators. It’s the only SIM, which has such a, versatility of connections having ISD, Economy ISO service along with both incoming and outgoing connectivity with any of the land phones. The biggest weakness was a premature entrance in a mature market. As soon as anyone could catch hold of a Banglalink mobile, he started comparing it with the services of Grameen Phone, Banglalink or Robi.

Above all the interfacing with other operator at present it is possible to stand beside Grameenphone as a challenger. It was a nightmare for the Banglalink subscribers to use a Banglalink mobile. But now it covers about 90% population in Bangladesh.


Industrial Position Analysis of Banglalink Digital Communication Ltd in aspect of different theories

Porter`s five forces model and SWOT analysis plays a very important rule in the success and other factors that got impacts on huge companies like Banglalink Digital Communication Limited.

Without considering and creating awareness in different industrial forces a company like Bangalink could not have been able to move on in the market place like they are doing it now. Not only this the organization`s like Banglalink Digital Communication Limited also analyses their strength, weakness, opportunities and threats before entering into a market. It also helps them to create a strong position in the market and increases the durability of the success of the organization.

Porter`s five forces model


Porter`s five forces model analysis is done on the most important five forces that got an effect on an organization. Porter`s model helps huge organization`s like Bnaglalink Digital Communication Limited to get information about the market that they have selected to operate their business. It also gives an overview about the competitors, products, services, bargaining power of the both the seller and supplier.


Threat of New Entrants:

There are some industries exists where new companies can enter in to the market very easily. The new organization`s don’t have to face too much difficulties. In this case new organizations like very much to enter into this kind of industries where the risk is low but on the other hand the number of competitors increases which changes the market into aggressive in the most of the cases. In short it can be said that the easier it is for new companies to enter the industry, the more aggressive competition there will be. The factors which can be used for reducing the number of new entrants are known as barriers to entry. The telecommunication industry is very saturated so the chance of the entrance of new competitors are very low and Banglalink Digital Communication Limited holds the position of the challenger. It is the second largest mobile operator in our country. As a result if there is a new company enters in our telecommunication that company will have to wait a long time and have to make a successful long journey to become a competitor of Banglalink Digital Communication Limited.


Threat of Substitute Products and Services:

Now-a-days a new era of mobile telephone has begun. The popularity of mobile is increasing day by day. People can use a cordless phones or walky-talky as a medium of their desired communication. But mobile is different from the above two. A customer can easily use it, carrying a mobile phone is not so hard. As a result Banglalink Digital Communication Limited got a very good advantage of not having a high performance substitute products and services.


Bargaining Power of Supplier:

This indicates the ability or the power of the suppliers that how much pressure they can create on the company. For holding enough substantial power on a company the suppliers must have a large impact on the company`s margin and volume. In the case of Banglalink Digital

Communication Limited the bsrgsning power of the suppliers is very low. As they got many suppliers are waiting in a row to become a supplier of Banglalink Digital Communication Limited.

Bargaining Power of the buyer:

This indicates how much pressure customers can place on a business. If one customer has a large enough impact to affect a company’s margins and volumes, then the customer hold substantial power. For Banglalink bargaining power of buyers is high. Because they have option to switch company. If they find that Banglalink is serving their customer very well then they want particular product from Banglalink. But if they find that their competitor is giving more value added services or good network coverage then they switches their company or they decrease their using rate. So in that case bargaining power of buyers is high for Banglalink.

Competitors Rivalry:

This describes the intensity of competition between existing firms in an industry. Rivalry among existing competitors is very high. The prime competitors of Banglalink:

  • Grameen Phone
  • Robi
  • Airtel

Banglalink is ranked above Robi and warid but grameenphone is serving them with tough competition and currently hold the position of the market leader .At this point Grameenphone captured the large portion of the market that makes Banglalink a challenger in telecom sector.


SWOT Analysis

The full form of SWOT is Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat. It is an analytical framework to help summarize in a quick and concise way the risk and opportunities for any company across the value chain. A good SWOT should look into internal and external factors affecting the issue at hand.

Factors pertaining to the internal environment of the company. These are usually classified as Strengths (S) or Weaknesses (W).

Factors that pertaining to the external environment of the company. These are classified as Opportunities (O) or Threats (T).


The prime strength that can also be perceived as the most competitive advantage of Banglalink is their current market share in the telecom industry. Secondly the company under which they are operating is the Egyptian telecom giant Orascom. So when they first invaded the market in 2000 their prospect customers were having a positive image. Their ability to deliver the innovative and customers focused services at the right time is also their another strength. Market segment in Asia is price sensitive. By following this trend Banglalink serves its customers with New and attractive pre-paid alongside Post-paid packages. Customer care department of Banglalink is rated as among the most efficient in the business can also be considered strength. Effective decision making abilities of Banglalink are also another significant factor that enables them to survive the cut-throat competition of the industry. Huge financial base of Banglalink enables to extend its operations. Tight control over sales process: Many people in the industry do not know the sales process, since it is dealt by their distributors and dealers. However, with the Direct Sales Booth, the people involved know the sales process intimately and are responsible for achieving the sales target and project implementation, thus giving the company a strong control over the process. Low cost provider regarding its competitor. Moreover its contribution to our economy can be notable.



