Trillion-Dollar Horses, Surfeit Funding Rounds, and Future’s Future

It’s a weekend getaway, but instead of us chatting a lot. But it’s all very fun, so let’s enjoy ourselves! First, let’s talk about expensive quadrupeds. The exchange began digging into the Q2 2021 venture capital market this week. I think our first piece came out nicely thanks to Anna for her help. We have a lot more coming soon. But Unicorn’s statistics really caught me close to the NAP. Consideration:

  • As CB Insights notes, this is “about 6x of the 23 unicorns born a year ago in Q2’20 and more than the 128 unicorns already born by 2020.”
  • 136 unicorns were minted in Q2 2021, an all-time record.

The serious consequence of this horned equestrian population is that there are now 750 unicorns in the world. When former techcranker and great man Katie Roof tweet this static, my first thought splashed, it means that Unicorn costs more than $1 trillion. I was off the path. The actual figure is about $2.4 trillion (CB Insights data). Which is a shattered high figure? In comparative terms, the world’s non-expatriate unicorn population is worth about Apple $2.42 trillion per Yahoo Finance.

Perhaps I am currently sitting on a lot of unicorn equity in the private market, which is icy. Especially when the unicorn exit is over? But are these advanced departures today enough to clear this particular sector over time. No, I don’t think so. While we’re not pulling 1.5 unicorns per day on Q2, weekly holidays and the like and unicorn counts are on the rise. I only wrote about one funding round this week – this R2C round was pretty interesting – mostly because I had other things to chew on. 

However, I have been slowly seeing the capital round pitches of my internal enterprise since I announced that I would not cover rounds that do not include more detailed financial information. It’s still not clear if the pitch volume has dropped because of the holiday week or if I’m scared of everyone. But I use my introverted amount of money to help determine what’s going on, and round-pitches of money in sector-directional terms. So, here’s hoping that (1) people will send me things and (2) they will do it and share a lot more information at the same time.