Internship Report on Surovi Group


 Surovi Group, triumphantly born in the year 1978, has vanquished its expected performance by multiplying in its growth.

It poured investments in diversified fields, namely: Agriculture, Logistics, Insurance, Warehouse AND Distribution, Real-Estate and Tourism.

Clicking on individual company profile, you would gather further enriching particulars

 Origin of the report:

This report originated as an academic requirement of BBA program of IIUC(DC). After

Completion of the program period a student must submit the report on the assigned topic

To the supervisor and to the department. I was assigned to project course on  Motivating and communicating carpenters and contractors and creating brand awareness.

 Rationale of the study:

Theoretical knowledge is not enough for a student. It is essential for a student to acquire practical knowledge. This report is prepared for showing the organization structure of

Motivation & Communicating contractors and carpenters and plywood sector of Bangladesh .

According to fulfill the requirement the researcher has chosen to work on  ‘Plywood Business in Bangladesh & Greenply Position’. Therefore, this studies report is the outcome of an academic need as well as practical knowledge and the outmost and enthusiastic intention of the researcher under the proper and in-depth guidance of a highly experienced dedicated guide.

 Objective of the Report:

This report is prepared for the partial of the BBA course requirement

The secondary purpose of this report is have a clear understanding of the Plywood sector by a Surovi Agro Industries Limited. This study concerns itself mainly with the nature and process of the service the company is rendering to ensure customers satisfaction. This report will act as a guideline to facilitate future studies intended in this area.

To examine the whole plywood sector in Bangladesh.

To explore the company profile of Surovi Agro Industries Limited.

To identify the main problems in Plywood sector of Bangladesh and also its solutions.

Finally to recommend some effective measures in improving the total system

Methodology of the study:

  • Source of

# Primary sources

–          Face to face discussion with the Managing Director of Surovi Agro Industries Limited.

–          Direct Observation

–          Other expert opinion

            # Secondary Sources

–          yearly publication of Surovi Agro Industries Limited

–          Relevant papers of financial statement

–          Some related information from the Internet

–          Other relevant books

Limitation of the study:

      In spite of my best effort, this study is not free from the following limitations:

  • The time stipulated for the internship program
  • Relevant papers and documents were not available sufficiently
  • The authority has some policy for not disclosing some secret data and information whish could be very much essential.
  • I am also less experienced in this regard

Company Background:

 A proud lineage…

Incorporated in August 1984 by Mr. S. P. Mittal, Chairman, Greenply is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, distribution and branding various types of plywood, flush doors, block boards, laminates, decorative veneers and particle boards. The company enjoys the largest market shares in India’s organised plywood and laminates market (25 percent and 15 percent respectively).

A robust product portfolio…

At Greenply, we are the only integrated manufacturer within our space in India to provide the widest

range of products for interior infrastructure needs. We offer surface finish as well as foundation/

structural products that make homes, offices and other interior spaces smart, stylish and


Robust marketing strengths…

At Greenply, our constant ‘ear-on-the-ground’ approach helps us identify trends well before they emerge.

This enables us not only to stay ahead of competition but also cast a wider net that turns an inquiry into sale,

leading to customer delight.

A rich distribution capital

 Sincere With Quality Service

Fair Deal is the sole distributor of Pidilite Ind. Ltd in Bangladesh. We have a professional sales and marketing team leaded by some vast experienced marketing expert. We are the first distribution house in Bangladesh who have established a nation wide distributors for different types of adhesive and chemicals. Now our distributor’s number is more than 50 and yearly turnover is over US$ 5 Million.

   GP Shipping Lines Ltd

GP Shipping Lines Ltd (GPSL) is an independent shipping agency house in private sector. Our vision is to be a world class shipping Agency Company. Long term commitment, specialized knowledge, efficient and damage free cargo handling are essential to fulfill the high quality demands of our customers. We provide high quality service to customers and principals with maximum satisfaction. Thanks to the staff and management of the GP Shipping for maintaining high standard of service and continued efforts for improvement for the satisfaction of valued clients

   The Company With a Personal Feel

At RDZ Solutions, we know it’s not about clients but relationships. And relationships are built by listening to clients’ needs and giving them a choice of solutions at the best possible price-value ratio. We are so good at retaining our relationship with our client that we have more than 90% repeat clients.

