Assignment on SGS

Introduction :

SGS has WRAP approved auditors in most major sourcing countries and is able to provide consistent monitoring and reporting to support certification recommendations. With over 10 years’ experience of undertaking WRAP audits SGS is able to guide companies through the process while ensuring that professional audit standards are maintained.

SGS Basic Code of Conduct program Consist of Nine Elements

  1. Child and Young Labor
  2. Forced Labor
  3. Health and Safety
  4. Freedom of Association
  5. Discrimination
  6. Disciplinary Practices
  7. Working Hours
  8. Compensation
  9. Environment

SGS Basic Quality System Audit Program Consist of Eight Elements

  1. Purchase Control
  2. Incoming Material Control
  3. Process Control
  4. Calibration of Measurement Equipment
  5. Inspection of Finished Product
  6. Random Product Inspection
  7. Continuous Improvement
  8. Quality Assurance Records

SGS Basic Security Audit Program Consist of Eight Elements

  1. Physical Security
  2. Warehouse/Conveyance Security
  3. Access Control
  4. Electronic and Security Staff Investments
  5. Procedural Security
  6. Personnel Security
  7. Education and Awareness Training
  8. Service Provider Security

Integrated Approach

Code of Conduct Audit Solutions are often combined with other programs such as Quality, Environment or Security, as well as audits against Counterfeit Products, to provide a cost and time-effective mechanism thus ensuring conformance to local law and regulatory, and other industry requirements such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or SA 8000 requirements.

SGS can offer a “one stop” and complete vendor evaluation program to include “capability and capacity” audits and Corporate Social Responsibility monitoring requirements, including Human Rights and the Environment. This offers increased efficiency and business opportunities to meet the multiple criteria demanded by diverse buyers and a source of competitive advantage where larger buyers seek to rationalize their supply chains.