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This report is an outcome of the internship program under the BBA program requirement in the Export Packaging Ltd. During my internship in the organization I have gathered different information which was necessary for preparing this report.


In general sense we mean “Garments” as a Dress and cloths production institution. There are different types of Garments Company like Textile miles, Buying house, Garments accessories etc. But when we use the term Garments accessories it generally means, collects the order from Buyer for different accessories and then produce it on the basis of buyers demand and also provide it to the buyer.

Now-a day’s Germanys sector is modernizing and expanding its hand in different fashion events every day. At the same time the Garments process is becoming faster, easier and is becoming wider. In order to survive in the competitive field of the Garments sector all organizations are looking for better service opportunities to provide their fellow clients.

Internship program has been included to BBA curriculum for producing talent, up-to-date and smart, efficient executives. Internship means gaining supervised experience. Internship program offers an opportunity to know the environment of a particular organization. Theoretical knowledge does not make a person perfect. To implement the academic knowledge, practical knowledge related to it is important. A perfect coordination between theory and practice is important in the context of modern business world. In order to resolve the dichotomy between theory and practice, the different university arranged Internship Program as a partial completion of BBA program. This program is necessary for every student to complete his or her academic degree. Internship program brings student closer to the business theory and practical and thereby help them to substantiate their knowledge so that they can prepare themselves to start a successful career.

As a participant in this, I was place under EPL,  Lalmatia Branch, Dhanmondi, which is well reputed for trade and commerce in Dhaka city. In preparing the report, I have incorporated the suggestion from correspondents to mention here.

This report is mainly emphasis on Operation and Marketing section in EPL comparative study with popular Garments Accessories Company. Accessories services are a difficult business, subject to many pressures. The regulatory environment, risk and capital management, reporting and compliance are all major issues demanding the attention of board and executive alike. On top of this there is still a business to run, with customers to be won or retained, costs to be managed and shareholder value to be created, all in an increasingly dynamic and international environment, where failure on any of these counts can swiftly lead to the attention of predators, both domestic and international.

Important to the success of a Accessories service organization in this complex environment is the key relationship between the revenue generating client base and the cost of the infrastructure required to service, satisfy and delight them.

This report is an important part of every student course curriculum and the gaining of his practical training. It ensures the practical knowledge on a specific matter, which is assigned to the students by their respective teachers or otherwise known as supervisor.

The Title of my report is “Overall Activities of operation and Marketing Department  in Export Packaging Ltd This report is assigned by the HR department of EPL and approved by the Supervisor of Marketing Department, Faculty of BBA, and Northern College Bangladesh.

 Objective of the study:

The ultimate objective of the study is to gain real life exposure in the Garments sector and to get a clear idea about activities of operation and marketing of garments accessories

The objectives of the study are:

*Building habit of working and learning responsibility on the duration of internee.

*To present an overview of EPL

*To appraise the task which are directly linked with Operation

*To identify problems of Operation departments

*Identify the solution of these problems and provide some recommendation.

Methodology of the Study:

The nature of this report is descriptive, so instead of doing any survey or using sampling method, observation method is used to complete this qualitative research. Most of the necessary information has been collected by face to face interview.

  • Population:

The study has been conducted on the Operation Activities of Export Packaging Ltd. But because of branch specific constraints it was conducted on the clients or buyers satisfaction.

  • Sampling Unit:

Only Lalmatia branches of Export packaging Ldt area was under consideration for the sampling unit for the study.

  • Sampling Technique:

Random sampling is used for the purpose of the study.

 Sources of Data:

The report is based on both primary and secondary data sources. Interviewing the managers and Executive of the company, talking to the customers has provided the primary data.

Furthermore, different publications of the garments, reports were the secondary sources of data.

 Primary Sources:

The primary data had been collected from various sources. The different sources were:

  • Ø Distribute questionnaire among selected customer to receive feedback.
  • Ø Face to face conversation with the employees.
  • Ø By personal interviewing and interacting customers at EPL.
  • Ø Observing various organizational procedures.

 Secondary Sources:

  • Ø From prior research report.
  • Ø From different books and periodicals related to the garments sector.
  • Ø From internet.
  • Ø Annual report of export packaging
  • Ø Published Booklet of export packaging
  • Ø Various published documents.

Data Collecting Technique:

Fort the purpose of the study two methods of techniques used:

  • Observation
  • Interview


Observation method is often used to complete this qualitative research because it is very difficult to provide any specific example from any file about certain document, as the matter is very sensitive for the buyer as well as for the accessories.


