A Powerful Nation

A Powerful Nation

A nation means a group of people who have their own (land, government) independence and sovereignty. A powerful nation means a large group of people who enjoy all kinds of (opportunities) especially congenial for man. It is a superpower and it has the duty of maintaining peace in many countries faced with internal as well as external conflicts.

The powerful nation enjoys the franchise equitable share of national property, national opportunity the freedom of speech, etc. Unity, brotherhood, integration, humanity and much other qualitative behaviors of man exist in a powerful nation. The ability of a nation to use power depends upon different factors but no single factor is entirely responsible for the growth of national power.

Different Classification of Elements of Power:

  • Geography: Among the geographical elements of power size, location, climate, topography, and boundary are important ones.
  • Size: The large size of a country enables it to accommodate a large population. It can also be a source of large and varied natural resources.
  • Location: A favorable location can be a strength to a nation’s power and an unfavorable location can hinder such prospects.
  • Climate: Generally it is assumed that extreme climate is not favorable for a nation’s power.
  • Topography: Natural boundaries have a decisive importance in determining the power of a state.
  • Boundary: If boundaries are well defined and clearly marked, they can be a significant factor in a nation’s power.
  • Natural Resources: They have crucial significance for the economic as well as the military power of a nation.
  • Population: Population plays a crucial role in the power of a country. It can provide a basis for military power, and progressive economy through the labor force.
  • Economic Development: The level of economic development and the effective economic organization has remained a factor of pivotal importance for a nation’s power.
  • Ideology: History provides ample proof as to how the ideology of communism and nationalism has affected the power positions of nations.
  • Leadership: The quality and wisdom of leadership is an invaluable element of power.

A powerful nation can easily influence the poor, helpless, and distressing nation in many ways. Moreover, the mere existence of various elements does not make a nation powerful. In the modern age, the powerful nation is coming forward to help the distressed nations in the shortest possible time. It is the ability to skillfully harness and use these factors that leads to national power. In a nutshell, the nation which is powerful is gaining support from many other nations. A powerful nation has a great image in the world.