A Journey By Launch

Introduction: Journey is a great source of pleasure to me. I had a great fascination to make a journey by launch. In the last month, I got an opportunity to make the journey. It was really interesting journey.

Description of the journey: I live in …..(City Name). My uncle is a service holder and his workplace is ……(City Name). He invited me and some of my friends to come to see his family and ……..city (City Name). My school/college/university was closed then. Therefore, I accepted the invitation. My heart was leaping with joy, because, my dream was going to be true. I was counting the days for making the journey.

We were three in number. On the fixed date we reached Launch Ghats (ports) at 7.30 a.m. The launch was packed up with passengers and goods. It was carrying passengers beyond its capacity. We started our journey from Ghats at 8.30 a.m. The sky was clear. The river was calm and full to the brim.

The launch began to move at a good speed through a small river. With the rattling of the engine, I felt a sense of movement. The vessel seemed to advance with rhythmic jerks. I kept sitting on the deck of the moving launch. When my eyes caught glimpses of the villages on both sides of the river, I enjoyed the sights around. The houses, trees, green fields on both the banks of the river were moving in the opposite direction. The villages on the banks looked very attractive to me. At about 2 pm the launch reached the Padma / Meghna River. The junction of the river seemed so wide and fearful that I could not hide my feeling of surprise and fear. Because of a strong current, our launch started spattering for a time with sudden jerks.

I was filled with fear and anxiety. However, it came very soon to its own position and there was now a vast expansion of water before us. Both the banks of the river Padma / Meghna looked green. A string of boats was found to be plying up and down the river. Fishermen were seen busy about catching fish here and there. Boys and girls were swimming. Women were going home with jars filled with water. There were green fields on both sides of the river. It was the end of the day and the sun was going down in the west. My heart was dancing when I saw the setting sun reflected on the river.

Some hawkers were selling bananas, cake, muri, chanachur, etc. I bought some bananas and cakes for us. We reached the destination in the evening.

Conclusion: To tell the truth, I finished a colorful lesson in my life through such kind of an interesting journey. The journey was very pleasant. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. I shall never forget the day.