One of the core weakness of Banglalink Digital Communication Limited is their network. Their network is good enough in the town`s but in the rural areas the quality of the network is very poor. They must overcome this problem otherwise the close competitors will take advantage of this problems. Next another problem is the number of employees. Banglalink should take care of this problem. They must allocate sufficient number of employees in each of the departments. The new management is trying to create a system where each individual is responsible and accountable for his duties. While it is a good idea, it has also created a bottleneck at the administrative & financial level, where work gets stuck and stays stuck until all papers are properly signed and taken care of.


Banglalink entered into our market with a strong buzz. Previously when Banglalink was not present in our market the mobile phone call rate was very high but after Banglalink entered in our market they took the first step towards reducing the price. 85% of the population in our country lives in rural areas and here creates a huge opportunity for Banglalink. If they can create strong network coverage in the rural areas and make the call rate according to the people then there is a chance to capture a huge market.


While in the true sense it had been Banglalink who started this price war with its M2M package, it has created a series of price cuts that many operators failed to afford. After eight years of high call charges, Grameenphone has finally decreased its rates. Robi has substantially developed a brand image these years which has the largest threat potential to Banglalink. A threat not only for Banglalink but also for all other operators is new foreign investors are coming soon in the mobile industry of Bangladesh with huge capital and latest technologies who can develop country wide network over one day through satellite system.


Place and Distribution

Banglalink Digital Communication Limited uses a proper distribution channel which they have developed in such a manner that this distribution channel got the capability to satisfy their needs.

As a part of this distribution channel they got over 92 dealers throughout the country. Banglalink also distributes its products through Banglalink Points, sales executive, distributing officers and managers, etc. in the past Banglalink has suffered a lot to make its products available throughout the country but with their current distribution system they have successfully overcome the problem.

The main motive behind creating such kind of distribution channel is to cover each and every place of Bangladesh, from urban to rural to semi-rural place. So that anyone can get their product anytime anywhere in the country. They know that today`s market is full of competition and if they want hold their current position and increase it also they must give best service to their customers because in today’s market better service is not good enough. That’s why Banglalink Digital Communication Limited has made such kind of distribution system through which their customers can have their desired products at their desired place at their desired time.


Distribution System of Banglalink

As Banglalink Digital Communication Limited offers both the pre-paid and post-paid packages that’s why they have to make sure that their customers can get their desired packages without facing any kind of difficulties. Banglalink don’t use same kind of distribution system for its prepaid and post-paid packages. They distribution system is different for both the products. Pre-paid sim`s are widely available in local shops but on the other hand post-paid connections needs more security that’s why it is directly sold from Banglalink office through sells personnel’s. Different post-paid packages are also sold by different type of marketing officer and they are assigned by the department.


Tele Sales Flowchart



Telesales Prospect of Banglalink

In today’s competitive market telesales is very important thing to grab the attention of the desired customer towards company`s products and services. Telesales is a very fast and effective way to let the customers know about the valuable products that the organization offers to its customers. Telesales is very important unit for Banglalink. Telesales prospect in Banglalink is very outstanding. When they started their journey they have started with a target of 45, then they managed to increase to 65 and now this department got a target of 100 sales individually in a month. The most amazing thing is that all the callers are successfully achieving their given target. The customers can get their sim at their desired place now. The BDO`s are working hard continuously to provide their customers a better quality service. Banglalink is earning a huge amount of revenue from this Telesales department. Banglalink’s revenue rose by 27 percent to $126 million in the first quarter of 2011, compared to the same period last year. Bangladesh’s second largest mobile phone operator reached a subscriber base of 22.13 million, 42 percent more than the same quarter of the previous year. Telesales not only for selling products through software, this unit also helps in achieving information about the position of Banglalink and also to improve where it needs. They use effective ways of achieving objectives and delivering the needed results keeping in mind the desires of their clients. They have a team of highly trained and experienced agents who are experts in leading a non-scripted, two-way conversation with customers to reaching great results. Their offices are equipped with the latest Contact Center technology designed to meet their goal to help Banglalink succeed.


Benefits of Telesales

  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in Profit
  • Reduce the per unit sale cost
  • Increase number of appointments
  • Increase customer base
  • Increased lead generation
  • Higher number of qualified leads
  • Higher number of closed sales
  • Better customer retention
  • More immediate feedback
  • Better results through test marketing
  • Increased local, regional, or national market share


Telesales Products

Inspire Package: The main product of telesales unit Telesales unit of Banglalink Digital Communication Limited when they first started their journey they only offered post-paid sim. But now they have started to sell pre-paid sim also. The post-paid packages offered by telesales unit is given below:

  • Inspire 1 (500ATK.)
  • Inspire 2 (1000TK.)
  • Icon


The Product Buying Credentials

When a customer wants to by the post-paid sim, he/she must has to despite 500 taka and in return he/she will get that 500 taka as credit limit and all the facilities of the post-paid package. After that the customer can enjoy the connection like any other pre-paid connection but with the post-pad facilities. The special facilities offered by Banglalink Inspire is shown in a chart which is given below:


The customer can also get a special number by paying additional charges stared from 1000TK to 2000TK if the number is available.

