How to Take Decisions

I am using my current mobile set for last 4 years and it became a bit old fashioned and its performance is not satisfactory in recent days. So I need to buy a new mobile set, it is the actual stage of my decision making. For this purpose I decided to go through the decision making process of which brand of mobile I need to buy.

Information processing:

I have already bought a mobile set before so I had a little idea about the different range of mobile sets. So I have to go through a limited problem solving decision making process. I have already established the basic criteria for evaluating the mobile set categories and various brands in the category. But I have not decided yet which brand of mobile set I want to buy, to do so I need to gather information about different brands to evaluate which brand is best for me. For this purpose I process information which I have gathered from my friends, relatives who has good idea about the mobile sets. They act as the opinion leader who influenced me to decide which brand of mobile I should use.

Applicable models:

The way I see the mobile phone is generally dependent on some specific views.

I mainly backed by my emotional views about buying the mobile set. I am quite conscious about the style and recent trends regarding mobile sets. And I prefer to have one latest fashioned mobile set, which will be appreciated by my friends.

But some cognitive views are always there in my mind regarding the price of mobile sets, the longevity and the quality of the mobile sets, though they are influenced by my emotional views.

The inputs used:

My decision making process of buying a mobile set is influenced by the inputs provided by different external sources like the advertisements given in the television by different mobile set companies like Nokia, Samsung. Not only that my purchase decision is also influenced by the opinions of my friends and the recent trends in mobile sets.


 By evaluating information gathered from different sources, like from opinion leaders, different promotional tools and evaluating own emotional and cognitive views, I have gained experience about the different brands of mobile sets.

Evoked sets:

Through information processing and gathering experiences about different mobile sets, I have included two brands among which I will buy my mobile set, these are Nokia and Samsung. And I also excluded some brands from my preference. Thus I finally selected two options among which, I will buy any one brand of mobile set.


Finally I decided to buy the Nokia mobile set. The reason behind it was, my current mobile set is also from Nokia, so it would be easy for me to operate the functions of the new one. Not only that I already have experience about its performance. Thus I completed my purchase decision of buying a mobile set.

how to Take Decisions