A Gift I Treasure – an Open Speech

A Gift I Treasure – an Open Speech

It was just a week before my seventeenth birthday. Party preparations had started. My family never celebrated birthdays on a grand scale. However, this was a double celebration. I had passed me A level examination with flying colors and my parents thought this was an occasion to celebrate.

The whole house was a hive of activity. Spring-cleaning started a week before. There was a continuous hustle and bustle as everyone went about doing their share of the work. Mama, who was the chief event organizer, was busy planning the budget and the menu. Papa was in charge of paying for the different purchases. My siblings were busy sending out the invitations. Even Grandpa, who enjoys watching his favorite Cable TV from the comfort of his armchair, did not want to be left out. He made numerous trips to town to run errands for Mama.

Grandpa and I shared a special bond. Perhaps it was because I was his oldest grandchild. He was always there for me and he would offer me his shoulder to cry on whenever I was depressed.

Two days before my birthday, Grandpa complained of chest pains. We rushed him to the hospital but he refused to be admitted. He was given a lot of medicine instead. When he came home, he remained in his room. Whenever I went into his room, he managed a smile. I could see that he was very tired. the corners of his mouth and eyes had numerous wrinkles while the skin on his skinny limbs had shriveled. I felt a stab o pain in my heart each time I saw him.

It was during the early hours of my birthday when I was awakened by my mother’s loud sobbing. I knew something was wrong. I rushed to Grandpa’s room only to see him lying motionless. Grandpa had died in his sleep. the realization hit me like a bolt of lightning. Beside him, there was a parcel with a birthday card stuck to it.

I only opened the present two days after Grandpa’s funeral. It was a laptop. Grandpa had withdrawn all his savings to buy the laptop for me. It is the gift I treasure most in my life. Whenever I sue it, I will always think of grandpa.


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