   Technology that helps grow your brand

RDZ is excited to declare that it is creating platform independent distributed Rich Internet Application systems using Adobe Air and Microsoft Silverlight. RDZ believes it is the future of computer industry and working its way to be one of the leading players in this field.

Our standard is the current best practices in web and in the field of application development. By building a firm technology platform, we are not only able to enhance but also grow your brand’s presence. Equally as important, your project can be viewed or used on variety of platforms. We know that the system we build is not for today it is to support the future.

   Farmers Faith Our Pride

Supreme Seed Company Ltd.(SSCL), currently and widely recognized as the No 1 seed company of Bangladesh.

Its brand HEERA is the most popular, well-recognized brand in Bangladesh with highest brand recall among farming community. Farmers and village-dwellers are often heard chiming in tune of HEERA ad, thus symbolizing Heeras recognition.

 Company Mission:


To build the company into an efficient, farmer focused institution with good corporate governance structure

Company Vision:

To be the best seed company in terms of efficiency, genetic improvement sound management and serve mankind through benefits of agricultural research.

Company Values:


Highest quality product

Farmer focus



Continuous improvement by R&D

Product & Services

     We Represent

 We are the Sole Distributor for Pidilite Industries Ltd.

 We are the agent for Bostik India Private Ltd for Industrial Adhesives

Surovi Agro signs MOU with Greenply:

Surovi Agro Industries Ltd, a concern of Surovi Group, with pride of demeanor has recently signed MOU with “Greenply Industries Ltd” for introducing plywood, laminates, decorative veneers in Bangladesh Market.

Greenply Industries Ltd. is the largest interior infrastructure company in India with 5 modern factories in Nagaland, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujrat, Uttarkhand. Its listed products are being exported to 25 countries.

With continuing fortitude, SAIL will pursue any horizon and establish itself as an equally strong limb of Surovi Group as compared to the rest of the concerns of Surovi Group.

  Surovi Agro Industries Ltd (SAIL):

Surovi Agro Industries Ltd (SAIL) is the investment & business development limb of Surovi Group in Agriculture Sector. It has sprinkled investments in Agro Warehouse Facility.  In addition to that, it is actively exploring and venturing the Agro Chemical market in Bangladesh with acute keenness and persisting confidence.



Crude Degummed Soybean Oil


Desi Chick Pea

Red Lentils

Rape Seed

Rape Seed

Supreme Seed introduces Hybrid Cotton

Supreme Seed Company Ltd, a concern of Surovi Group, for the first time in Bangladesh History Launched Hybrid Cotton Seed in the Local Market. Supreme Seed was one of the pioneers in introducing Hybrid Paddy Seed in Bangladesh and have been intrumental in promoting Hybrid technology in Bangladesh.

Hybrid Cotton Variety is branded as Rupali and will increase yield by  30% against local Varieties. And on top of that Cotton to Seed Ratio is 14.28% higher than the existing varieties.

The variety is being imported from China after going through vigorous field testing for 2 years


Greenply respects your privacy and recognises the need to protect the personally identifiable information (any information by which you can be identified, such as name, address, and telephone number) you share with us. We would like to assure you that we follow appropriate standards when it comes to protecting your privacy on our website.

In general, you can visit the Greenply website without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. We track the Internet address of the domains from which people visit us and analyse this data for trends and statistics, but the individual user remains anonymous.

There are times when we may collect personal information from you such as name, physical address or telephone number. It is our intent to inform you before we do that and to tell you what we intend to do with the information. Generally, you will have the option not to provide the information, and in the future you will be able to “opt out” of certain uses of the information. If you choose not to provide the information we request, you can still visit the Greenply website, but you may be unable to access certain options, offers and services.

Greenply will not sell, trade or disclose to third parties any information derived from the registration for, or use of, any online service (including names and addresses) without the consent of the user or customer (except as required by subpoena, search warrant, or other legal process or in the case of imminent physical harm to the user or others). Greenply will allow suppliers to access the information for purposes of confirming your registration and providing you with benefits you are entitled to.

Greenply will take appropriate steps to protect the information you share with us. We have implemented technology and security features and strict policy guidelines to safeguard the privacy of your personally identifiable information from

Environmental policy:

  Greenply Industries Ltd.