Primarily some data are collected from face-to-face interview of different employees of EPL at Lalmatia Branch. By face to face conversation with the buyers and by personal interviewing it is easy to collect the accurate information for the study. For the purpose of this interview, customers were asked to fill up a questionnaire. Based on their answer, it is easy to justify the activities of the production department.

Scope of the Study:

The scope of this report is limited to the overall description of the Organization (Only Dhaka Branches garments), its services and its position in the industry and its marketing strategies. The scope of the study is limited to organizational setup, functions and performances.

Limitations of the Report

It is an uphill task to study the on the management so the report was completed under certain constrains which were:

Difficulty in gaining accesses to financial sector.

Non‐availability of the most recent statistical data.

As I am student it is not possible for me to collect all the necessary information.

I had to complete this report within a very short span of time that was not sufficient for investigation.

Lake of Experience. 


Founded in 2010, as a sister concern of Abaron printers Ltd. EPL has become one of the successful organizations in Bangladesh with Garments Accessories situated in the heart of Dhaka City, the dynamic financial centre of Bangladesh.

“Adherence to global standards and technical innovation, allied to highly-skilled and dedicated people, teamwork and total commitment, is the key to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations”.

The technological knowledge, and ability to bring together and manage wide-ranging experts into highly effective operational teams, ensures consistently high standards and the constant pursuit of excellence.

From the outset, company policy has been to invest in cutting edge technologies and equipment. Latest generation communications technology ensures smooth information transfer and fast response – anywhere in the world.

A highly-skilled and experienced workforce – experts drawn from the UK, the Indian Sub-Continent and beyond, deliver a work ethic and customer service experience that is truly outstanding.

Traditional products including Label, Zipper, Button, Hand tag, Magazine, fast turnaround financial printing and all aspects of Commercial print, plus the ability to combine products & services into innovative and tailored integrated solutions, have fuelled the company’s success and increasing penetration of international markets.

In a traditionally exceptionally demanding industry, the skills and resources of EPL, together with the solid foundations, offer clients certainty in a challenging business world.

EPL has a wide range of international clients across both private and public sectors.

They include: International Publishers, United Nations Organizations, International Charities, Health care Bangladesh ltd.

Much of our business is contractual and current contracts includes a wide variety of Label, Zipper, Button, books, & magazines, various directories for many countries, security print (i.e. ID cards), and corporate annual reports.

Company Information

Name of Firm: Export Packaging Ltd

Office Address: House no-4/1, block- e, 5th floor , lalmatia

Factory Address: 167/7 Fakirapul(Ground Floor), Mothijeel,Dhaka-10000Tel:+880


Date of Establishment: 03rd January 2010 at Dhaka.

Trade License No. : 0317707

TIN No. : 075-300-2221/Circle-5, Zone-3, Dhaka.

VAT Registration No. : 9131092414

Financial Strength:

Our principal Bank:

Account No: 010-006765-011

Name of the Bank: HSBC Bank Ltd

1/1-B, Sonargaon Road,Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

Tel: (880-2) 9660536



We are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging enterprise world. Our fundamental company values enable us to perform our mission in the best way possible by means of :

_ Leveraging strong domain expertise.

_ Focus on value-added services.

_ Deploy state-of-the-art technologies.

_ Groom Competency-based organization to foster Innovation and creativity.

_ Win-win cooperation with clients and partners.

_ Effective client communication to breed reliability and trust

_ Provide right balance of business and technology to the client.

_ Establishing and monitoring easy-to-quantify performance metrics.


Magazines: The leading printer of consumer & trade magazines in the Middle East including editorial & advertising


Financial Printing: Fast turnaround, document sensitivity, a full range of services and knowledge of industry needs – the

vendor of choice for many prestige organisations.

Stationery Products: Customised calendars, diaries, planners, greeting cards, brochures, letterheads and general stationery.

Direct Mail: Total solution design, printing, database management, personalisation, fulfilment & mailing to strict schedules.

Packaging: Innovative packaging and labelling solutions for the garments soft line & hard line packaging product, medical food with other products.

Garments accossries: main lebel, carelebel, size lebel, hang tag, heat seal, poly,photo bord, skin print, match book, woven lebel, stiker,pach,pocket lebel, curtun stiker, Zipper, tab lebel.

Also are.

