Reid Hoffman is Returning to Disrupt

Reid Hoffman is likely someone you’ve learned from previously, whether through his ideas, investments, or inspirational words, the entrepreneur is a co-founder of LinkedIn, a Greylock partner, and the author of a new book called Masters of Scale, which is based on his popular podcast.

His illustrious past provides him with plenty of fascinating anecdotes and lessons, which is why we’re thrilled to have him back on the TechCrunch Disrupt stage next week, September 21-23. I’ll get down with him to get his take on some of the most pressing issues confronting today’s entrepreneurs.

We’ll broaden access to Hoffman’s speed-dial list to understand how even his own perceptions on blitzscaling, growth, and entrepreneurship are changing amid the pandemic. Hoffman’s advice is often fueled by his candid conversations with top tech CEOs and founders, so we’ll broaden access to his speed-dial list to understand how even his own perceptions on blitzscaling, growth, and entrepreneurship is changing amid the pandemic. His remarks read like a well-connected mentor giving you a pep talk, as I explained in my review of his new book, so even if you’re not launching a startup, there will be helpful lessons to learn just by listening. For example, here’s how it affected my interview process:

Despite the fact that the press isn’t a prominent character in the book, “Master of Scale” has already transformed the way I interview founders. Tristan Walker’s lessons inspired me to inquire more about entrepreneurs and their most divisive ideas, rather than how they intend to spend their new round of investment. A note from Andrés Ruzo reminded me that a startup that makes too much sense may be a comfortable read, but it may not be a moonshot that changes the world; in other words, pursue the startups with too much seemingly foolish ambition — because they may be where the most significant strides, and stories, are made.

Finally, it validated my conviction that the best litmus test for a founder is whether or not they are willing to be open and honest about the challenges ahead of them.

That’s all I’m implying. Join me at Disrupt, where I’ll put Hoffman on the spot, mix in some sarcastic observations, and press him to explain what his inevitable next book is about. Use this link to purchase tickets to TechCrunch Disrupt, or use the promo code “MASCARENHAS20” for a 20% discount from me.