Unit: Pantnagar, Uttarakhand

“We are committed to implement our best and continuous efforts so as not to trade and source wood from the following categories:

Illegally harvested wood;

Wood harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights;

Wood harvested in forests where high conservation values are threatened by management activities

Wood harvested in forests being converted to plantations or non- forest use;

Wood from forests in which genetically modified tress are planted

HR policy:

  At Greenply, we value PEOPLE.

Ours is a performance driven environment. We respect good performance and strongly believe in rewarding

the “Excellors”.

To support this faith, we have an effective Annual Performance Appraisal System which allows for fair and objective assessment of performance against set Key Result Areas.

The underlying objective is to differentiate between “DRIVERS & PASSENGERS”.

Training & Development is a key focus area; Encouraging initiatives are always underway.

We have healthy & transparent HR practices, strengthen with an open environment.

Employee well being and welfare are areas which are sincerely addressed.

We have various platforms which provide opportunities for people to give expressions to their competencies and capabilities. Thus, opening clear avenues for career progression for those ‘who have it in them’.

A fun to place to work in, the HR team is working hard towards achieving a state of employee delight.


 Be it construction, interior design or furnishing, plywood is an integral part of a modern home, office or retail outlet.

Ideally suited for:

Furniture Partitions


Cavity flooring

Paneled doors


False ceilings and other exterior and semi-exterior applications.

Take your pick from Greenply plywood & block board, Green Club, Green Fire Retardant, Green Flush Door, Green Flexiply and Ecotec plywood & block board, and many more

Decorative Laminates

  Decorative laminates are durable and elegant surface finishes for plywood and board based furniture and interiors. A laminate is basically layers of kraft paper and a layer of design paper which is treated and fused.

  If plywood provides form to furniture, then laminates add life and elegance. Available in 1.00mm thickness, Greenply has the widest range of innovative and elegant lifestyle designs in an exclusive array of textures. Greenply pioneered brining international laminate trends to India and can be found in over 25 countries worldwide.

laminate brands include

  Green Flexilam, Green Fire Retardant Laminate, Dekodur, Green Edge Blends, Green Chalk & Marker Grade, Green Sturdo, Green Switchboard Panel and Greenlam.

Ideally suited for:




Decorative Veneers

Natural wood veneers are very thin layers of treated timber which add a natural wooden look to the surface of furniture, cabinets and interiors.

Natural wood veneers offer the warmth and beauty of the timber for commercial or domestic applications. Over 200 species of veneers are available from Greenply Industries Ltd., outsourced from across continents.

Ideally suited for:

Furniture of all kinds

Paneling of all kinds including paneling for railway coaches, buses and ships

Our leading brands include Green Deco wood and Green Spectrum Wood.

Types of Greenply

  MR Grade:

Greenply MR Grade plywood is basically moisture interior grade plywood meant for interior work like paneling interior partitions and furnishing. It is manufactured using only smooth selscted and uniform veneers bonded with melamine urea formaldehyde (MUF synthetic resin.)

  WBP Grade:

Greenply WBP Grade Plywood is a preservative treated water proof plywood, manufactured from selected hardwood veneer and the superior bonding strength of WBP type phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin adhesive adds extra durability to the product.


 MR Grade:

 *Greenply MR Grade is a new concept in commercial plywood.

 *It is bonded with high quality synthetic MUF resin which makes it moisture/water resistant.

 *It is superior quality commercial plywood suitable for all interior application where bith durability and economy are important..

  WBP Grade:

  * Resistant to boiling water, moisture, dry heat, termite, insects and pests.

  * Remains unaffected inspite of changing weather conditions.