The customer needs to do the following things while getting a new connection, they are

  • The customer will deposite 500 taka as talktime limit+the price of the connection
  • The customer will fill up the subscriber application form (SAF)
  • Will paste Two Copies of Passport Size Photographs
  • Will Attach National or Any Valid ID Card

Information about Inspire 1 & 2 packages are already given in the previous part of this report. So now I am going to talk about the Icon.

ICON is a premium brand of Banglalink. It is a special type of connection which comes with huge facilities but as ICON is a premium Brand it is only offered to a selective range of customers. The benefits of ICON Customers are discussed below:

ICON packages have carry forward facility of all monthly freebies such as Minutes, SMS, Data and ISD talk time for 1 month or bill cycle. For example, if a customer uses 2000 minutes out of 3000 in February, for March, s/he will have free minutes of 4000 (3000 regular + 1000 carried forward). ICON customers also enjoys discount in various places and outlets. The list of those places and outlets are given below:

  • Westin
  • Regent Airways
  • Galaxy Holidays
  • Guide Tours
  • Toyota ( Navana Limited)
  • Mermaid Eco Resort
  • Ambrosia
  • Nazimgarh Resorts Ltd.
  • Rose View Hotel (Syleth
  • Hotel Star Pacific (Syleth)
  • Foy`s Lake Resort (Chittagong)
  • Motel Atlantis
  • Spicy (Syleth)
  • Studio 45
  • EI Toro
  • Saltz
  • EBL
  • Hotel Royal (Khulna)
  • Club Thirty3
  • Sugar Bun (Chittagong)
  • Well Park Residence (Chittagong)
  • Tava (Chittagong)
  • Country Lounge (Khulna)
  • Woondaal King Kebab (Syleth)
  • Naz Garden (Bogra)
  • Siesta (Bogra)
  • Orchid Business Hotel (Chittagong)
  • Artisti (Nationwide)
  • Ocean {Paradise Hotel (Cox`s Bazaar)


Challenges in Telesales Unit

Telesales unit is one of the most important unit of Banglalink Digital Communication Limited. This unit is important because of its continuous success. Telesales unit is a part of Customer Care Department. Though telesales unit is very successful yet there are some challenges are found in this unit. The working environment in telesales is very friendly but the environment is full of noise as the callers are continuously talking over the phone with the customers. Though the working environment is friendly but the noise creates problem for other employees in concentrating on their work. Then the BDO`s, the main problem about the BDO`s is they are very hard to handle. When they to telesales office for collecting sim or collecting their rejected SAF they come in a group which is pretty much hard to handle. Then another challenge in working in telesales unit is normal officers and the callers work in a same open place which is pretty hard for the officers to do their work in a proper way as there is a difference in a formal office environment and a call center environment.



We know that Banglalink Digital Communication Limited is one of the leading organizations of our telecommunication sector. Banglalink has achieved this position in the market because of their low call rate than any other mobile operators operating currently in the market. Currently Banglalink`s bestselling product is their post-paid connection. Because Banglalink offers a huge rage of facilities in this product, like they have home delivery service for their post-paid sim but they don’t have this kind of facility for their pre-paid sim. I think Banglalink should start home delivery service for their pre-paid sim`s also because it will help them to increase customer loyalty which is a very important factor for mobile companies. Some recommendations are given below which I think will be helpful and beneficiary for Banglalink.

  • Should improve and make stronger network system
  • Should more careful about customers privacy
  • Should provide more facilities to their high users.
  • Attractive promotional items are necessary to satisfy the corporate clients as telesales is only focusing on Personal Packages.
  • Network facilities should be wide.
  • They should develop new competitive packages for the corporate customers.
  • Increase the value added services
  • Should monitor the existing customer and provide better service.
  • The complexity of the GPRS facility should be reduced
  • BANGLALINK GSM should have enough part timers to reduce the pressure of the full time employees.
  • BANGLALINK GSM should maintain a fully structured human resource department.
  • Space in office for the employees should be wide.
  • Though the job security is high, but they should hire more permanent employees instead of contractual.
  • Employees except telecallers should get a specific area for work to avoid the voices of callers around them which will help to concentrate on their work better
  • BDO officers should get more training about SAF filling and about overall telesales



If we go through the whole report then we can see that Banglalink Digital communication Limited has achieved a lot in a very short span of time. Their good marketing strategy, planning capability, understanding the customer demand, etc. helped them to become the second largest mobile operator of our country. For achieving all this success all departments of Banglalink had worked so hard. Telesales unit is not different from those departments. Telesales unit played a very important role in achieving Banglalink`s desired achievement as they always works hard to communicate with the customers directly to provide better services. And this better service results to great customer satisfaction which is very important in telecommunication sector.

Telesales unit increased Banglalink`s sell than before through direct communication with the customers and also by providing a quality service to the customers. So behind the success of Banglalink telesales unit got a very big contribution.