Label is a common accessory, which is to use in each garments. Within each garment    no of label to be used more than one because there are various types of label to be used for various information. In the garment label you will get some information e.g.
Main label — name of company
Size label — Garments size
Price label Tag — Cost of garments
Composition label-fiber composition (Sometimes size in included)

Care label-Ironing & washing code, dying come (Instruction of garments care)
There sometimes also some components used out side/face side of the garment to increase the beauty or fashion of the garments is called motif. A sometimes motif bears the symbol, trademark etc.
Labels are available with various types, Qualities, & prices. Printer labels arc cheaper while labels manufactured in jacquard type label loom is expensive.

It is also common accessories used in the garments. It ‘may work as functional part as well as decorative item, Buttons are made from Nylon Polyester, Wood Bone, Purl, Metal etc. it may have two or four holes i.e. with shank.
Attaching of button in the garments is very important, usually it is attached by the button attach machine. If lock stitch type button attaching machine. It looks stitch type button a size also varies.  O.638mm.¸To express the button size the term ligne” is used. Different types of Buttons are.

Melamine button
Sandwich button
Shank button
Plastic button
Horn button
In the pant, trouser and jacket is a common component Metal or plastic-Teethes are used on narrow tapes of polyester or Nylons & those two series of teethes locked by a slider. Sometimes two sliders are used within a single zipper.
Usually zippers do not shrink after wash but increase of garments, which may shrink a wash then the sipper area, may look wavy.

Elastics are available in many sizes, shapes, stretched. The force required to stretch the & elastic also various depending on types of Elastic used. The elastic used in the bottom waistband of a jacket, vest or pull over shirt etc yeas should consider using the elastic with more tractability. For pants shorts, skirts (all buttons) the elastic should be of medium strechability. Elastic suppliers usually sell elastics by gross (one gross means 144 yards) unit, but if you measure one gross length you may get 140 yds. in most cases.
Elastic are supplied in roll form in production if you want to cut it into 20” length you should do it after relaxation of the elastic at east far a few hours

 Production Facilities & Machinery list

Operation Area Details:

Office: Surface Area 1500 Sqft

Warehouse: Surface Area 3000 Sqft

Pre Press: Surface Area 1400 Sqft

Press: Surface Area 5000 Sqft

Post press: Surface Area 3500 Sqft

Work Force:

No of permanent employees: 40 ppl

No of part time employees: 20 ppl

Technical Professionals: 2+2 ppl

Maintenance: 6 ppl

Design Studio:

If you’ve got a concept, we’ve got a challenging creative solution. Our in-house designers, utilising state of the art technology,can create highly effective and fit for purpose design solutions, either fully in-house or working with your own design resources.

food with other products.


Our state of the art pre-press facility has a fully digital workflow and a team of 30 highly qualified and experienced personnel

ensuring world-class quality in the shortest possible time.

Machine nameModelNo of unitnote
Computer-Pentium- 4Centrino Core 2 Duo3 
MachintoshMac Pro/ G41 
Printer(Bubble Jet & hp Laser Jet)1For Internal proofing
Projector Slides 2N/An/a 
Plate ExposerZarmany1 
Contract Printer  Positives are outsourced


Bindery & Finishing:

Eros has a formidable array of binding and finishing equipment – the largest automated binding facilities in Bangladesh, and able to compete successfully world-wide.


The infrastructure, airport and deepwater seaport (world top 20 container port) in ctg, together with import /export operations, shipping interests and extensive distribution hubs enable us to export Books, Directories, Magazines and other products at highly competitive rates and in short shipment times .

 Quality Systems:

Quality control and continuous improvement is an integral part of our everyday practice. All processes and operations are documented at every stage including total trace-ability and accountability at all times.EPL embraces Total Quality Management Principles and maintains strict adherence to global quality standards.

Quality control at EPL printers is a three step process. We use world famous X rite spectra eye to measure the dot gain/ color variation on pre press and press. Also there are two dedicated production manager for post press to overlook our QC department at the finishing end. So at the end of each step of printing process there is a quality control. One another area of our emphasis is on research and development. For that we engaged a specific space in our premises for lab facilities where we test GSM, Ink viscosity etc. and tailor packaging solution for our customers.

Health and Safety

All workers, whether they are permanent staff, part timers or contractors, need to be aware of issues that affect their health and safety at EPL. That is why we have a clearly stated health and safety policy which is regularly executed. Our Health and safety policy is stated below.