  * Ideal for applications in both exterior and semi-exterior usage

 Technical Specification:

  1. Raw Material

(a)    Face and Back Veneers  : Species – Dipterocarpus (Gurjan) SP Grade BB/CC

Smooth face, free from open defect with uniform colour and thickness

 (b) Core Veneers                  : Species-Eucalyptus & poplar free from defects and

       uniform thickness

 2. Resin

.                                             : Phenol Formaldehyde Resin adhesive for WBP

                                                             grade urea Formaldehyde Resin adhesive for MR


  1. Thickness Tolerance

Less then 6mm                            : 10%

6mm and above                           : 05%

 4.  Limits to manufacturing              : No defective bonds overlaps and gaps Defects

 5.  Moisture Contents                       : 5% to 15%

 6.  Finishing                                      : Both side sanding with smooth finishing

 7.  Length & Width                           : NO variation

8.  Squareness                                     : Diagonals variation will be within the limit of


  1. Glue Adhesion

MR Grade                                     : Excellent water resistance after soaking in water

                                                        At 65c 2c for three hours and conditioning & then

                                                        Repeat 2 more cycle

WBP Grade                                   : Excellent water resistance after boiling in water

                                                        For 8 hours and conditioning & then repeat 2

                                                        More cycles

  1. Static Bending Strength

MR Grade

     Modulus of Elasticity

i) Along the grain                         : 4690 N/mm to 5900 N/mm

ii) Across the grain                       : 2150 N/mm to 3240 N/mm

    Modulus of Rupture

       i) Along the grain                   : 30.5 N/mm to 34.3 N/mm

              ii) Across the grain                 : 15.5 N/mm to 19.4 N/mm

      WBP Grade

       Modulus of Elasticity

i) Along the grain                           : 6215 N/mm to 7532 N/mm

ii) Across the grain                         : 2930 N/mm to 4140 N/mm

        Modulus of Rupture

i) Along the grain                           : 41.4 N/mm to 47.2 N/mm

ii) Across the grain                         : 22.3 N/mm to 28.2 N/mm


   It is an innovation from the house of Greenply and is a unique component for furniture

And joinery manufactures for its super flexibility and high bending quality. Green Flexiply can be molded into any shape and is ideal for curvy,rounded furniture. Hence making the task of carpenters much easier and quicker. Green Flexiply is made of Gurjan species, exclusively with phenolic resin, which makes it conditioned to undergo any sort of rigorous climatic changes such as alternate wetting and drying. It is available both in cross grain and long grain in the thickness of 1.5mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, & 18mm.

Technical Specification:

1.  Thickness                       : 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, & 18mm.

2.  Composition                   : Dipterocarpus  species, hot pressed with thermosetting

                                                WBP grade adhesive

 3.  Density                            : 0.75gm/cc

4.  Bending Radius               : 360 at minimum for

       4mm                               : 10cm diameter

       8mm                               : 12cm diameter

       12mm                             : 30cm diameter

       18mm                             : 40mm diameter

 5.  Elasticity                         : Cross grain 200N/mm2 ; Long grain 6300N/mm2

6.  Uses                                : This can be easily used where bowed or curved shapes are

                                                required with extreme high bending properties

7.  Advantages                     :

                                                   * Allows cold forming to the smallest radius requirement

                                                   * No need for heat forming or water treatment

                                                   * Self supporting structure eliminates the need for

                                                   structural skeletons or special support

  • Unique design models, rounded structures and complex Multi-radii shapes that were virtually impossible to Create with traditional materials, can be quickly and

Easily prepared

  • It is less expensive then per-made wood forms
  • Significant savings of time, less labour intensive and

More cost effective then any other method of plywood Shaping.

  Chart of Greenply 

 For the above chart it is shown that 10% people are know Greenply is wood, 50% people are know it is plywood & 40% people it is plyboard. Greenply used every here because it is water proof plywood. Is the leader in plywood and laminate industry in India.

Compare of the price


higher than the local price.very high. Greenply price is 100tk Suparply is 60tk & Partex price is 65tk. Greenply price is very high.

 Use of Greenply

Only for 30% eople are used Greenply, about 70% people are not used the Greenply because its price is very high and there are many people are not know the Greenply.

   Quality of Greenply

Green ply quality is good, it is water proof plywood. 70% people are said its quality is very good, 15% peoples comment it is bad and 15% peoples are said no comments.

Greenply products are superior to other products because of the species of the timber used.


