Term Paper on Organizational Behavior on Labor Intensive

Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (PPL) is exporting its good quality products to many countries in Asia along with Africa and continuously exploring newer markets round the globe. PPL airlifted its primary commercial consignment to Kenya over the first week of November, 2006 which is the quickest export for a pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, from the 16th month of the commercial launching in nearby pharmaceutical market.

Here made some Questioner based on Organizational Behavior on Labor Intensive for Company Manager namrd Mr. Shahen Shah.

Name of the Manager: Mr. Shahen Shah

Designation: Head of Agrovet Division

Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Date of Interview:18 October, 2009

Place of Interview: Head Office of PPL


Question-1: What are the vision and mission of your company?




Vision: With a vision to serve world-class healthcare service to the people, Popular Group started Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Popular Infusions Ltd., which are already known for their outstanding quality &innovative product range. The latest venture of Popular Group is PopularSpecializedHospital which will fulfill the Group’s devoted commitment towards the health sector of Bangladesh providing the complete healthcare services.



“Popular Pharmaceuticals Ltd. will be the leading pharmaceutical company of the country within 2015. As manufacturer of high tech, high quality, affordable medicines.”


We offer a range of pre-formulation and formulation development Services on new active substances, generics and upgrades of existing Formulations- from pilot batches for stability testing and validations to Technology transfer and from development support for scale-up to Commercial production.


Question-2: Are you following any organizational behavior and which model follows?



Every organization follows their rule. We have an organizational rule. We follow the custodial model that means managed the employee’s behavior. Here we offer different kinds incentive, pension, welfare etc. Employee need security, they aspect the good things in future. We have insurance policy welfare program.


Question-3: How are you motivated the employee, if always gives you positive result?



We motivate our employee in different way. We give rewards, incentive, target achievement and national and international tour. Two eid bonus for all employees. It depends on salary basics. Another one is LFA (Leave fro annual)  this remuneration for all employees, that means Ten thousand taka. Our opportunities are loan, car and advance salary. Advance salary gives the employee at a time three times of their gross salary.

It give us the positive result. We reach our target. In competitive market we improve very quickly.


Question-4: What other approaches might have worked better?



I think that day by day everything improve. We concern about our employees. If we need top any position or manager level position that time we collect the employee in over organization, we offer the car. We offer the standard hous rent, Another option is if any body stay in office and his/ her annual leave is 60 days when his / her leave collect will be 60 days with in two or three years Popular provide that employee a handsome salary at a time.


Question-5: As a leader which leadership style did you use?



Of course, we follow the leadership. I have a good relation with my employee, consultative leadership follow. I always depend on rewards system. If i take any decision, I consult with my employee; they told me what is good or bad. I inspire them they success their mission.


Question-6: Why conceptual leadership skills become more important and technical skill less important at higher organizational levels?



Conceptual leadership skill and technical skill leader. In both skill leader is important. Technical skill leader is special in one field. When we think about   top position we need over all idea and clear concept about organization. Conceptual leader think advance about future of the organization.


Question-7: How is it possible for participation to increase the power and influence of both manager and employees?



In our organization ever body participated. It depends on position. Manager, MD, they know the organization policies, when we recruit new employee we training them they know the organization policies, assets, total employee.


Question-8: As a manager is you think any conflict in your organization?



Every organization have a conflict, it could be personal, group or department wise. In our organization mainly conflict are departmentalization. One department to another department, some group conflicts are happen, we try to solve the problem.



Question-9: What are the effects of conflict?



Conflict effects are two types. It could be good or bad. As a manager, I never aspect bad thing, I never aspect it happen long time. I use the group to produce the more products.


Question-10: What types of groups do you have?



In our organization two types of groups. One is formal and another one is informal group. Organization creates a opportunity to make a group. This group is approved by organization. Some times employee create group for their needs it could be logical or not. It never survives long time.


Question-11: What are the benefits and problems of the informal organization?



Informal group is a problem when employee make a group they can do anything  as a manager I concern about informal group. When they make a group, we collect the information, what’s there a need. We think mutual it, or we make a committee with senior Manager.


Question-12: Stress is not managed to be removed, what happens on employee?



Every organization has stress. As a private company here work stress are more. Here employees work in under pressure. Some time they feel bad. It creates a personal problem.

Their behavior is rude with her families and with her relatives. We try to most recover them to free them/ refresh them.



Organization has two types of needs.

Primary needs and secondary needs. In this organization primary needs are fulfilled. Employees are satisfied food, comfort and salary. Secondary needs are not fulfilled in the same time. In this organization provided car but they have not any accommodation facilities. Employees want this reward to be fair. If there is no equality there will no motivation.

Leadership is the process of influencing and supporting employees so that they work to achieve objective. For that reason manager create good relation with employees. Leader give importance to employees human needs first. Pharmaceutical organization especially sales department they work in field they have lot of experience. How beat the competitor they know very well. If company more participated the employees, they know more about the company. They contributed the decision making. It will be more effective. Employee’s attitude is important factor regarding response to change.