Youth Entrepreneurship

It is important to note that Entrepreneurs are made and anyone can become an Entrepreneur. The word is just a label and we should not waste precious time discussing if Entrepreneurs are born or made, after all who cares. It’s not important.  Entrepreneurs will take action no matter what their situation.

What is important however is to soak in as much knowledge as possible from whatever field of business, social enterprise or charity you want to go into. You must become an expert in your field. Surround yourself with like-minded people, network and build contacts. It has never been easier to reach out to people, anywhere in the world. So, be daring, take a risk; after all we’ll only regret the things we didn’t do in life.

Globalization has brought countries together and created entire world market. We are seeing a lot of changes in the international political map of the world. Countries are beginning to show determination to move from the old age monarchies and dictatorial regimes towards democracy.

Entrepreneurship in any society is a sign of progress. The IT business in US has been the bedrock for youth entrepreneurship and created stars and multi-millionaires in Bill Gates, Steve Jobs to Google’s Sergy Brin and Larry Page and many more. There are similar such stories in other countries too. However, the need of the day is to create many more stars and make available the opportunities for every youth to dream big and try their hands at entrepreneurship.

Youth entrepreneurship has an impact on social as well as cultural and economic progress of the society. Building an environment that promotes creatively and provides opportunities for entrepreneurship calls for multi pronged strategies implementation and involvement at all levels including Government, industry, political, social as well as educational sectors.

Youth Entrepreneurship