Text Blaze Rises $3.3M For Its Speed-Writing Automation Service

Text Blaze, which was part of the recent winter 2021 Y Combinator Accelerator Batch, announced that it has closed the $3.3 million seed round. The company’s investments were led by Villi Iltchev of Sigma Ventures and Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures. The company’s products combine two trends that TechCrunch has been tracking in recent years, namely automation and written word. On the automation front we have seen Zapier become behemoth, on the other hand any no-code product and RPA has created the idea of ​​increasing the output of workers to the increasingly mainstream.

And in terms of writing-aid, from grammar to copy-e, it’s clear that people are willing to pay for tools to help a writer get better and faster. So what does text blaze do? Two main things, first, its Chrome extension allows users to save text “snippets” that they can add to emails and other notes in a quick-throw fashion.

I can save Hello and welcome back to equity in TechCrunch’s venture capital-centric podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headline in Text Blaze, saving myself a lot of time whenever I close a new podcast script. However, saving snippets and quickly inserting them into various text boxes in the user’s browser makes the text blaze a part of it. So, a user can save a user-response snippet using the various boxes left open to fill in the product.

Text Blaze integrates with external services to ensure that its services can save users time. For example, the service can pull CRM data from a Hubspot into a text snippet used in GML. The idea is to automatically link different services and data sources, helping users shave a few minutes out of their days and spend hours out of their week. Text Blaze is still at risk, according to its co-founder Dan Barak, who told TechCrunch that the four staff for its new capital will increase to around 10 this year. Like almost every startup we’ve talked about in recent months, Barak said the Text Blaze is a remote-first start with a wide-engagement lens. The Text Blaze model is freemium, with a customer payable offer of $2.99 per month. The main limitation of its free product barracks is a hard cap of 20 snippets.Which you have to pay in the past? TechCrunch was humbly confused at the low price point and set up the relatively strong free feature that started offering co-founders explaining that the company’s long-term plan is to sell into enterprises, aware of what could make the Pro version of Text Blaze more than a final monetization project, Creates a tool for one more tool.