Sl. No. AttributeGreenplyOthers
1. TimberOnly Gurjan /HardwoodSemi hardwood / softwood / low density hardwood
2. Portion of veneer usedOnly heartwood usedMay use sap also
3. Veneer density785 kgs/m3Very less density
4. Balanced constructionAlwaysNot always
5. Density of plywood810 kgs/m3Below 650 kgs/m3
6.AdhesiveUnextended BWP type conforming to IS:848-1974Generally extenders used
7.Tensile strengthMore than IS:710-1976Rarely
8.BondingLifetime warrantyMay delaminate with times
9.WokabilityExtremely carpenter friendlyNot always
10.ServiceablityLifelong peace of mindLimited period

 Case study

Plywood Requirement for Standard Master Bedroom       
FurnitureThicknessLengthWidthQtyTotal Sq Ft.Rate (Taka)Value(Taka)
Bed19 mm736126445544
(7′ x 6′) 74256442464
Double Bed12 mm73242301260
 06 mm7425619.51092
Wardrobe19 mm74113084413552
10′ Long06 mm74616819.53276
09′ Height      0
Side Table19 mm7312144924
TV Unit & Dressing table19 mm736126445544
 06 mm7324219.5819
     Total Amount 34475

Total Cost of Plywood


Say Greenply cost would be


Extra Money paid


Total Cost of Interior approx


% Increase




1.  8 % is insurance money for life time guarantee

2.  If assume, your furniture get damaged in 3 to 4

years because of various reasons, you have to pay

another 50000 ( after considering price increase per year ),

then you are in LOSS.

3. What you DON’T CONSIDERS are

a) Your valuable TIME.

b) Your IRRITATION regarding DAMAGE furniture.

c) Irritation in HOME

d) HEADACHE in replacing the same and etc.

Further Cost Reduction

  •        Experimentally it has been established that a 09 mm thick plywood of Greenply has technical properties more than that of 12 mm  plywood.

–        Recommendations

  • 16 mm Instead of                    18 mm
  • 09 mm Instead of                    12 mm

         Calculate timber requirement in 18 mm 8’x4’ plywood:

  • 96 inch x 48 inch x ¾ inch/ 12x12x12 (cft)
  • = 2 Cubic Feet.
  •       Rate of timber       Say      1050 per CFT
  • Production loss                       20%*

–        Logs are not in uniform thickness and length

–        They may not be straight always

–        They may have knots in it

–        Can not be cut in eight ft length always.

–        May have cracks and be hollow too.

  • Compression loss        10%*

       Add 30% loss on cost i.e. 1050+30%=1365 PER CFT

–          Cost of timber 2CFT x 1365 = 2730

The cost of the timber is greater than the plywood which is being sold claiming 100% Gurjan


  •  There are many plywood company in our country but our local ply is not water proof
  • Plywood condition of Bangladesh is not satisfactory
  • Lack of government initiative.
  • Greenply price is not low it higher than the local products.
  • The management is not concerned about the cost effectiveness.where as the other player in the market are cost effective and they are gaining more profit

Swot Analysis


  • Greenply 100% water proof ply
  • Greenply made by gurjan wood
  • Greenply available in Bangladesh market
  • Both side sanding with smooth finishing
  • It retards the amount of burning and thus decreases the heat released by the surrounding predicts.
  • The high density of the raw material in Green Defender plywood slows down the ignitability and flame spread.


  • Most of the people of Bangladesh do not know the Greenply
  • Greenply price higher then the local product.
  • Greenply made by only for Gurjon.


Quality of Greenply is very good. It is 100% water proof ply. Plywood use apartment interior kitchen cabinet, etc. greenply use in this position. Only for Greenply use shattering . Green Flexiply is less expensive than per-made wood forms.

Significant savings of time, less labour intensive and more cost effective than any other

Method of plywood shaping.


  • the other cheaper water proof ply are available in market.
  • Contractor does not use Greenply because they do not get benefit.
  • Greenply price is very high.


  • A lot of advertisement will be published.
  • The quality of Greenply is understood with contractors
  • The quality of Greenply is informed to engineer.
  • It should be encouraged to the dealer the best sale of Greenply.
  • Company should organized about the quality of Greenply.


 Fair Deal is the only importer of the Greenply. Fair Deal is the part of

Surovi Agro Industries Limited. The future of Greenply in Bangladesh is bright because

It is water proof ply. The ply is not dislocated for this it can bring a lot of wait.

So it is use every where in apartment. According to me the price of Greenply should be low price so that it is use in where in Bangladesh, as a result the ply will sale more and the company will earn more profit the future market of Greenply is bright.

Surovi Group