* Provide and maintain a healthy working environment at all times

* Ensure adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities;

This includes communication with clients and any use of sub-contractors

* Provide all required instruction, training, supervision and other relevant health

And safety information to employees

* Ensure that all employees are competent in the work activities they are engaged in

* Continue to consult with and update employees on all Health and Safety issues

* Provide, as a minimum, ‘generic’ risk assessments for all common tasks engaged in

By employees where risk is involved and potential danger has been identified

* Encourage all employees to take reasonable care for the health and safety

Of him/herself, fellow employees and all persons accordingly and to report

Any hazard which cannot be controlled personally to appropriate personnel.


At EPL we keep details of our suppliers, the origin of the substrates, ink etc. We mostly use papers from Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and the ink is solely from Japan. The varnishes that we use are also from Korea. Information about our supplier will be available for you up on your request.


Our client portfolio is one of our biggest strengths. It ranges from our own local companies to multinationals. Here is a small range of client names that we thought you might know.

kids Headquarter


Golden Penny Inc


Pimkie Orsay

Warid Telecom


 Marketing Strategic Priority

To have sustained growth, broaden and improve range of products and services in all areas of Accessories activities with the aim to add increased value to customers and investment and offer highest possible benefits to the customers


EPL believes in investing on increasing their competitiveness and the best way to do it is by investing on knowledge. EPL believes, the constancy & the quality can give the better opportunity in business. So, we are trying to improve and extend our business from Medicine sector to another sector like international organization like, UNDP, UNICEF, NESTLE with some other in Bangladesh. We believes the way forward is to set a standard in Bangladesh which will be accepted in the international market. The company plans to invest in few sectors within 2010. Below are the objectives for those investments

To invest on CTP machinery which will increase the quality of pre press production, reduce lead time and eventually will take etc on printing.

To invest on premises which will bring the whole production facility under one roof?

To invest on 6 color up to date programmable machines for higher quality and speed.


Export Packaging Ltd is a faster growing company in garments accessories sector.

They maintain their product quality and their product price. Their main focus on the product quality and the working environment which is attract the buyers. That’s why

The growing rate is improving day by day. EPL gaining the goodwill from the buyers and the customer for the improvement of the growth rate.

Source: EPL annual Report 2011

Actually growth rate of any company depends on the company’s total performance and the goodwill, and also the company’s transaction process and the product quality. In that sense Export Packaging is too much concern about that fact.


Export Packaging Ltd is fast growing Accessories Company in our country and its mainly Focus on its Quality and its Service. EPL always try to provide the better service to the customer or the buyer to achieve the customer’s faith and satisfaction. That’s why EPL

Receive the huge number of work order from the buyer. So its performance and growing rate and work order rate are growing day by day.

Source: EPL annual report 2011


Operation departments actually do all the production task. When themanager recive order then passed it to the operation department and then operation department hand it to the production department.so operation department actually control overall order completion activities.

EPL started with a vision to be the most efficient accessories intermediary in the country and it believes that the day is not far off when it will reach its desired goal. It looks forward to a new horizon with a distinctive mission to become a highly competitive modern and transparent institution comparable to any of its kind at home and abroad.

Finally it can be said that, Buyer’s Perception should be more for emerging markets, up warding growth of national income and overall improvement in the standard of living.


I had the practical exposure in Export Packaging Ltd. Lalmatia, for just three months, with my little experience in the Garments accessories in comparison with vast and complex garments sector, it is very difficult for me to recommend. I have observed some shortcomings regarding operational and other aspects of their activities. On the basis of my close observation I would like to propose the following recommendations-

  • Improve office atmosphere to give buyers,customer friendly feeling.
  • Provide intimate attention to your customers’ needs.
  • Customers’ convenience will be of Top priority.
  • Fast Service Policy should be introduced. So that everybody get faster service.
  • The organization should try to arrange more training programs for their officials. Quality training will help the official to enrich them with more recent knowledge of accessories and improve their skill.
  • Over burden of work and ill defined assignment unable the employee to discharge their duties in cool manner. It is also creates a hazardous situation in the work process. So all the employees should be assigned with proper and specific assignment.
  • Time consumed in servicing customers is minimized.
  • Develop communication skills.
  • Help new entrepreneurs to formulate business plans.


Books and publications:

1. Annual Report of the Export Packaging Ltd.

2. Prospectus of Export Packing  ltd.


  1.   www.wikipedia.com

Export Packaging Ltd