Walton Presentation

Walton has a goal to double overall market share in the next 5 years. It has successfully positioned itself as a customer friendly and Eco-friendly company. It’s after sales service has contributed tremendously in building this image in customers’ minds. Walton is one of the leading companies, focusing on the area of electronics in Bangladesh. It is dedicated to creating and delivering products of unquestionable quality that enable people to enjoy more entertainment and comfort.

Walton Presentation

Presentation Transcript:

1. Objectives:

  • Incorporating theoretical education with practical experience.
  • Gaining knowledge about the current market trend of the country.
  • Getting acquainted with different policies, rules and regulations of the government on the products concerned.

2. Strategic Situational Analysis

Market Analysis

Bangladesh, with its growing population and economic growth, has huge demand for household products. The fact that only about 60% of the country has electricity available proves that when electricity will be available throughout the country, demand will increase further.

As the people of this country are mainly price sensitive, Walton, being the sole manufacturer of refrigerator, freezer and motorcycle, is very keen to meet the demand of this large market by providing competitive prices.

3. Market Segmentation

4. PEST Analysis

5. SWOT Analysis

6. Marketing Mix

7. Financial Analysis

Particulars                                                                                 Amount  TK.

Total Sales                                                                                         2,553,024,782.10

Cost of Goods Manufactured                                                        2,414,093,716.05

Gross Profit                                                                                        305,852,566.6

Operating Profit                                                                                99,636,450.2

Net Profit                                                                                           26,530,733.5

8. Challenges

  • žEstablish Walton as the No.1 Home Appliance Brand of the Country
  • žCapturing the market share of existing foreign brands
  • žBringing more variety in their product line
  • žContinue increasing market share at the same rate over the next 5years.

9. Market penetration

Through extensive promotion campaign Walton has set goals to make more sales in future. Countrywide distribution system helps it achieve its goals.

Market Development

Walton is exporting its products in Middle East, Latin America and Africa. It has plans to explore European markets also.

Product Development

Recently, Walton brought Air-Condition in market. Though it hasn’t gained spectacular market share yet, continuous customer attraction reflects future.

10. Recommendations

  • To establish Walton as the brand for home appliances & other electronic accessories, some changes are needed in its strategies-
  • Switch to Market Penetration Pricing without compromising quality.
  • Partner with local and international OEM (original equipment manufacturers)for elegant & sophisticated designs & equipment.
  • Customer Loyalty Program.
  • Yearlong incentives and special offers.

11. Conclusion

The company has been running its business with good reputation since 1977. In Bangladesh is a milestone in the path of success and reputation of the brand WALTON. For Bangladesh, Walton has become a company to be proud of in the export arena. Walton has truly redefined Bangladesh from being a consumer country to a producer country for home appliances.